Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Lost

TL: Entropy
ED: Yummypudding

Situ Xin came out of the rear courtyard and headed towards the front courtyard. After walking for quite a while, she sat down at one of the benches by the path next to the manmade lake. Continuously taking in deep breaths of air , “This Wangfu is just way too big, right? I’ve already walked in so many circles, yet I’ve ended up here again.” Angrily, she picked up a rock and threw it into the lake, alarming the calm, leisure small fish to scatter in all direction.

“Miss, don’t worry about tonight, I’ve already prepared everything.” A girl in purple clothing quietly whispered.

Situ Xin, who had sensitive hearing, raised her eyes when she had only heard half the words spoken. The people who were coming over was a master and servant, and the person who had just spoken was the servant. Situ Xin’s line of sight fell onto the girl next to the servant. A pair of large and coquettish eyes was placed on a delicate, exquisite face. Although she was very beautiful, it was a pity that the excessive makeup on her face covered up her natural beauty.

As the girl took out a handkerchief from her sleeve to wipe the tiny drops of sweat on her forehead, her eyes fell upon Situ Xin’s body. Her dark black eyes flashed in surprise before quickly returning to normal. “Which courtyard’s maidservant are you from? Why are you here?” she asked coldly.

Situ Xin’s kept her head down, making sure her head did not raise up high. She also used her bangs to mask her face, so others could not see her expression. She stiffly got up in a speed that was neither too fast nor too slow and replied, “I’m a new maid that just entered the fu. I just wanted to use the bathroom but got lost instead.”

However, Situ Xin’s hand was unconsciously pulling at the hem of her robe, afraid that she would give herself away. After all, this was her first time being a maid.

“What an audacious servant, not knowing that this is our Wangfu’s young miss and you still dare to use I[1]. Do you want to die!?!?” The girl in purple clothing acted arrogantly towards Situ Xin, as a commoner who enjoyed her success.

Situ Xin lowered her head even further, which couldn’t help but make people think that she was a maid that had been so well trained by her master that she dared not raise her head.

Damn it, are you not just a mere servant girl? She actually dared to lecture me? Looks like I have to find an opportunity to teach her a lesson.

“The words we just said, how much did you understand?” Slightly wrinkling her eyebrows, Nalan Qing did not intervene with her servant’s actions.

Situ Xin lifted her easily forgotten face and revealed a harmless smile saying, “I did not hear anything.” She really did not hear anything, but did overhear that one line that said that they had arranged something for tonight.

The girl in purple clothing saw that Situ Xin kept the same disrespectful attitude towards those of higher ranking, so she raised her hand in anger.

“Cui Hong, forget about it, don’t argue with this small servant with lower standing, you are more dignified.” Nalan Qing stopped the girl in purple’s movement, and arrogantly turned around and walked away.

Situ Xin rolled her eyes, as it goes, the type of servant you have is exactly like the master. The good impression Situ Xin just had of the young lady had completely vanished. Nevertheless, it’d be best if she could quickly find the Zhanlu Sword, and leave this loathsome Wangfu.

According to the rumors in Jianghu, Xiao Yixuan, who is the current Emperor’s blood-related younger brother, is the only man who can draw the Zhanlu Sword. Not only did he have a high status, but also held great influence in Jianghu. As she walked unsteadily, Situ Xin held her dizzy head, and stealthily stumbled into various rooms, wondering which room belonged to Xiao Yixuan. She couldn’t randomly grab a person and ask which room, or else she would probably be treated as a thief and kick her out the door.

Suddenly, an imposing and majestic courtyard appeared before her eyes. Situ Xin couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise, “What an unusual courtyard!” There were mountains on one side and water on the other and the faint smell of bamboo fragrance permeated into the air. With the soft rustling sounds of bamboo leaves being frequent heard, Situ Xin was certain that there was a bamboo forest ahead.

Situ Xin curiously pushed open the door of the room. The inside of the room was spacious and wide, but the decoration was arranged awkwardly. Situ Xin couldn’t help but momentarily disagree in her heart. “As expected, it is a well arranged prim and proper room, lacking liveliness. What a waste of these fine pieces of furniture.”

Soon after, Situ Xin raised her elegant eyebrow and her eyes flashed in pleasant surprise.

“This bed is so comfortable!” Her round butt ceaselessly rubbed against the mattress on the bed. She couldn’t help but lay down on the bed to get a good feeling of it. It had been an exhausting day, and a strong feeling of exhaustion overwhelmed her mind. She felt as if she saw the God of Dreams incessantly calling her over, and very slowly, her phoenix like eyes began to close, muttering, “I’ll just look for the sword when I wake up… Zzzzzzzz”

[1] The only people who could reference themselves with “I” are those of upper status. Low servants, like what Situ Xin is acting as, has to use nubi or this servant.

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