Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 Situ Xin Kills her Way in

TL: Entropy
TLC: Rabbit……. probably
ED: Yummypudding

Just as the sky had slightly turned bright, Xiao Yixuan commanded his subordinate to deliver the accounting books to the palace. His mind was currently preoccupied with his own household affairs, so he was unable to report to the emperor in today’s morning court. After all, he had just gained a son and sill needed time to get used to him.

After he finished making himself presentable, Xiao Yixuan walked to the main hall. Just as Xiao Xixuan was about to eat his breakfast, he inquired, “Where is the Young Master?” It appeared that in his heart, he had already accepted the existence of his six year old son, Situ Yan . It even brought him happiness that this son of his was so special.

Just at that moment, Ye Ying, who had just came back covered in dirt, rushed in from outside and stood before Xiao Yixuan to report, “Wangye, the disciple of the Hundred Flower Sect said that Miss Situ has already left for a few days already.”

Situ Yan, who had just woken up, just so happened to hear that Situ Xin had already left for a few days and thought, “That’s very good.” Suddenly, he cried out in surprise and a look of joy filled his face when he saw that the top of the table was filled with many appetizing breakfast foods. He picked up his chopsticks and proceeded to continuously take large bites of food.

Xiao Yixuan was bewildered by his son’s actions and asked, “Why are you in such a cheerful mood?”

“You don’t know how cruel Xin’ers methods are. If she knew that I destroyed her Hundred Flower Forest, it would be weird if she didn’t mince me into fertilizer.” As he talked, Situ Yan’s mouth continued to chew on half a mantou[1], making his voice sound somewhat unclear.

Listening to the tone of his son, Xiao Yixuan thought that his son’s mother was a devil incarnate, who was even willing to abuse her own son. However, regarding his own son’s universally shocking tone, he was already used to it, so there was nothing he could say. Facing Ye Ying, Xiao Yixuan said, “Go wash your hands and then come over to eat breakfast.” Ye Ying was his companion, who grew up with him, and his subordinate, but was even more of a close friend to him.

Suddenly, with a frightened expression, Situ Yan stopped the movements of his chopsticks. He stiffly turned his body and swept his eyes around the room, appearing to be seeking for someone.

Inside his heart, he continuously prayed that the peculiar fragrance he smelt was only a figment of his imagination.

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Yixuan suspiciously asked when he saw that his son had stopped eating.

“Young master, are you choking on your food? Here, drink some water.” The person who spoke was an ordinary looking servant girl. Carrying a cup of tea, she arrived in front of Situ Yan.

Situ Yan’s line of sight continuously followed up the hand that was holding the cup of tea.

His mouth widened.

Raising his head, he looked directly into the pair of eyes that were filled with concern, and then spoke flatteringly, “I’m not thirsty. Why don’t you drink it instead?” He then refused the cup by pushing it back to her.

Situ Xin lowered her eyes, trying not to attract too much attention. She then pushed the cup of tea that Situ Yan had refused back to him. After repeatedly pushing the cup back and forth, the cup of tea suddenly spilled onto Situ Yan.

“Young master, I am so sorry. I did not do that on purpose.” Although Situ Xin appeared to be anxious on the outside, inside her heart she had been laughing extremely happily for a while.

Humph! You stinky brat, you dare to fight me?!? You are still too young and naïve!

Xiao Yixuan’s eyebrows knitted together. Didn’t this servant girl just enter the wangfu?

The way she handles matters is so reckless. “It’s alright. Quickly go and change into clean clothing.”

Resisting the itching pain on his body with great effort, Situ Yan pretended to calmly say, “Why doesn’t this older sister send me to my room then?” He then grabbed Situ Xin’s hand, and ran towards his room.

Ye Ying, who was standing aside for a long time, suddenly uttered, “The Young Master’s facial expression was very strange. It seemed as if he was scared of that servant girl. Moreover, this servant girl looks unfamiliar.”

“Let’s go. We will follow them and take a look.” After he finished speaking, Xiao Yixuan put down the chopsticks in his hands and walked over to Situ Yan’s room, with Ye Ying following behind him.

[1] Mantou: Chinese steamed bun

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