Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: The Death of Poppy

TL: Entropy
TLC: Lilina
ED: KongoIsamu

“It has nothing to do with me, it was Luo Ji who told me to do this.” At the side, Madam Luo’s body had long grown limp. She pointed her fingers at Luo Ji in an attempt give herself a thread to cling to life.

“You slut! You kept on saying that you loved me, and yet now you’re actually pushing all the blame on me.” Unable to deal with the constant approach of the sect people, he knocked Madam Luo to the ground with a hand.

Immediately another uproar arose within the room, “So it turns out they’ve committed adultery.”

“You bastard, you actually seduced your own stepmother.”

“I spit! This cheating couple…….”

The sound of cursing filled the room. Then the silent Situ Xin walked to Poppy and said in a quiet voice, “Have you seen clearly what kind of man he is?”

“I want to kill you! To take revenge for dad!” Suddenly Luo Shan picked up the sword on the ground and aimed it towards Luo Ji.

Luo Ji only gave a cry of surprise, his face was ashen as if he knew his death was coming. As the tip of the sword was about to pierce his chest, a lithe shadow threw itself over.

“Poppy!” Situ Xin rushed forward and supported Poppy who was lying in a puddle of her own blood. Her eyes turned wet, “How could you be so foolish?”

“Sect master, I beg of you to save him,” Poppy whispered as she grabbed onto Situ Xin’s sleeve, weakly. A poignant smile appeared on her face as both of her eyes slowly closed.

With one hand, Situ Xin carried Poppy and grabbed Luo Ji with the other. They then quickly disappeared from the Scarlet Shrine Sect; Xiao Yixuan hurriedly chased after them, leaving behind a crowd of Wulin figures staring at each other in dismay.

Luo Shan’s steps were unsteady as he threw down his sword. He absent-mindedly stared at his hands that are stained in dark red, the blood of Poppy. Suddenly, he madly rushed out the door.

Huo Yan stealthily sneaked out the room, patting his chest continuously, “Fortunately, I didn’t chase after them.”

“Are you trying to hide from me?” Bai Ying stood behind Huo Yan with a smile on her face, her expression seemingly saying: “You can’t escape from me.”

“You demon.” Following that was a howl of anguish. In his entire life as the son of a sect leader, there were only three women he was most afraid of. First was his mother. The second one was Situ Xin.And the last one was this woman standing in front of him, Bai Ying. All day and night she was like a demon, following behind him. Half a month ago, from the moment when his mother accepted Bai Ying into the household, he had been living a life that was no different from dying.

Situ Xin expressionlessly threw Luo Ji down on the ground ruthlessly. She then placed Poppy’s dead body on a nearby bush, “This place is about 10 kilometers from the Scarlet Shrine Sect, you’re safe now.”

“You are Situ Xin? Why did you save me?” Luo Ji’s face warped as he asked. Up till this point, he had never given Poppy a single glance.

Situ Xin suddenly pulled out her Lingshe Sword that was tied by her waist and swung it at Luo Ji. “Chi”, a bloody arm fell to the ground. “Poppy had exchanged her life for yours. You may go now. Today I will not kill you, but it is hard to guarantee whether you’ll be chased and killed by the people of Wulin. You’re on your own now.” Carrying Poppy’s dead body, she didn’t spare Luo Ji another glance.

Luo Ji bore the pain as he covered up the wound. He stared at Situ Xin with resentment in his eyes. Picking his severed arm up from the ground, He started staggering in the direction of the city walls.

“Let me do it.” Xiao Yixuan stood in front of Situ Xin and took Poppy from her hands. Situ Xin’s eyes were red.

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