Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 Abandoning Home (離家出走)

TL: Entropy
TLC: Rabbit
ED: Yummypudding

Outside of the Hundred Flower Forest, Situ Xin paced back and forth. Every time she laid in bed for the past two days, she would have dreams about her small son crouching in the flower bed constantly working hard. His whole face was dirty, and his watery, limpid eyes would look at her in an accusatory way as she dreamed, causing her to be unable to.

As the saying goes, even the cruelest wild beasts would take care of their young. This meant that Situ Xin, who didn’t even have a heart of stone, also could not possibly care about her child.

“I’d be better to go in and check on him.” Coming up with a decision, Situ Xin finally entered the Hundred Flower Forest.

As she entered, Situ Xin stared incredibly at the devastated scene in front of her. Heavens! This had to be a dream, and a nightmare at that.

“What happened here?” Clenching her teeth, Situ Xin managed to squeeze out a few words as she clenched her fists so tightly that it made creaking sounds.

With a face full of fright, Zi Xi was at a complete loss of what to do, as she said, “The young master and old sect leader are the ones who let me go rest. She was afraid of making Situ Xin even more angry.

“Situ Yan, you scoundrel!!!” She had worked meticulously for a whole year, and just yesterday there were still a hundred flowers blooming. Now, there was only destroyed withered hundred flowers. She had painstakingly moved not only Snow Lotus Herb seeds but also Saffron from the Tianshan mountain range. She had even especially used the Millennium Black Ice to cultivate these famous herbs that had great medicinal value to them. But now, each and every one of those famous herbs were lying on the ground as if they were groaning in pain. Even the Changbai Mountain Ginseng located at the western side of the forest were uprooted, exposed to the surface of the earth. To the north side of the forest, none of the Poppy flowers and fire lotus were not spared.

“Where is he?” There was nothing she could do about her father, but when it came with dealing with that stinky brat, she had enough seniority.

“I think the Young Master said that he was returning to his room to sleep.” Looking at the murderous look on the sect leader’s face, Zi Xi inwardly felt cold sweat running down her back. The Young Master was definitely done for this time.

Going to sleep? He still dares to leisurely go to sleep? This stinky brat, what till I catch you, I will most definitely peel a layer of skin off you. She quickly made her way to Situ Yan’s room.

“BANG!” The door was kicked open.

“Dad? What are you doing here? Where’s Yan’er?” Repressing the fiery rage inside her heart, Situ Xin tried her best to keep her tone as calm as possible when she questioned her father. At the same time her eyes were constantly looking throughout the room for Situ Yan’s figure.

Situ Zhentian raised his teacup to his lips and took a sip. With a look of grievance on his face, he said, “Just look, it was all your fault that Yan’er was forced to leave.”

Situ Xin could not help but scratch her forehead. Why couldn’t her dad be more normal? In the eyes of the outsiders, they would think that this daughter of theirs had done something that was completely against heaven’s laws.

“So he abandoned his home?” Worthless brat.

“That’s right! It’s all because you treated him too harshly. That’s why your son was forced to leave.” Pulling up his sleeve, he covered his eyes. To others, they would think that he was grieving as he wiped away his snot and tears. He then lifted a letter with his large, wrinkled and calloused hand that was trembling.

The letter was ripped out of the old man’s hand as Situ Xin directly shouted, ““Why don’t you guys talk about your attitudes towards me? You’ve already treated me to ruthlessly. Even my Hundred Flower Forest was completely ruined to the point that nothing is alive.”

Humph. Her eyes slowly widened more and more. This stinky brat had actually left behind a letter saying that he was going to find his father to expose her crimes against him. The letter said, “Xin’er, I’ve gone to find father to tell him about how you constantly abuse me everyday and even made me go plant flowers for a whole month. You better quickly apologize to me or else I will spend the next half of my life with my father.”

What living with his father for the next half of his life? Does he even know who his father is?

Fuming, she ripped the letter into shreds. This ungrateful stinky brat.

“Xin’er, you should quickly go and apologize to Yan’er, or else, Yan’er will later take on the same surname of his father, Xiao.” Situ Zhentian continued to add salt to Situ Xin’s wounds.

“Dad, if you continue talking rubbish, then I will no longer recognize you as my father anymore. Also, wasn’t it you who told him that his father’s surname is Xiao?” If it wasn’t for the fact that shee could not beat this old man to death, she would’ve already made a move against him. Then, she would no longer need to hold back her raging feelings of resentment.

Situ Zhentian dully scratched his nose as he said, “Yan’er pored me a few bottles of good wine, causing me to speak… Think of all the years that Yan’er asked about his father, asking what his father looked like. He’s still a child, so don’t treat him too harshly. Otherwise, once the father and son reunite and have a deep connection, what can we, the father and daughter, do?”

The more Situ Xin heared, the more alarmed she got. “I’ll bring him back right now.” Like a gust of wind, she darted out the door.

She could not save a little only to lose a lot[1].

[1] Idiom meaning to paying attention to the small details, only to lose sight of the important things.

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