Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 Getting Completely Eaten Up

TL: Entropy
TLC: YummyPudding, Rabbit
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Just returning home from the imperial court, Xiao Yixuan had only just stepped through the doorway before he saw Nalan Qing waiting at the gate for him, all dressed up alluringly. A burst of an acrid fragrance diffused through the air, assaulting his nose. He could only helplessly walking over and ask, “Biaomei, why are you dressed so splendidly today?”

“Biaoge, today, I personally went to the kitchen to prepare a few dishes just for you.” Nalan Qing reached her hand to take the medallion in Xiao Yixuan’s hands, while her other hand hooked intimately around his sturdy arms.
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As they walked, a smug smile would appear on Nalan Qing’s face, whenever they passed in front of someone. She wanted to display that in this wangfu, she held an extremely influential position.

Xiao Yixuan had a face full of suspicion as he reluctantly sat in front of dinning table and asked, “Biaomei, usually you act so spoiled. How come you seem so well-mannered and refined today?”

Normally in the fu, this arrogant and willful Biaomei of his would seize someone to vent her anger, as long as there was something that made her even slightly unhappy. How could she possibly go down to the kitchen to prepare a meal for him, unless it was because there was a trap.

“Biaoge, you’re teasing Qing Qing again,” Nalan Qing protested playfully with an unhappy expression.

“Don’t be so angry Biaomei, or else tomorrow maternal Uncle will reproach benwang.” Xiao Yixuan lightly removed his arm that was being tightly held by Nalan Qing, and softly continued, “Lately, benwang’s official business has been extremely busy, so there was no time to attend to Biaomei. Tomorrow I will allow Ye Ling to send you back to the fu.

“You want to kick me out again…” Nalan Qing felt aggrieved and just as she turned her face away tears immediately started dripping down, blurring her vision. She knew that her Biaoge was most apprehensive to this trick of hers, which had been proven true through multiple attempts made through time.

Xiao Yixuan rubbed the blue veins that suddenly appeared on his forehead. Surrendering, he said, “Alright, okay. Biaomei, don’t cry anymore, let’s go taste the dishes you made right now.”

In an instant, a flowery smile appeared on Nalan Qing’s face, causing Ye Ying, who was standing aside, to be dumbfounded. The way that this Biao Xiaojie changes faces is faster than flipping pages of a book, causing Ye Ying to glance at Xiao Wangye in much sympathy.

Xiao Yixuan grasped the bowl that was filled with the dishes Nalan Qing especially prepared for and brought the food to his mouth. Chewing carefully, he quietly thought, “It’s not that terrible…” However, just as he thought that, he felt an impatient, parched burning sensation rush into his head. *BANG*, the chopsticks in his hands slammed into the table, and he furiously roared out, “You drugged the dishes?!??”

“Biaoge, don’t be angry. Do you feel unwell? I’ll support you back to your residence.” Nalan Qing threw herself towards Xiao Yixuan as she spoke impetuously.

“F*ck off! Ye Ying, we’re leaving.” Pushing aside the woman in his embrace, Xiao Yixuan quickly rushed out.

“Pass down the orders, nobody is allowed near this courtyard. Also, immediately find someone to take Biao Xiaojie back to her residence.” Xiao Yixuan repressed the impatient fervent heat in his heart as he ordered Ye Ying, who was standing behind him, before hastily entered his room and closing the door behind him.

“Damn it!” Nalan Qing unexpectedly fed him an aphrodisiac! He felt the heat within his body grow more and more intense as sweat permeated down his forehead nonstop. He resisted the discomfort with great difficulty as he walked to the side of his bed. Just as he reached the bed, his eyes slowly widen when he noticed a woman, on the bed, currently sleeping in an indecent posture.

“Ai ya! Xiao Xue, don’t touch me, let me sleep some more.” Protesting coquettishly, the woman half-consciously pushed aside the large hand that was touching her face.

“Damn it!” Her face was ice-cold, which felt very comfortable to the touch. However, this further made Xiao Yixuan’s internal lust to unceasingly spread throughout his body, causing things to get out of hand.

Even though that face was mediocre with even a few freckles dotting it, at this moment, that coquettish look seemed extremely attractive. Xiao Yixuan didn’t know if it was because of the effect of the aphrodisiac, but he covered her lips, matching it perfectly with his.

Situ Xin felt like she was being pressed down with so much force that she couldn’t breath. There was also the feeling of a moist yet warm sensation on her mouth, causing her to angrily open her eyes, and exclaim, “Ah! What are you doing!” Unexpectedly, a man, with his hand resting on her waist, was putting pressure on top of her.

“You are asking me what I’m doing? But aren’t you the one lying on top of my bed, trying to seduce me?” Looking at the way she was dressed, he determined that she should be one of the maids in this fu. Feeling that his breath was getting more and more urgent, his bloodshot eyes blurred as his desire began to spread without bound.

“Seduce you my ass.” Situ Xin attempted to shove the damn man off her body, but she hadn’t even pushed him a bit before he took advantage of her movements to move closer. They looked into each others eyes, as the tip of their noses touched, making Situ Xin’s small face become red with shame.

Xiao Yixuan couldn’t help but kiss those attractive lips, inserting his tongue into her mouth. Ignoring the resistance of the body below him, his tongue continuously intertwined with her pleasurable tongue that kept avoiding him. His big hands tore off her outer garment, revealing pale skin that was a white as snow. His eyes flashed in surprise, for he did not expect that underneath the clothing was such a beautiful scenery that did not match that tan face of hers.

“You repulsive man, what are you doing?!?” Situ Xin wanted to cover herself with her clothing, but they were once again torn off, and just like that, the two repeatedly pulled back and forth.

“Sssssss” The cloth made of weak material ripped in half due to the brute force of the two people.

Situ Xin angrily stared at the passion-filled face in front of her, and for a moment, her heart shivered coldly, stopping all her attempts to resist.

Turns out, this man was actually really handsome. His form was clearly well-defined, and below his thick eyebrows was a pair of deep eyes. His lips were not thick but was nevertheless plump, making it feel as if he had just walked out of a painting.

So he was actually this handsome, the corners and edges of his body were clearly defined, his thick eyebrows overtop a pair of deep eyes, his lips that weren’t thick yet plump; It felt like he just walked out of a book.

“Stop resisting.” Ceaselessly rubbing her fair white skin, the overwhelming lust surged forth, causing him to rip off the rest of Situ Xin’s clothing and making the sound of his breath and heartbeat collided together.

As if she had been bewitched, Situ Xin stopped resisting, and quieted down.

The sound of his voice was like magic, setting off ripples within her heart. Her jade-like arm wrapped around his broad shoulders, accommodating his movements.

The canopy curtains made of light muslin veiled the overflowing spring scenery, only allowing the red candles to illuminate their passionate figures.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Situ Xin had hastily slipped out of the residence with a shame-filled face, early the next morning. Because she was eager to sleep, she was completely eaten up. It was truly an utter loss of face.

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