Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: The Scarlet Shrine Sect Master’s Murder Case (6)

TL: Entropy
ED: yummypudding

Ever since she met Poppy, Situ Xin roughly came to understand what had happened. She thought of the former happy and cheerful days they once had, but different situations call for different actions. If those upright Sect members wanted to harm Poppy, then she certainly would not look on without lifting a finger.

This Scarlet Shrine Sect really isn’t small, ah! Coming out, holding some pastries, she turned in a circle. It felt like the more she walked the further she wandered from the Pin Zhu Pavilion that they were currently staying in. Suddenly, she heard the sounds of someone practicing their sword-play. Situ Xin walked towards the area where the man was right in the middle of practicing his sword-play, while meticulously taking in the details, and then leaned against the side of a pillar. “Ai!! It’s so mediocre!” Such a fine and delicate sword-play had been done into something that was unrecognizable. It truly was a cruel way to express discontentment against nature.

Luo Shan heard someone commenting his swordsmanship and right away stopped his movements and glanced in that direction. “Are you saying that my swordsmanship is only mediocre?” This servant girl truly is interesting. Her eyes were clear and clean, making people want to take a second glance at her. Furthermore, there was an enchanting fragrance being emitted from her body, but it was such a pity that her appearance was too ordinary.

“This Fallen Flying Sand Dance was originally supposed to be flexible and fickle, allowing for a smooth flowing sword-play. The martial art movements you did were too harsh, too sluggish, and full of mistakes. You are not suited to learn this type of martial arts.” Her assessment did not contain a bit of politeness at all. After she finished speaking, she stuffed her mouth with a pastry. Mhmm it’s pretty tasty.

Luo Shan had a depressed look on his face, as he resentfully said, “I know, but I want to avenge my father, so I have to learn martial arts to kill that Situ Xin with my own hands!”

“Cough, cough”

The pastry got caught in her throat, making her feel uncomfortable.

“Are you alright?” Luo Shan stepped forwards and gently patted Situ Xin’s back, but he still did not forget to tease her. “You truly are a gluttonous servant girl.”

“You are Luo Shan?” After the pastry had finally slide down into her stomach, she continuously kept softly patting her stomach. She was genuinely afraid that she would have unknowingly died by Luo Shan’s hands, falling dead because of this pastry.

The man nodded his head. “My dad died in too much of an injustice way.” He then firmly clenched his fist.

“It truly was unjust.” Considering that he was killed by his own son.

Luo Shan earnestly looked at Situ Xin. “Are you a servant girl of our residence?” How could he have never seen her before?

Ezoic“No. I came with Xiao Yixuan.” She said with a shrug.

Luo Shan opened his eyes wide in astonishment. “You are that servant girl that came with Xiao Wangye? You sure have a lot of courage to dare to call his majesty by his taboo name.” He had also heard that a few days ago, this servant girl had humiliated the Tang Sect Master, Tang Jin at the inner hall. He couldn’t help but take another look at the pair of eyes that this servant girl had. He suddenly felt his heart bubble up with a peculiar feeling.

“Oh.” The side of Situ Xin’s mouth started to twitch. If it was possible, she would never ever want to hear the three words, Xiao Yixuan, ever again.

Luo Shan reached his hand out to softly wipe the remaining crumbs of the pastry from Situ Xin’s mouth. “What is your name?” As he asked, his finger accidently brushed against Situ Xin’s lips, which unexpectedly gave him the urge to go up to her and kiss her lips.

Situ Xin awkwardly separated herself from him. “Call me Xin’er.” It appeared that she was still not accustomed to being touched by strangers.

“Xin’er. What a pleasant sounding name.” Regarding Situ Xin’s resistance, he could only helplessly spread out his hands.

Pleasant sounding? The corner of Situ Xin’s mouth twitched again. If he knew that this Xin’er was that Situ Xin, wouldn’t he set about to try and kill her? Yet, he still thought that her name was pleasant to hear. Just as she thought about opening her mouth to say something, she heard a voice come from behind her.

“Xin’er. How did you lose your way once again?” With large strides, Xiao Yixuan approached them and then flicked Situ Xin’s nose.

Situ Xin could only helplessly pout her mouth, unable to utter a word. There were outsiders here, so why was he still always doing these ambiguous actions?

“Xiao Wangye. How are you? My name is Luo Shan. So it was because Miss Xin’er had lost her way that she walked all the way here, ah!” Luo Shan introduced himself to Xiao Yixuan, but his gaze had never left Situ Xin from the beginning to the end of the conversation.

Xiao Yixuan stood in front of Situ Xin, blocking his view as he nodded. “Just now, Xin’er had disturbed Luo gongzi. I am truly sorry for inconveniencing you. I will bring Xin’er back now. Goodbye.” After he finished speaking, he grabbed Situ Xin’s hand and left, completely ignoring the sounds Luo Shan made behind them.

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