Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 Playing at the Brothel

TL: Entropy
TLC: Yummypudding
ED: KongoIsamu

Situ Xin was dressed in a white silk robe from head to toe, while her hair combed into a simple man bun. She gently swayed the folding fan in her hand, causing her hair to flutter, as she stood outside at the Jade Xiang House’s entrance.

“I didn’t expect that all the men were exactly the same. They all like Flower Sky Wine,” she muttered under her breath. Someone muttered under their breath and she unintentionally overheard that Xiao Yi Xuan had run over to the Fragrant Jade House to meet the number one famous courtesan, Liu Shi Shi. It was not surprising that when she looked everywhere inside Misty Mountain Villa, he was nowhere to be found. She decided that she also wanted enjoy such pleasures.

“Oh! What a charming gongzi! Don’t just stand by the entrance, quickly come in.” A slightly obese woman with a head full of pearl hairpins dragged a dazed Situ Xin through the door as she flattered her. She also did not forget to shout, “Qing Qing! Come here! We have customers!”

Inside the Fragrant Jade House, Situ Xin discovered that she recognized quite a few familiar faces. There were Chiefs of Sects from those upright, prestigious houses and famous swordsmen, they were all in a drunken stupor in a land of warmth and tenderness [1]. It was a rather licentious scene to behold.

“Gongzi, I am called Qing Qing. Please don’t feel uncomfortable, Gongzi. Let’s go to a room and have a merry chat.”

“Miss Qing Qing, don…don’t pull me.”

‘Peng’, went the door as it closed. Situ Xin was like a dazed sheep being lead to be slaughtered as she clumsily sat on the bed, hugging her chest with both hands. “Yo…you, don’t come any closer.”

“Oh! Gongzi is still so bashful! Coming to this brothel, you must’ve come to seek these types of pleasures, right? Come, Gongzi, this young lady will accompany you to drink two cups. Aiya….” All of a sudden, Qing Qing threw herself on top of Situ Xin’s body, but she ended up throwing herself into empty air, knocking into one of the pillars at the corner of the bed.

Situ Xin suddenly stood up, opening up the fan in her hands, “Come, Miss Qing Qing, accompany this young master to drink a few drinks.” If it’s just to seek sexual pleasures, then she’ll properly enjoy it. She watched as Qing Qing docilely filled the cup full of wine. “Why don’t you dance for this young master again?” From the inside of her bosom, Situ Xin lavishly took out an ingot of silver and placed it on the table.

“Okay, okay, Qing Qing will immediately dance a song for young master.” Qing Qing’s eyes lit up as she hastily stuffed the silver into her clothes. Then, she enchantingly twisted her charming body, causing her body to loom through the translucent muslin clothing, enough to make people’s blood race. It’s no wonder men liked to frequently come to this brothel.

Her eyes half-closed, Situ Xin had a face of pleasure as she pursed her lips and took a sip of the wine. She muttered, ‘Next time I should bring Yan’er over to play.’ Unbeknowest to her, Xiao Yixuan was currently in a certain room unfettered and in high spirits.

“Come come, it’s been hard on Miss Qing Qing. Drink a cup of wine to relieve your tiredness.” Situ Xin pulled Qing Qing into her embrace with one hand, and with her other hand, she raised the wine cup to Qing Qing’s mouth to feed her.

“Come, have another cup.”

“Miss Qing Qing, don’t be depressed. Accompany this young master to drink another cup.”

Upon seeing the limp Qing Qing in her embrace, a victorious smile suddenly appeared on her face, “Why are all these women always so easy to deal with? I’ll kiss her once first.” She lowered her body but just when she moved her lips closer, she suddenly smelled a combination of a nose piercing fragrance and a nauseating wine fume. She immediately let go of the woman in her arms, as she pinched her nose and jumped to the side. She heard a ‘dong’, sound like a heavy object falling onto the ground, and then the miserable shriek of a woman in great pain pierced through her ears.

“Don’t blame me ah!” Situ Xin looked at the drunk Qing Qing who was splayed out on the ground, muttering to herself. She sent her an apologetic glance and then picked up the ingot of silver that fell out from the bosom of Qing Qing and placed it inside her own. “Next time I’ll come find you, ha.” She lightly moved her feet as she walked to the door, and unlocked the door.

Situ Xin puffed out her chest and held her head high. With an arrogant appearance, she continuously peeked out into the winding corridor. “Miss, might you tell me which room the famous courtesan, Liu Shi Shi, is located?” She pulled a passing brothel woman and tossed her a coquettish glance and instantly, the woman appeared to be infatuated and head over heels in love with her.

“Young Master, our Shi Shi is currently accompanying Xiao Wangye. I’m afraid that she is unable to accompany you sir. Maybe it would be better for this servant to serve you.”

She got out of the way of the woman’s claw like grips. “Miss, it’s nevertheless better to tell me which room Miss Shi Shi is in. I can wait for her.”

“It’s just straight ahead to the left.” The woman dully walked away.

A sudden peculiarly sinister radiance flashed by Situ Xin.

[1] a place where a man can find solace in feminine charms

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