Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: The Scarlet Shrine Sect Master’s Murder Case (9)

TL: Entropy
TLC: Lilina
ED: YummyPudding

“Oh! The Scarlet Shrine Sect is very lively.” A light breeze that carried the scent of peach blossoms blew by, causing everyone’s hair to sway slightly. It was Bai Ying. According to a rumor, when Bai Ying was young, she had read the Book of Songs and the Book of History, making her very resourceful and full of strategies. She also knew astronomy and geography, making her known as the female Zhue Lian [1]. There wasn’t a single dispute in the whole country that could not escape her meticulous eyes. It was just a pity that her looks were only average, and although she was past marriageable age, she was still waiting for a proposal.

“Miss Bai, as you are known to be the female Zhuge Liang, you must definitely know who killed my father.” Luo Shan released his hand that was grabbing onto Xiao Yixuan and rushed in front of Bai Ying.

However, Bai Ying only raised her eyebrows and did not respond to his question. Instead, she slightly got up from her chair [2] and said indifferently to Xiao Yixuan, “Xiao Wangye, you must have already came to a conclusion.”

Xiao Yixuan kept his faint smile on his face as he said, “Actually, Luo Sect Master was murdered by Luo Ji and Madam Luo.”

“Wangye, please do not make any absurd assertions if you do not have any concrete evidence. Besides, this servant girl personally saw Situ Xin murder my father with her own eyes.” With an ashen face, Luo Ji spoke with a hoarse and gloomy voice.

“It was because you accidentally overheard your father talking about handing the position of Sect Leader to Luo Shan, so you started to harbor hatred for him to the point of murder. Furthermore, sometimes what one personally witnesses is not necessarily all real.” Xiao Yixuan responded in a clear yet cold voice.

Luo Ji coldly snored in response, “Wangye, as I have just said, the truth needs to have evidence to back it up. Do you have such evidence? Besides, Luo Shan is my brother that is biologically related to me. I would not have cared if the new Sect Leader was him or me.”

Xiao Yixuan coldly looked at Luo Ji before he took out a pink sachet from the grasps of the servant girl in purple clothing that was lying on the ground. “This is the evidence. Inside this sachet, there is a power that was made from refined poppy flowers. If one were to breathe this powder in a large amount, they will start to hallucinate. In actuality, you took the Hundred Flower Needles you stole and gave it to Madam Luo. Then, when Luo Sect Leader was sleeping, Madam Luo changed into dark clothing and disguised her face before exiting through the back door. Subsequently, under thousands of staring eyes [3], she infiltrated into Luo Sect Leader’s room and used the Hundred Flower Needle to murder Luo Sect Leader. Before the servants and the guards could arrive, she quickly changed her clothing and then screamed loudly with a face full of fright. It truly was all just a conspiracy, wasn’t it? Young Master Luo. Madam Luo.” When he looked over at the area where Madam Luo was standing, she had already fallen to the ground.

“Hmph! Simply a bunch of nonsense. The Hundred Flower Needles is the Hundred Flower Sect’s specialized hidden weapon, which is located deep within the ten feet wide Poison Miasma Fort inside the Hundred Flower Sect that no outsider has ever managed to enter. How could I possibly steal the Hundred Flower Needles?!?” As he spoke, Luo Ji supported Madam Luo off the ground while his eyes hinted at her, “Don’t make any unnecessary movements.”

“It was because you accidently met the left law-protector of the Hundred Flower Sect, Poppy, and started an ambiguous relationship with her. That was how you were able to steal the Hundred Flower Needle so easily and also how you learned that poppy leaves can cause hallucinations.” The one who had stepped forward and spoken up was Bai Ying.

As expected of the woman known as the female Zhuge. She even knew about Poppy’s involvement. Situ Xin couldn’t help but take a few more glance at her while feeling great appreciation towards this intelligent woman from the bottom of her heart.

“You’re the one who murdered our Father? It can’t be true. It’s impossible!” Luo Shan looked incredulously at Luo Ji as he started to shake his head wildly.

“Hmph! Since you know already know the truth, then there is nothing more to hide. You don’t have a single redeeming quality, much less the qualification to become the new Sect Leader. Dad was truly blind.” He spoke with great disdain as he pushed aside Luo Shan’s hand with great force.

In an instant, the whole room descended into chaos. “Luo Sect Leader truly died unjustly. Never in his dreams would he have ever expected to have been murdered by the hands of his own wife and son. No wonder he couldn’t even close his eyes in death.”

“What a despicable, shameless, and vile person……”

Everyone surrounded Luo Ji with their swords pointing at him.

[2] It is seen as a polite gesture.
[3]They are just saying that Madam Luo managed to get into the Luo Sect Leader’s room without noticing, despite having so many people around.

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