Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: The Scarlet Shrine Sect Master’s Murder Case (7)

TL: Entropy
TLC: Kongulsamu
ED: Adversary

Xiao Yixuan held onto Situ Xin’s hand during their entire trip back to the Pin Zhu Pavilion. He was about to open the door when he saw Madam Luo walking out from the room. She was wearing alluring and suggestive clothes, and atop her head was a golden butterfly hairpin. The thick, nose assailing fragrance caused Situ Xin to take a second glance at her, raising her eyebrows.

“Wangye, you’ve returned.” Madam Luo warmly grabbed onto Xiao Yixuan’s shoulder, her eyes continuously blinking.

“Madam Luo, is there something you need?” Xiao Yixuan smoothly pulled out his hand as he spoke with a detached tone.

Madam Luo looked at Situ Xin, “For the last couple of days, this servant’s husband’s death has prevented this concubine from properly welcoming Wangye. So I’ve brought some pastries over for Wangye to taste.” Then she pointed at the table.

Situ Xin quietly walked over, putting down the small crumbs from the pastries she had in her hand. She took a new plate, and stuffed her mouth full with another of pastries. Mhm, it tastes like lotus seed paste.

Xiao Yixuan nodded his head slightly, “Benwang thanks Madam Luo for her great hospitality.”

“Wangye.” With a tender voice, Madam Luo climbed onto Xiao Yixuan’s shoulder, her eyes were passionately staring at him in silence. She had specially dressed up today, if she was able to attract Xiao Wangye, and become his wife, then glory and wealth were right around the corner.

“Is there something else Madam Luo?”

Madam Luo tugged on Xiao Yixuan’s shoulder, “Wangye, come try some of the pastries this concubine made.” She had previously spent a whole morning in the stuffy and hot kitchen preparing them.

When the two walked to the table, they were shocked by what they saw, the pastries were basically all gone! Xiao Yixuan had finally figured out why Yan’er loved sweets so much, it was entirely because Xin’er’s bad habits which had been inherited by him.

“You audacious maid, how could you be so uncouth? It seems like I will have to carefully teach you a lesson in place of the wangye!” Madam Luo angrily raised her palm.

Xiao Yixuan grabbed the hand that was about to hit Situ Xin, and spoke icily, “Madam Luo, I can discipline my maid myself, please recede.”

Seeing Xiao Yixuan’s command, she gave Situ Xin an angry stare then raised her charming butt and swung her hips on her way out.

“Why is it that all of the women who are into you want to slap me on the face? Even though there’s no way they could even hit me.” Situ Xin looked innocently at Xiao Yixuan, the pungent smell slowly dispersing.

“I don’t want them to hurt you.”

Situ Xin placed her chin on her arm and said thoughtfully, “I’ve heard that Luo Ji has gathered all of the prominent sects to convene at the Scarlet Shrine Sect tomorrow.” They still hadn’t figured out who was the person wearing black.

“Don’t worry, I will deal with it. I won’t let them hurt you or the Hundred Flower Sect.” Xiao Yixuan promised seriously.

“Ai, I’m more worried about Poppy.” After sighing loudly, she walked away, returning to her room.

Xiao Yixuan followed closely behind, “Xin’er, you should eat less sweets, it’s not good for the body.”

“I’m very healthy.” Not paying attention to the voice behind her, she opened her the door to her room.

“Xin’er, listen to me. It’s not good for the stomach.” Situ Xin entered her room, “peng” the door closed.

Xiao Yixuan stood outside the door, his hand frozen in midair. His hand remained frozen there for a long time before shaking his head. She really was a maid that caused people to worry about her.

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