Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: The Scarlet Shrine Sect Master’s Murder Case (Part 1)

TL: Entropy, Rabbit
ED: Adversary

Situ Xin, who spent her the night on the roof, could feel the early threads of sunlight hit her body, causing her to open her eyes uncomfortably. She felt a sudden chill behind her back couldn’t help but pull her clothes closer together as she cursed, “Damn it!”

Rubbing her drowsy eyes, she walked into the wangfu. That cursed Huo Yan actually threw her onto the roof and let her drunken self sleep there for the night. She recalled that they had been drinking wine in the restaurant. She got up and ran up to the roof. By the time she woke up Huo Yan was already nowhere in sight.

“Where did you go last night?” A cold voice suddenly broke the silence. Xiao Yixuan stood stoically by the entrance, wearing an ice cold expression on his face. Beside him, Xiao Yan looked like he was taking joy in the misfortunes of others.

She could see faint black lines beneath Xiao Yixuan’s eyes. It couldn’t be that he stayed up all night waiting for her, that couldn’t possibly be so, right?

Situ Xin was openly avoiding the two, she wanted to return to her room and get a good sleep. But all of a sudden, she was grabbed by a hand, followed by a cold voice in her ear, “I am asking you where you went last night.”

“Why are you bothering with me? We’re not close, you aren’t anyone to me.”

What a strange person, was it any of his business on where she goes?

He really liked meddling in affairs that had no need for his meddling.

Xiao Yan raised his head and leaned closer to Situ Xin’s face, “Xin’er, he’s my dad.” He tried to remind her with good intentions, and immediately afterwards he took to his heels. Afraid that Situ Xin would be furious with him.

Xiao Yixuan’s face got more hazy, this nitwit of a girl…… didn’t she know that he had been looking for her the entire night? And then she actually went up and said that he was a nobody to her.

Faced with Xiao Yixuan’s question, had caused a black line to appear on her face, “I went out to drink wine, and then slept on the roof.” To be honest, after spending a night on the roof has made her waist feel like it was about to break apart.

“With who?” She had actually spent her whole night getting drunk and didn’t return. What if something had happened to her?

Situ Xin helplessly spoke in a mild tone, “Huo Yan.” Speaking of Huo Yan, a bunch of nameless fires instantly lit up, she was actually cast away, abandoned, just like that. Was that supposed to be revenge for that time she tuihun’ed him?

“The seclusion room Huo Yan? What is he to you?” Xiao Yixuan’s face remained stiff as he continued his interrogation. She actually drank with a man, even sleeping together with him on a roof, does she even have any brains?

Situ Xin pursed her lips and then spoke honestly, “He used to be my fiancee, but when I found out I had Yan’er, I broke off our engagement.” That didn’t even seem to be a question, so why is his face so dark?”

It was like she had spilled a bucket of millennium old vinegar(jealousy), a sour smell had suddenly was filtering the atmosphere. Xiao Yixuan’s face was dark and he didn’t speak for a long time, and this caused Situ Xin endless embarrassment.

And then she saw Ye Ying walk in with a dignified expression, sweeping his eyes over the exhausted Situ Xin.

“Wangye, the Scarlet Shrine Sect Master has died under the Hundred Flower Needle last night. Rumors say that it has something to do with the Hundred Flower Sect. reportedly, a masked woman had entered the Scarlet Shrine Sect and killed the sleeping Sect Master.” Ye Ying spoke frankly as he reported last night’s occurrences.

Hundred Flower Needles? Wasn’t that the sole secret weapon of the Hundred Flower Sect? At that moment Situ Xin’s drowsiness instantly disappeared. Seeing that, Xiao Yixuan had a doubtful expression, “You’re not suspecting me, right? I didn’t kill anyone.” Hurriedly shaking her head, she tried to clarify. Huo Yan must’ve also gotten the information, which must be why he was in such a hurry to leave. Who was the one that used the Hundred Flower Sect as a cover to kill people?

“I’m not suspecting you, I will go to the Scarlet Shrine Sect.” Xiao Yixuan maintained a dignified face as he pondered, Xin’er probably wasn’t lying. She really had a thick smell of liquor on her. And from these past couple of days of getting to know each other, he knew that Xin’er wasn’t one of those vicious and heartless people.”

“I’ll go with you.” Situ Xin ran to catch up with Xiao Yixuan. She wanted to see the identity of this person who had the guts to push the blame on the Hundred FLower Sect.

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