Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: The Little Bribing Demon

TL: Entropy (;c)
TLC: Lilina (AKA Wei Wei)
ED: Adversary (Cute child who gets shipped with all the girls)

It was the second day of the affair with the Scarlet Shrine Sect and it had already created an uproar in the entire Wulin, Luo Ji killed his father to take his position, and was eventually saved by an ordinary looking, but mysterious maid. Madam Luo went insane, and Luo Shan also foolishly spent his days carving wood. The only thing he carved out was a gluttonous, pastry loving maid. When people speak of the Scarlet Shrine Sect, each and everyone of them could only shake their heads, and sigh.

“I really miss Yan’er.” Situ Xin’s heart was filled with expectation as she walked into the backyard of the Wangfu. But the sight in front of her caused her jaw to drop, completely forgetting to close her mouth.

“Yan’er, come eat some grapes.” Nalan Qing put the peeled grape into Yan’er’s mouth. All she could see was the main protagonist, Xiao Yan, leisurely lying on the imperial concubine’s chair with his mouth wide open.

Princess Han Yu’s face was full of charm as she massaged Xiao Yan’s leg, “Yan’er, as long as you acknowledge me as your mother, when I become the Wangye’s wife, I will definitely treat you well. I would never allow any vixens to bully you.” After speaking, she then raised her head to face Nalan Qing to prove her point.

“Yan’er, if you acknowledge me as your mother, I will be sure to make you delicious things to eat everyday.” After a ‘humph’, Princess Hanyu continued peeling the grapes.

“What are you guys doing?” Xiao Yixuan looked displeased, as he stood in front of the three people, his face expressionless. While Situ Xin stared at Xiao Yan murderously. You stinky brat, after not seeing you for a few days, you’ve become even more disobedient, even have the gall to replace your mother.

“Dad, Xin’er! It has nothing to do with me, it was them!” Xiao Yixuan hastily jumped up, his face full of innocence as he raised his head, and plastered a harmless yet embarrassed smile.

Nalan Qing’s face was filled with happy surprise as she lept into Xiao Yixuan’s arms, “Wangye, you’re finally back! This concubine has missed you to death!” And then with a twist of her butt, she pushed away Situ Xin at the side. Princess Hanyu, not to be outdone, tightly clung onto him like an octopus.

With an ice-cold expression, Xiao Yixuan struggled to free himself from the women’s tight grasp, and then helplessly looked over at Situ Xin who had retreated long since, she was faintly laughing into her sleeve. Upon seeing that, he suddenly became angry, “I’m asking you guys what you are doing!”

Seeing the furious Xiao Yixuan, Nalan Qing spoke in a quiet voice, “We are discussing with Yan’er which one of us is more fit to be Yan’er’s mother.” Princess Hanyu also nodded furiously in agreement at the side.

“Nalan Qing, you are to come with me to return to your Fragrant Jade Pavilion, and you are forbidden to step outside of its premises for one month. And as for you, Princess Hanyu, please leave my Wangfu at once.”

Nalan Qing was unwillingly escorted back to the Fragrant Jade Pavilion by Cui Hong, and Princess Hanyu’s eyes were filled with angry, ashamed tears as she ran out of the Wangfu. Very quickly, the back courtyard turned tranquil. Xiao Yan on the other hand, was laughing foolishly as he retreated backwards.

“So, you want to change your mother?” Situ Xin grabbed Xiao Yan’s small hand, fuming in rage between her grit teeth.

Seeing his mother’s cloudy expression, Xiao Yan continuously blinked at Xiao Yixuan, pleading for help, “Xin’er, calm down, your fake skin is about to split apart!” His small hand pointed at a minute crack that appeared on her face.

“Xin’er, you should return to your room first, and go wash your face first. Let me deal with Yan’er.” Xiao Yixuan took Situ Xin’s small hand.

Situ Xin touched the fake skin, running her fingers through the crack. It must be because of the wear and tear that had accumulated over time, “Stinky brat, when I come back I’ll sort you out!” And then she quickly disappeared from the two’s sights.

“Dad, if you can get Xin’er to go easy on me, I can tell you about what Xin’er likes.” Xiao Yan climbed up onto Xiao Yixuan’s knee, wanting to discuss.

Xiao Yixuan was lying on the couch, which was very comfortable. No wonder Xiao Yan’s face was full of pleasure just now, “Eh? This seems like a reasonable trade.” Xiao Yixuan’s face had a look of interest.

In the back courtyard, the father and son pair continuously whispered things into each other’s ear, it was a very harmonious scene. Unbeknownst to them, the one being plotted against, Situ Xin, was sneezing non-stop.

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