Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 Misty Mountain Villa

TL: Entropy
TLC: Yummypudding(?)
ED: Kongolisamu

Early in the morning, they set off in the direction of the Misty Mountain. The Misty Mountain Villa was located halfway up the mountain, surrounded by clouds and mist, allowing people to feel as if they arrived in the world of immortals.

Situ Xin tried to cover her excited expression, after all, for the past couple of years, she had always stayed at home, rarely leaving her house[1]. It was rare for her to see such a bustling scene so early in the morning Xiao Yi Xuan simply dragged her off the bed, and she wasn’t even angry.

The the meeting of heroes was soon about to start. Numerous prestigious and famous members of the jianghu had arrived a day or so in advance at the Misty Mountain Villa, but it was not very lively at all. There was a continuous stream of people coming to greet Xiao Yi Xuan, there were many familiar people onsite, all of which she had met before at the Scarlet Shrine.

“Miss Xin’er.” Hearing a somewhat familiar voice behind her, Situ Xin turned around and saw that it was Luo Shan.

Situ Xin was startled, “How can you recognize me?” According to reason, she was no longer wearing that fake skin mask, he shouldn’t have recognized her.

“At first I wasn’t sure either, but Miss Xin’er’s scent is simply too unique. (TLN: Seems like something a stalker would say) Also, by observing your demeanor in the way you sneakily eat desserts, it’s simply the exact same as that maid from the Scarlet Shrine.” Even though his words contained a trace of teasing, his tone also included a bit of worry in it. What he didn’t say was: When he saw her figure from behind, his heart felt a throbbing once again.

He actually saw her sneakily eating desserts, how humiliating! Embarrassed, she lowered her small, exquisite head, “That…… recently how has it been going?” It was all because of that wretched man. Waking up early in the morning only to discover that they had slept in each others embrace the entire night, and he even dared to say it was her who had taken the initiative to hug him! She was so angry she didn’t even eat breakfast and just got onto the horse carriage.

“Not good.” In his heart he felt a pang of bitter agony. His mother had died due to sickness soon after he was born, and then his close blood brother killed his father whom he respected greatly. Nowadays even his second mother was acting like she was crazy. He really was one who is cut off from others [2]. At first he had planned on not attending this meeting of heroes, but upon hearing that Xiao Wangye was planning on attending, his heart yearned to catch a glimpse of that beautiful woman again. He actually got to meet her, and yet, he didn’t know how great of a beauty she was, and how could he be worthy of her.?“

“………” Situ Xin was extremely embarrassed, and didn’t know what to say in the situation that would be good. She can’t just wash her hand and walk away. After all, his dad died to the Hundred Flower Needles. Looking in all four directions, Situ Xin caught sight of Huo Yan, who was currently talking to a smiling, tender and beautiful girl. “I have something to do, I’ll go first, we can chat next time.” Then she hurried walked towards Huo Yan.

“Aiya! My brother-in-law, how are you here? This is?” Situ Xin instantly went to stand in between the two of them. How come all men were see one love one. Fortunately, she didn’t get married to this fickle, smelly man.

Huo Yan’s embarrassed frown deepened. Liu Shi Shi wrapped herself around his arm, “That’s….. Xin’er you’ve misunderstood. Me and her……..”

“Has this missus misunderstood? Shi Shi has never heard of the Huo Sect Leader having a wife and children.” She placed her plump lips directly onto Huo Yan’s face, provoking Situ Xin to glare at her.

Situ Xin wanted to say something but then she saw Bai Ying rapidly walk over, Bai Ying took out a white handkerchief and used quite a bit of force to wipe Huo Yan’s face, “Yan, remember next time to not let unclean things get close to you. It’s easy to get sick that way.” And then she lightly leaned her head on Huo Yan’s shoulder. Showing the world that he belonged to her.


“This must be Jiangnan’s number one beauty, Liu Shi Shi. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time.” Bai Ying spoke in a polite manner.

“Hmph, at least you have some discernment.”

“Oh, it seems like the rumours within the jianghu have been exaggerated. In regards to beauty, my friend here, Xin’er, is prettier by a pace, And regarding ability, there’s none as capable as me, Bai Ying.” She was basically hinting to Liu Shi Shi to just go away. Situ Xin secretly made a “you’re awesome” expression towards Bai Ying.

“You?! You are being a bully!” Tears welled up within her eyes as she angrily left.

Huo Yan looked up at the sky and let out a sigh. He just had a fortunate encounter with a beautiful woman, yet these two women had to come mess it up, “I’m gonna go drink wine.” Remembering last night, he was bewildered for a while. In the end, he ended up obediently sleeping on the ground all night long. Even now his back was sore.

Bai Ying quietly whispered into Situ Xin’s ear, “Thank you for just now.” And then she chased after Huo Yan with small steps.

Situ Xin looked in all directions, how come she couldn’t find Xiao Yixuan’s shadow at all? Who knew what beautiful woman he was meeting up with. Men were really unreliable after all. As soon as they entered the villa he just tossed her to the side.

[1] 身居淺出: It took me a long time to figure this one out. It has two meanings, the first one (from what I understood) means: a wild animal that hid away in a concealed area, and the second meaning: one who usually stays at home, rarely leaving the house. (My knowledge of chinese isn’t the best ok?)
[2] 孤家寡人 One who is cut off from others: Another idiom. Basically means something along the lines of: one who is alone/one who is destined to be alone. Can also indirectly mean someone who is unmarried.

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  1. It seems that although Situ Xin never went out much she still has attracted a few men’s eyes. But , where is our ML? Lost in this city of sin? Situ Xin who keeps saying that she is not interested in him, why is she wondering where he is?

  2. How come noone comments??? Translator thank you very much!!!! This novel is awwwwwwesome and you are doing a great job. Xin’er so cute like a rabbit and everyone knows rabbits are justice!!! ❤❤❤

  3. “Situ Xin looked in all directions, how come she couldn’t find Xiao Yixuan’s shadow at all? Who knew what beautiful woman he was meeting up with. Men were really unreliable after all. As soon as they entered the villa he just tossed her to the side.”

    Feelings being cultivated here. So, she is starting to think about being tossed aside for another woman. I wonder if she manages to marry him will he get rid of that other concubine that he has?

  4. Lolz, ya know… I think Huo Yan is following the yandere path, gonna go all the way down from here… Thx 4the chappy!

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