Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: The Scarlet Shrine Sect Master’s Murder Case (8)

TL: Entropy
TLC: Lilina
ED: YummyPudding

Early in the morning, the Scarlet Shrine Sect was bustling with unusual noise and excitement due to the arrival of all of the outstanding and well-known, upright public figures. Situ Xin strided over, covering her small face as she continuously placed her hand over her mouth, yawning without end. Don’t tell me that all these well-known figures don’t need to sleep?!?

“Young Master Luo, we have gathered here early in the morning to ask whether or not that witch, Situ Xin, was the person who murdered Sect Master Luo?” Tang Jing asked in such a loud and resounding voice that all of a sudden Situ Xin’s sleepiness was chased away[1].

Luo Ji stepped forward as he cupped his hands in salute. “Yesterday, the servant girl that waited upon my father suddenly came into my room in great fear and informed me of the events that transpired the night my father was murder, which she claimed to have seen with her own two eyes. It is precisely that witch, Situ Xin, who committed such a treacherous attack.”

Hearing Luo Ji’s peculiar voice made Situ Xin feel very uncomfortable, but she did nothing out of consideration of Xiao Yixuan’s warning from this morning. He warned, “Xin’er, regardless of what happens today, you mustn’t act blindly without thinking. You must listen to me.” This was the reason why she was willing to silently endure everything, instead of charging in and using her two fists to beat up that repulsive villain. Truly unworthy of Poppy’s feelings!

“May I ask if we can meet this servant girl you speak of?” Huo Yan stood up from his chair and as he did, he even managed to quickly squeeze in a wink towards Situ Xin, but unfortunately, all he got in return was a glare from the beautiful woman.

“Of course.” Luo Ji answered in a strange voice.

Not a while later, a purple clothed servant girl staggered into the hall. Her whole body continued to shiver nonstop as her mouth kept continuously shouting, “Don’t kill me! I DIDN’T SEE ANYTHING AT ALL…”

Xiao Yixuan, who had not spoken in a long time, took a sip of his tea and then stood up with an unperturbed expression and walked to the front of the servant girl wearing purple clothing. “Young lady, what did you say that you saw? Who wants to kill you?” He inquired in a soft tone.

“I-it’s her. S-she killed the Sect Leader. I-it’s her, it’s Situ Xin.” The servant girl kept muttering under her breath. Then, as if she had gone crazy, she clawed at Xiao Yixuan’s arm and bite him with a lot of force.

In the end, the servant girl was knocked unconscious by Xiao Yixuan and fell to the ground. A man with delicate features, who was wearing silk clothing, walked to the servant girl’s side and squatted down. Stretching out his big hands, he grabbed hold of the servant girl’s wrist and checked her pulse. “It seems like this servant girl has received a horrifying fright affecting her mind, which is what lead to her into such a crazed state.”

Situ Xin recognized him. He was known in Jianghu as the Godly Medical Doctor, Hua Zhou. He had an antisocial personality and would only recognize money and not people [2]. All the common people who came to him seeking medical treatment were turned away. All of a sudden Situ Xin’s half closed eyes widened in surprise when she saw a tiny red pinhole on the back of that servant girl’s neck.

“Huo Yan, there is a pin sized hole on the back of the servant girl’s neck. You should go up and take a look.” Situ Xin used inner energy to transmit her voice to Huo Yan.

Huo Yan was about to get up when he sa

w Xiao Yixuan extract a tiny silver needle from the back of the servant girl’s neck. “Xin’er, your family’s Wangye isn’t bad.” Using a teasing tone, he transmitted his voice into Situ Xin’s ears.
Situ Xin used her eyes to tell Xiao Yixuan to walk over to her area. When he arrived, she whispered a few words into his ear.

“It must be that witch, Situ Xin, who used such a fine needle to block this servant girl’s Heaven Stooping Acupuncture Point, which caused this servant girl to go insane. Hmph, and she thought she could achieve her goal by such underhanded mean.” Luo Ji said with an indignant face.

“Benwang might not be entirely correct, but it looks as if someone harboring evil intentions thought they could conceal Luo Sect Master’s murder through such means.” Xiao Yixuan spoke in a distinct but cold tone.

“Has Xiao Wangye discover something?” Tang Jin anxiously asked.

Xiao Yixuan took a glimpse at Luo Ji, who was losing his head out of fear, and saw that beads of sweat had been accumulating on his forehead for a while and his hand were also unnaturally trembling.

“Xiao Wangye, who was it that killed my dad?!?!” Luo Shan nervously grabbed Xiao Yixuan’s hand.

Suddenly, Situ Xin lifted her head which was originally handing low. That silhouette seems familiar! She couldn’t help but crease her brows. Why is she here?
[1] The author used 瞌睡虫 which is a sleep-inducing insect and essentially said that he spoke in such a way that this bug was scared away. I instead just personified her tiredness to make it easier.
[2] This is the direct translation but it means that the doctor would only see people who had money and did not see people for the sake of seeing people and helping humanity.

TLN: So, uh…… this is kinda random but I’m going to be traveling around and working and well, trying to get into school. So…… updates shouldn’t change for a while, cuz I still have mys stockpile but yea, just a heads up.

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