Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 33

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Chapter Chapter 33 The Inn

TL: Entropy
TLC: Yummypudding
ED: Yummypudding & Kongoisamu

As soon as Huo Yan, who had been unwillingly pulled upstairs by Bai Ying, he pushed open the door and roared, “Bai Ying, that was on purpose, wasn’t it?” His face, filled with a murderous air as he stared at the woman currently dozing off on the bed. He raised his right hand and slammed it down onto the round wooden table inside the room, causing the sturdy table to immediately split in half. Bai Ying blinked her long and narrow eyes and said, “That’s right. Tonight you’ll sleep on the floor and I’ll sleep on the bed.” After speaking, she flipped over, no longer looking at the man before her.

“To the person surnamed Bai, don’t think that I won’t bully a woman.” Huo Yan sat his buttocks on the bed, cramming Bai Ying further into the bed, and then laid down, “Let me tell you, I’m a man. I’m not afraid of anything. If you want to suffer a loss, then just sleep on the floor. In other words, I want to sleep on the bed.”

Bai Ying’s lips curled as she turned her body around and hugged Huo Yan, who was pleased with himself.

Is it ok to leave it like this? Situ Xin rapidly flew away from the ceiling, the corner of her mouth twitching, as her face became taut.

“Xin’er, where did you go?” Sitting in front of the circular table sipping tea and reading a book, Xiao Yi Xuan raised his head as he coldly asked.

Situ Xin’s face fell as soon as she entered the room, she immediately lowered her head, “I just went for a little walk outside, blowing off some steam.” All the while playing with her fingers, “How come you’re not sleeping yet? It’s already so late.”

“I’m looking through accounting books, if you’re tired, you can go ahead and sleep.” Xiao Yixuan didn’t raise his head this time.

“I’m not tired, not tired at all. You just read your books, I’m hungry. I want to eat something.” Picking up a rice cracker, she directly stuffed it into her mouth as she stroked her full stomach. She really ate a lot for dinner today.

Inside their room it was a scene of tranquility, nobody spoke for a long time. The only audible sound was the soft rustling of pages.

Situ Xin propped up her chin up with one hand, and with her other hand she used two of her fingers to keep her eyelids open. From time to time, she would knock against the table.

“Xin’er, if you’re tired then sleep on the bed.”

“Not tired, not tired at all. I’m still full of energy.” And then she covered her mouth with her small hand, as she let out a loud yawn.

Xiao Yixuan stood up as he shook his head. He took off his outer garment, and then princess carried Situ Xin in his arms, “What a stubborn maid.”

“Ah! Why are you carrying me to the bed, I’m not tired. You can go sleep, I’ll just sit here for a while.” She felt a spell of dizziness, and her face turned bright red.

“Be good, don’t speak and go to sleep. I won’t touch you.” Xiao Yixuan laid next to Situ Xin, letting her head rest in the crook of his arm as he softly patted her petite shoulders.

At the current moment, every single little thing that had to do with this man was destructively fatal. It was as if she was put under a spell. His simple yet magnetic voice felt like it contained an unlimited attraction within; causing one to willingly sink into a whirlpool. The sleepiness increased greatly until finally she couldn’t withstand it anymore and slowly closed her eyes. We’ll just talk when I wake up……….

“Yan’er, I’ve told you already. Don’t pull up my flowers..”

Xiao Yixuan stared at Situ Xin who was sleep talking humorously. It seems like this maid was once again dreaming a nightmare. It definitely has something to do with Yan’er. Slowly, he stretched his arm out to smooth out her tensed up eyebrows. It seems like these past years that she had to raise Yan’er as a single mother really was tough for her.

Breathing in the fragrance being emitted from her body, “Xin’er, from now on let us take care of Yan’er together.” Only to see her beautiful eyebrows once again scrunch up, as if something dreadful appeared within her nightmare yet again. She raised her hand and swung it down.

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