Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 19

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Chapter 19:
The Scarlet Shrine Sect Master’s Murder Case (Part 2)

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The sound of wailing could be heard from the inside of the Scarlet Shrine Sect, which was decorated with strips of hanging white cloth. In the mourning hall, Luo Feng’s corpse was covered with a white cloth and placed at the center. From time to time, the body would produced a distinctly unpleasant smell, which diffused into the air.

Situ Xin kept her head lowered as she stood behind Xiao Yixuan. From the corner of her eyes, she swept over the people who were coming to offer condolences. In Jianghu, the Scarlet Shrine Sect gained some fame from developing the Scarlet Sand Palm technique. Then, a few years ago, the Scarlet Shrine’s sect master, Luo Feng’s, wife passed away due to an illness and in just the last year, he took in another wife to fill in that position. This new wife was currently the married woman wearing white, who was grievously wiping away the tears on her face. Situ Xin creased her eyebrow. Isn’t the sound of her weeping a bit too frightful?

Xiao Yixuan approached the altar and lit an incense. He then nodded his head to each and every sect member as he walked towards Luo furen, and said, “Furen, please restrain your grief [1].” Even though his voice was cold and clear, it was still pleasing to hear.

“Wangye, please help this woman find justice! My late husband died unjustly!” As soon as Luo furen finished speaking, she kneeled before Xiao Yixuan with a ‘boom’ and continuously covered her face and wept.

Ah, hearing this will truly make you feel heart-broken and start to weep tears!

Xiao Yixuan supported Madam Luo up from the ground. Just as he was about to say something, he heard someone from the crowd shout, “Let’s all kill everyone in the Hundred Flower Sect to avenge Master Lu!” This subsequently gave rise to an uproar.

Situ Xin’s heart ‘thumped’ for a second. She wanted to rush out and argue, but Xiao Yixuan tightly held onto her small hand. He meaningfully looked at her with an expression saying, “Don’t act blindly without thinking.”

Angrily stamping her feet, she returned the wretched man’s look with a glare. They want to kill their way into her home. It wasn’t like they were going to go and encircle and annihilate his wangfu. You definitely do not have to worry, but the flowers in the Hundred Flower Forest were only just planted.

Xiao Yixuan released Situ Xin’s hand, and walked forward to lift up the white cloth that was covering Luo Feng’s body. He could only see that the skin on Luo Feng’s body had already turned black and that his eyes were still open in terror, as if the last thing he saw was something to be alarmed about. He then moved his gaze to the few needles that were still placed by the corpse’s side, which were originally taken from the body. These must have been the rumored Hundred Flower Needles, whose needles were as thin as silk, and tips that were dipped in a Fire Salamander’s bodily fluid, which was considered incomparably toxic.

Taking a glimpse at Situ Xin, who was standing to the side, he wondered how it was possible that she was able to manufacture these vicious concealed weapons.

Meeting Xiao Yixuan’s doubtful glance, Situ Xin haughtily raised her chin up.

Couldn’t she develop a few devices for self-protection? [2]

“It certainly has to be that demoness, Situ Xin, who killed Sect Master Luo. To be able to manufacture such vicious concealed weapons, her heart must definitely be black.” The person who just spoke was the Tang Sect Master, Tang Jin.

“According to the rumors, Tang Sect’s concealed weapon are also very famous. There has also been an innumerable amount of people who have died under the Tang Sect’s concealed weapons. Don’t tell me that the Tang Sect Master is also a vicious person with a black heart?” As she spoke, Situ Xin firmly clenched her fist, and could sense her face under the fake skin due to her anger.

They dared to say that she had a black heart. They must be tired of living.

Tang Jin was dumbstruck after being questioned by a small servant girl. His face turned red as he flushed with embarrassment. Angrily, he scolded, “Where did this servant girl come from?!?! She has absolutely no manners at all!”

“Tang Sect Master, benwang’s servant girl has a temperament. Her words may have offended Sect Master, but please don’t take any offense. However, the word’s benwang’s servant girl just said also has some reasoning to it.” The tone in his voice did not contain a trace of blame towards Situ Xin’s opinion. He then saw Situ Xin lightly scatter some transparently fine powder on top of Tang Jin’s clothing and watched as the corner of her savory lips lifted up, exposing a victory smile.

At that moment, a Buddhist monk emerged from the middle of the crowd. This monk was known as the Grandmaster Nian Ci from Fang Zhang Island’s Shaolin monastery. “Xiao Wangye’s status and prestige both play a critical role in the imperial courts and in Jianghu. We must trust that Xiao Wangye’s verdict will hold the opinion of the public.” As expected of a grandmaster, the moment he appeared, he held an out of the ordinary imposing manner, causing many people in the crowd to nod their heads in agreement.

With a stern appearance, Xiao Yixuan walked in-between the crowds, and in a cold, but distinct tone, he said, “Everyone, please rest assured. Just give benwang a few days, and benwang will surely give Luo furen and all the other Sects here, a satisfying report.” As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and said to Luo furen, “For the next few days, benwang will have to trouble you.”

With a grievous appearance, Luo furen nodded her head and said, “Qie, will immediately arrange for a guest room.” She then walked towards the rear courtyard.

“Everyone should return home and wait for the news.” After Grandmaster Nian Ci spoke, he faced Xiao Yixuan and nodded, and then left.

Inside the main hall, all of the figures of the martial arts circle gradually dispersed. Xiao Yixuan then went towards Situ Xin, who was scowling behind Tan Jin’s back. “What did you do to the Tang Sect Master?” He then softly knocked against Situ Xin’s forehead.

“I only scattered some colorless and odorless itching poison that will make you itch for three days and nights. Don’t stare at me! There is no antidote for it.” Helplessly she shrugged her shoulders. Who told him to say that she was a black hearted woman?

“Let’s go.”

Pulling Situ Xin’s hand, he walked towards the rear courtyard. He now understood that Xin’er likes to hold grudges. Seamlessly, the corner of his mouth faintly pulled up.

Foot Notes:
[1] The polite way of offering condolences.
[2] LOL self-protection reminded me of this BUT rated M due to course language (It’s comedy btw.) :

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