Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 Acknowledging his biological father

TL: Entropy
TLC: Rabbit
ED: Panda-Chan

Xiao Yixuan had just arrived at his residence after coming out of the morning court, when he saw about a dozen servants on the ground, They were in so much pain that they could only grit their teeth and roll on the ground while holding their stomachs. A five or six year old child was happily playing by himself on a chair beside them.

“What happened?” His gaze swept through the servants lying on the ground.

“Wangye! We don’t know where this kid came from, but when we tried to ask him to leave, he beat us up into this state.”
One of the servants lying on the ground crawled up to him while enduring the pain.

Xiao Yixuan walked forward with big strides. He reached out his hand, in an attempt to grab the kid, but then the kid suddenly raised his head. Xiao Yixuan was shocked and his hand froze as an mysterious look flashed through his eyes

“Wangye, he-he…….” Ye Ying couldn’t get his words out; he’d grown up with Wangye, and this child was simply the exact replica of the Wangye was he was younger.

His nose, eyes, his mouth, everything was a carbon copy of the Wangye.

“Dad.” Situ Yan sweetly called out, the corner of his mouth curling into a harmless smile.

Xiao Yixuan swallowed down a mouthful of saliva with difficulty. Suppressing the raging waves inside his heart, he asked, “what’s your name?”

His intuition was telling him that the person in front of him was definitely his son.

Nevertheless, how could someone of his age, be his son? He had always avoided women and it was only this past year that he married a concubine.

“Situ Yan,”said the child
Xiao Yixuan decided that being a dad wasn’t so bad when the boy stretched out his pudgy hand and wrapped it around Xiao Yixuan’s neck.

“Then what the name of your mother?” he asked as he tried to remember who in the world could’ve given birth to his son. Judging from the carpet of servants on the floor, he seemed to be very smart and excelled at martial arts.

Situ Yan grabbed Xiao Yixuan’s clothes and wiped off the crumbs of the osmanthus cake from his face. He then giggled lightly and said, “My mom is called Situ Xin.”
Speaking of Xin’er, she had probably read his letter and was furious at him now. Fortunately he had already left so she couldn’t do anything to him.

“Situ Xin? How old are you? Where’s your mom?” asked Xiao Yixuan patiently as he helplessly watched him stain his clothes.

“I am 6 years old this year and I don’t know where Xin’er is either.”
Forgive me father, he thought as he lifted his shoulders, if I give away Xin’er’s location, she will definitely kill me. It would turn out better if he just leeched off his father and wait for Xin’er to come to him.

The corner of Xiao Yixuan’s mouth twitched unnaturally; why did his son call his mother Xin’er, “Then how did you know I was your dad?” Six years old, six years ago he had been drugged by Nalan Qing’s aphrodisiac….. It couldn’t be that that mediocre looking girl, whose appearance he couldn’t even recall. Could it?

“My grandpa told me! He said that my mom wasn’t careful and ended up with me after a one night stand.” Situ Yan sent a despising look towards his father.

The child in his embrace was extremely restless and constantly pulled at his clothes; Xiao Yixuan was absolutely certain that this son of his wouldn’t be easy to handle. “Did you run away from home?” He was almost certain of the answer but he still wanted to see what his son would say.

“That’s right, Xin’er abused me! She forced me to go into the Hundred Flower Forest for a month and plant flowers, so I uprooted all of her plants instead. As a matter of fact, the reason I ran away to find you was to take refuge from her.” The way Situ Xin spoke placed all the blame on her.

Take refuge? It seemed like he really needed to find this Situ Xin and have a good chat with her, “Yan’er, where do you live?”

It appeared that his father wasn’t the brightest if he couldn’t figure out that only the Hundred Flower Sect would have access to the Hundred Flower Forest.

“If you live in the Hundred Flower Sect, then is the Sect Leader your mother?” At first the name Situ Xin felt familiar, but he didn’t expect that she was the same Situ Xin as the infamously feared Hundred Flowers Cult Leader. If it was true then his son’s martial arts should’ve been taught by Situ Xin. No wonder he could travel wherever he liked and safely arrive in such a peaceful manner at the Xiao Wangye’s Mansion.

Situ Yan looked at his father with a face so full of amazement that Xiao Yixuan felt it was extremely ridiculous.

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