Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: The Scarlet Shrine Sect Master’s Murder Case (4)

TL: Entropy
TLC: Mteng
ED: Adversary & Kongolsamu

After staying in the room for so long, Situ Xin couldn’t help but ask Xiao Yixuan, “Do you know who concocted this evil scheme?” But who knew that he would say that he didn’t know with an expression like it was no concern of his. This provoked a bellyful of anger in Situ Xin, but thinking back to the fact that the wulin people would point their spears towards her Hundred Flower Sect, she thought it’d be more safe to rely on herself.

Situ Xin laid on the roof and tore off a shingle. She used the moonlight to look into the room. She could faintly make out two nude figures through the Luo canopy screen, and from time to time lewd moans could be heard. “I’m embarrassed to death, how could they be doing such a thing?” Quickly moving away before they could be spotted by her, her ears were red, and in her head appeared the joyous love-making event that happened six years ago with Xiao Yixuan.

“Xin’er, what are you looking at.” Xiao Yixuan silently moved behind Situ Xin. She had a strange expression on her face, which caused him to get curious. So he couldn’t help but move his line of sight past her into the room, only to see the radiance of spring.(A love affair)

Situ Xin covered her face, and shyly scolded, “They’re too shameless.” As soon as she said that a few faint moans transmitted out from the hole. Situ Xin hastily covered up her ears immediately after hearing the sound.


Xiao Yixuan looked at Situ Xin’s cute actions and with a laugh he pulled down her hands that covered her ears and blew onto it, “Xin’er, most married couples would do the same thing as well.”

“But they’re not a married couple. That lady is Madam Luo. Her husband had just died, shouldn’t she be sad now? Why is she lying in bed with another man?” However, it did make sense. Luo Feng was around fifty something years old, yet Madam Luo was barely even 30 years old. This is the age where a person would crave for these things. “I don’t know if you’ve been doing that sort of thing with Nalan Qing often or not.” Since he and Nalan Qing did count as husband and wife after all.

“Xin’er, are you jealous?” Xiao Yixuan raised his good looking eyebrow.

Situ Xin’s mouth twitched, “There’s no way that I could be jealous. Whoever you want to do that sort of thing with, is your business.” She had said so, despite feeling a sour sensation welling up within her heart.

Xiao Yixuan softly bit onto Situ Xin’s ear, teasing her, “I dislike kissing synthetic skin, but Xin’er’s ear is so red and cute. And also, I’ve never touched Nalan Qing.”

A numb feeling was slowly spreading throughout her body as she protested coquettishly, “You’re so annoying, always bullying me.” She forcefully pushed away a wall of flesh and took some deep breaths.

“It looks like there are a lot of issues concerning Madam Luo.” Xiao Yixuan muttered. For a long time, no sounds could be heard from within the Luo canopy screen, they must’ve finished their tryst.

“She really has a lot of issues. Thinking back to that day, I felt like her crying was just too fake.” Without any strange sounds interfering with her senses, she suddenly felt a lot better. But Xiao Yixuan was stuck to her back, making her feel awkward.

He embraced Situ Xin from behind, “Maybe it has something to do with the death of Sect Master Luo.” Xin’er was really slender.

Situ Xin didn’t want to make any loud sounds, due to them being on the roof. Anyways, it wasn’t like she could push him away so she might as well let him hug her, “Look, is that Sect Master Luo’s eldest son?” She was unable to believe her own eyes, as her eyes were currently telling her that the man that was walking out of the canopy screen was actually Luo Feng’s eldest son, Luo Qi.

“The sect master had initially intended on giving the position of sect master to his youngest son, Luo Shan; however, rumours say that Luo Qi’s martial arts was very strange. They depicted his personality to be cruel and merciless, and his temperament was eccentric and fiery, as opposed to Luo Shan, whose martial arts were mediocre. But he was refined in his social skills, which was the reason why Luo Feng had taken a liking to Luo Shan. Perhaps it was due to Luo Qi’s desire of the position of sect master, so he started having the desire to kill Luo Shan.” However, there was still something that left Xiao Yixuan stumped, “How did Luo Qi and Madam Luo manage to get their hands on the Hundred Flower Needles?” This Hundred Flower Needle was the reason why so many of the large sects in the Jiang Hu wouldn’t let go of the Hundred Flower Scroll.

Situ Xin lowered her eyes, “Apart from me and my father, there are the left and right upholders of the law who use the Hundred Flower Needle. However, it couldn’t be them.” Actually, she also wasn’t unclear on this matter, both Poppy and Hai Tang’s characters weren’t clear to her.

“Ok, there’s nothing else to see here, let’s go go back and sleep. We’ll talk about this tomorrow.” After speaking, Xiao Yixuan picked up Situ Xin, and they both, disappeared from the rooftop.

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