Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Arriving at Yangzhou

TL: Entropy
TLC: Yummypudding
ED: KongoIsamu

A horse carriage carrying 5 passengers on board entered the border of YangZhou, without resting

In the unusually bustling, lively, small town, other than the normal peddlers, traders and the common folk, there was also a lot of people from the jianghu. Many young men carrying swords in hand walked past Situ Xin, continuously turning back to look at her. The equally eye-catching Xiao Yixuan, also attracted many passing women, causing them to freeze and their eyes to let out a peculiar light.

“Wangye, all the nearby inns are full, it looks like the number of people who had heard of the Gathering of heroes isn’t small at all.” Ye Ying hurriedly rushed to stand in front of the group. Seeing the sky gradually fade into darkness, he proposed “There are still two rooms available at the Yuelai inn. If we’re willing to squeeze together for just a night, we can arrive at the Misty Villa at the Gathering of Heroes early tomorrow morning.”

“Two rooms, how will the five of us split?” Huo Yan cried out in surprise, they wouldn’t cram the 3 guys together into one room right?

Ye Ying paused for a moment, “Wangye will stay with Gentleman Huo in one room, Miss Xin’er and Miss Bai will stay in the other, I will be on watch.”

Bai Ying grabbed onto Huo Yan’s arm, “I want to stay in one room with Yan.” As soon as she spoke, the other four people’s eye widened, “After all, it’s not the first time we were together on the same bed.” Half a month ago, the drunk Huo Yan rescued Bai Ying at Mingyue building, from the hands of a man in black clothing and a covered face. From then, Bai Ying have been pestering Huo Yan.

Situ Xin glanced at the terrified Huo Yan. Huo Yan hurriedly pulled off Bai Ying’s hands that had coiled around his arms, “Xin’er, don’t misunderstand, nothing happened between us at all. It was because I was drunk and when I woke up…….. Aiya! How should I say it.” Incoherent and stuttering, Huo Yan looked like a hero ready to sacrifice himself. That night, nothing happened at all! Except he didn’t know why, but the two of them were hugging each other in their sleep, for the entire night. Later, when his mother found out, she immediately demanded that he marry Bai Ying. She even said that her daughter-in-law shouldn’t be be too beautiful, and yet she also could not be too smart. (TLN: huh, is he somehow indirectly calling Situ Xin stupid lol) Thus, every time he saw Bai Ying he would avoid her.

“Ehhhh?” The sound of a syllable being dragged out resounded, “So you just don’t want to take responsibility hmm?” Situ Xin’s face appeared indifferent as she kicked Huo Yan. She had a very good opinion of Bai Ying, yet Huo Yan was still dissatisfied.

“Exactly, did you think you could avoid responsibility? Let’s go check the room upstairs.” Bai Ying pulled Huo Yan, whose face was gloomy, towards the room.

Seeing the two, one pulling the other pushing at each other, as they went upstairs, Situ Xin seemed to have thought of something as she exclaimed, “If the two of them seize a room, what are we going to do?”

Xiao Yixuan discovered another one of Situ Xin’s cute points. Really, what a slow to react maid, “Xin’er, seems like I’ll have to trouble you tonight, and share a room.”

“Us? Sleep in one room together? How can that be possible!?”

“Let’s go, Xin’er…..”

“Hey! Don’t you know that men and women cannot be so close[1]….. Aiya! Don’t pull me!”

Ye Ying had his arms crossed around his chest, a smiling expression upon his face as he looked at Xiao Yixuan and Situ Xin. Then he shook his head, this couple is too entertaining.

[1] 男女受授不親: So, in confucian times, men and women were not allowed to directly touch. They couldn’t be that direct, but be more tactful. That way, whether it be gift giving or gift receiving, either side must keep their etiquette, respecting the other side, and as a result if the other side did not reciprocate your feelings, they could tell you in person and it would not be ‘that’ embarrassing……. Basically male-female relations can’t be too intimate.

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