Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 Messing with Nalan Qing

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Xiao Yixuan finally found the time to return to his study with Ye Ying entering soon afterwards. On all sides of the study room, there were elaborately carved wooden boards, and suspended on the walls were many renowned pieces of calligraphy, a Guqin, some hanging bottles, and various swords on display. Even though all of the items were suspended on the wall, they all appeared flush against the wall.

“Ye Ying, go to the Hundred Flower Sect and invite Situ Xin over. Tell her Yan’er is in my residence.” As he ordered Ye Ying, he placed both of his hands behind his back while he had a look of hesitation.

“Yes, Wangye.” Just as Ye Ying was about to turned around and exit the room, the sound of the door being hastily opened was heard.

As soon as the door opened, a servant hurriedly rushed in, nervously saying, “Wangye, the young master is currently making a disturbance at the side concubine’s residence.”

As soon as they heard what was said, Xiao Yixuan and Ye Ying hastily rushed out. They had originally thought Situ Yan would be at a disadvantage, but when they saw Nalan Qing’s head and face filthy with grime [1] and her hair fuzzy, Ye Ying could not help but laugh.

“Yan’er, you are not allowed to cause trouble.” Xia Yixuan tried to suppress his smile as he loudly chided Situ Yan.

“Wangye, look at this. I don’t know where this little bastard came from, but he actually dared to run into my room and cause a mess. Take a good look, he made I, your concubine to look like this.” Nalan Qing reached her hand out, wanting to grab Situ Yan, who was hiding behind Xiao Yixuan, but was blocked by Xiao Yixuan.

“Dad, she called me a bastard.” Situ Yan innocently defended himself.

Xiao Yixuan’s face was frosty as he momentarily glared behind him at Situ Yan, who was laughing into his sleeve. “He is not a bastard. He is my son.”

“How is that possible? How could Wangye have such a big son?” she muttered with a face full of surprise and doubt.

Xiao Yixuan put down Situ Xin’s son, and then coldly snorted, “This is thanks to everything you did six years ago, causing benwang to have such a big son. You’ve also saved benwang quite a bit of trouble.” Xiao Yixuan was implying that he would no longer need another child now that he has Yan’er. One was good enough.

Nalan Qing looked alarmed. Don’t tell me that it was because she gave Wangye an aphrodisiac six years ago that she allowed for another woman to conceive his child. “That’s impossible.” Step by step, she slowly retreated. For the past couple of years, she has tried every possible way to get married into his wangfu. She was even willing to be his side concubine. She had originally thought that as long as she gave birth to Xiao Yixuan’s son, she would be able to sit on the official wife position. But who would have thought that Xiao Yixuan would not even enter her room.

“Whether it is impossible or not, benwang understands it clearly.” Then, no longer paying attention to Nalan Qing, he turned towards his son and said, “Tomorrow, I’ll find a teacher for you, so you can study peacefully in your room from now on. Do you understand?” It appears that this Situ Xin does not know how to discipline her child, so he will need to carefully consider the future prospects of this son of his.

“Then I rather just return to the Hundred Flower Sect…” Situ Yan spoke unhappily as he started to move his small radish legs, planning to leave.

“Stop.” Xiao Yixuan thought of grabbing Situ Yan’s shoulder, but Situ Yan’s clumsily movement created a mirage, allowing for him to dodge out of way and pass by him.

Using his Qinggong, Situ Yan walked on the snow without leaving any footprints. Even though he appeared to move slowly, he could still easily left the Wangfu. Just as Situ Yan raised his head, exposing a victory smile, he saw his old man watching him with an unfathomable look on his face. Casting his eyes away, he curled his lips and said, “I hate teachers.”

“Why?” Seeing that those several moves of his son’s martial arts were not that bad, the corners of Xiao Yixuan’s mouth unconsciously curled into a hint of a smile. Although Xitu Yan’s moves appeared a little stiff, just being able to master such moves at such a young age was already astonishing.

“Because I know more than those ‘teachers.’” Those teachers would only shake their heads all day long and they shook their heads so much that it always made him dizzy and wanting to sleep instead.

“Oh? Then recite the Three Character Classic[2] for me to hear.” He then heard his son speak rapidly as Situ Yan completely recited the Three Character Classics in one go. “Man at birth is fundamentally good in nature. Their natures are similar, but their habits make them different. Without negligence of teaching, their nature will change. The Dao of Teaching, valuable in accordance to each person’s…” Xiao Yixuan lips twitched unnaturally as he continued to ask, “What about the teachings of Confucius and Mencius?”

Situ Yan could only helplessly continue answering all his boring questions. “The teachings of Confucius and Mencius emphasizes one thing, ‘virtue.’ We honor elders as if they were our own parents. We care for other’s children like they were our own. To die for a good cause is only for righteousness. Actually, this emphasizes the word, ‘kindness.’” Not noticing the looks of amazement coming from his old man or the surrounding people, he continued, “I have understood all of this since I was 5 years old. Xin’er said that I should not draw too much attention to myself, but I had no choice. Dad you did not believe me, and still wanted me to listen to those incompetent teachers, who will only hamper my progress instead.”

“From now on, all your studies will be personally taught by me. Also, in a moment, I will send people to find your mother and invite her over. Be more courteous and don’t run all over the place.” After he finished talking, Xiao Yixuan turned around to leave.

Situ Yan’s little face revealed a frightened expression as if he was facing a great calamity. He was done for. Tomorrow, Xin’er would definitely kill her way over.

[1] Idiom meaning dejected and depressed.
[2] The Three Character Classic, Trimetric Classic or San Zi Jing is one of the Chinese classic texts. It was probably written in the 13th century and attributed to Wang Yinglin (王應麟, 1223–1296) during the Song dynasty. It is also attributed to Ou Shizi (1234–1324). (link)

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