Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: The Scarlet Shrine Sect Master’s Murder Case (3)

TL: Entropy
TLC: Mteng
ED: Adversary & Kongolsamu

Xiao Yixuan and Situ Xin had both lived at the Scarlet Shrine for 2 days already, if they weren’t strolling in the garden, they’d be taking a leisure walk to town to drink tea. Even though Situ Xin was baffled by Xiao Yixuan’s inactivity, she held in her curiosity. After all, it was him who promised to give someone an explanation.

Laying on the couch, Xiao Yixuan placed the book on his knee and ordered Situ Xin. “Xin’er pour me a cup of tea.” Raising his beautiful pair of eyes, looking at Situ Xin who lazily laid on the bed, her hands persistently pulling the rose petals off.

“Oh.” Situ Xin slowly got up and walked to the table to pick up the teapot.

Xiao Yixuan received the cup of tea from Situ Xin. He, took a sip, and pursed his brows, “Xin’er, this is cold.” He had also discovered something else about Xin’er, the fact that she was extremely lazy.

“The weather is so hot, why would we drink hot tea?” Snatching the teacup from Xiao Yixuan’s hand, she opened her mouth and with a “Gulu” the bottom of the cup quickly became visible. She was also thirsty, if he wasn’t going to drink the tea then she wouldn’t waste it.

Xiao Yixuan lightly patted Situ Xin’s back, “Slow down a bit, there’s no need for you to always be so rude and impetuous.” Why was it that the Situ Xin he knows and the Situ Xin depicted from the rumours in jianghu are so different? In jianghu, she wore a mediocre appearance and every time she appeared she would be wearing a mask, extremely unwilling to show her face. Her methods were depicted as cruel and malicious.

“That’s right, how long are we going to stay here? Is Yan’er going to be fine living by himself in the wangfu?” She was a little worried that Yan’er would create chaos, not even leaving the chickens and dogs undisturbed. And there was also Princess Han Yu’s fight with Nalan Qing, that must be extremely intense.

“Don’t worry, Ye Ying is there to watch over him.” Just now Xin’er said ‘we’, it seems like she’s already gotten used to his existence. Xiao Yixuan’s face revealed a knowing expression, “That’s right, so was Yan’er the sole reason why you didn’t marry Huo Yan?” He suddenly remembered the question that she had left unanswered yesterday.

Why is it Huo Yan again, her small face suddenly twisted, “That’s right, if it wasn’t for you, I would be Madam Huo right now.” Regardless of which, she had no regrets over giving birth to Yan’er at all.

“Yes, it’s a pity.” He spoke without any meaning, so it seems like Xin’er quite fancied Huo Yan. He could feel his heart tearing apart, one could hear the pieces of his heart breaking in his voice.

Situ Xin nodded, “Yes, that bastard Huo Yan spent the day telling everyone about how I had betrayed him, throwing my face, as the Hundred Flower Sect’s Leader away entirely. Really, what a dislikeable man.” Her old man also threw a fit from time to time, “I, Situ Zhentian’s world shaking reputation has been destroyed at the hands of a young gal.”

Dislikeable? “Xin’er, don’t you like Huo Yan?” The coldness he was portraying seemed to have warmed up a bit.

“Who would like him? He even threw me on top of a roof and made me sleep there for a night. Up till now my back is still sore.” Pouting her bottom lip, she laid onto the bed.

Xiao Yixuan softly massaged Situ Xin, rubbing and kneading her back with his hand, “Xin’er, this time the issue with the leader of the Luo Sect, do you think it was caused by the Hundred Flower Sect?” She was in bliss and thus didn’t resist his touch.

“I feel like it probably isn’t, this whole affair is a bit strange. Look at that…………..” A silhouette outside the window move, and Situ Xin instantly stopped talking, “Who’s outside?” She suddenly jumped up from the bed, and ran to the window.

“They’ve already left.” Xiao Yixuan looked at the emptiness outside the window, only a light breeze remained.

“This Scarlet Shrine Sect is a little weird. That shadow just now, the one outside of their window must’ve been someone extremely familiar with this residence.” How else could they have managed to run away without so much as a trace? Situ Xin’s face sunk, trying to analyze the situation.

Xiao Yixuan also agreed to Situ Xin’s thought, “I never thought that my Xin’er could be smart at times.”

“Who said that I’m not smart? Also when did I become yours!?” Fiercely staring at Xiao Yixuan, she discovered that this man really enjoyed wearing white clothes, looking like he was very clean and relaxed.

Subsequently, the room was filled with the sound of Situ Xin’s coquettish voice and Xiao Yixuan’s laugh.

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