Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 Meeting Liu Shi Shi Again

TL: Entropy
TLC: Yummypudding
ED: KongoIsamu

“Wangye, please come here. Let qie[1] serve you.” Liu Shi Shi was lying in Xiao Yixuan’s embrace. She pursed her lips as she took a sip of wine, holding it in her mouth as she leaned closer until she reached between that pair of ice-cold lips.

“Peng!” The door suddenly opened, a servant carrying a platter of hot dishes entered the room with his head lowered. The servant’s face was full of dismay, as he seemed to have disturbed his master’s happy occasion.

‘Cough, cough, are you new? How can you act so undisciplined! Don’t you know you should knock on the door before entering?” Stiffly, she swallowed the wine that was in her mouth, causing her to choke. With just a glance, she could tell that this sunburnt skinned low life was one of those undisciplined youngsters that had just joined the brothel.

The man shook his head repeatedly, while his hands were gesturing into the air. He grunted as he pointed at the dishes on the table.

“So it was a mute.” Liu Shi Shi took another glance at him before proceeding to ignore him out of dislike. Then she once again leaned onto Xiao Yixuan’s shoulders. “Wangye, you haven’t visited Shi Shi in quite a while.”

“Has Lu Song made any abnormal movements lately?” Xiao Yixuan supported Liu Shi Shi’s body as he spoke coldly.

“I heard that he’s been training in a very nefarious martial art, hoping to take advantage of the Gathering of Heroes by winning over every sect’s martial arts followers.”

“Has he already achieved the peak of the mist level?”

“I haven’t been able to get information about that. Hey, little mute, quickly pour some wine for the Wangye.” Liu Shi Shi ferociously pinched the male’s waist.

The male’s face distorted in pain, but he still docility picked up the wine jug and poured into the two empty cups on the table, and grunted as he stood up.

“Enough, that’s enough, we can’t figure out what you’re saying. Go stand by the side.” Liu Shi Shi’s said with an impatient face, then turned around to give Xiao Yixuan an enchanting smile.

Xiao Yixuan took a thoughtful glance at the slightly petite form of the male standing at the side. He unconsciously curled his lips up into a smile, “Shi Shi, you’ve become more beautiful recently.”

Ezoic“How hateful, Wangye. Still teasing me.” She pouted coquettishly, “Come, Wangye. Try some of the kitchen’s Drunken Chicken[2].” She grabbed a piece and tried to give it to over.

“Shi Shi can enjoy it yourself. Benwang[2] likes to watch the way Shi Shi looks when she eats.”

“Really, how hateful.” Liu Shi Shi smiled as she brought the food into her own mouth. Unbeknownst to her, the shoulder of the ‘mute’ male began to shudder slightly.

Xiao Yixuan walked very softly to the front of the male, “This little brother, why don’t you come eat a little with us as well.” Without giving the male a chance to refuse, he pulled him onto a chair.

“Wangye, he’s just a low servant so there’s no need. Ai ya! My stomach hurts.” Suddenly she felt an acute pain in her stomach. Liu Shi Shi keeled over, hugging her stomach as she moaned in pain. Her delicate face distorted in pain, losing its original seductiveness. She then, rushed out the door.

The male at the table started gesturing towards the door, indicating that he needed to go back to work.

“Xin’er, women aren’t supposed to come as they please to such a place like this brothel.” Standing by the door, he blocked the male’s path.

The male had a face of defeat before tearing off the fake skin mask. “How did you know it was me? I’m truly disappointed.”

“What did you say? What in the world did you put in the food?” Avoiding answering her, he replied with another question.

“It was just a bit of croton[3]. You don’t have to make that big of a fuss over it.” It was just such a pity that the one with the surnamed Xiao didn’t eat it.

Xiao Yixuan drew Situ Xin’s slender waist into his embrace. “Why don’t you ever just stay inside the Villa?”

“Aren’t you the same.”

“I’m here because I have important business to take care of.”

“I understand, being so intimate and lovey dovey with Liu Shi Shi. It is a very important business.”

“Xin’er, you’re misunderstanding.”

“Oh? I’m hungry. I’m going to go first. You might as well just wait here for your Miss Liu Shi Shi.” Jumping out from Xiao Yixuan’s embrace, she made a beeline for the door.

Xiao Yixuan shook his head before he mumbled to himself, “This girl…. So difficult to deal with.”

[1] Qie: I, your servant (deprecatory self-reference for women), but more for higher ranked woman
[2] 醉香鸡: I asked Geek and apparently this is a commonly seen dish in chinese novels called Drunken Chicken.
[3] 巴豆: Croton, Evergreen Bush of Euphorbiaceae family, a strong purgative. Croton seeds have a strong irritating effect on the stomach and intestines.

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