Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Coincidentally encountering Huo Yan

TL: Entropy
TLC: Mteng
ED: Yummypudding

During these past couple of days, who knew what got into Princess Han Yu to incite her into buying this item and that item all day long. On the other hand, Situ Xin, who was currently only a servant girl, could only helplessly run the errands that were forcefully instructed upon her.

On the street, Situ Xin used her sleeve to cover her face to try to block some of the rays of sunshine that were shinning upon her, as she muddleheadedly walked upon the main street. “That wretched Princess! Eat what Jellied Tofu?!?! Just one look and you can tell she has no brain.” In comparison, Yan’er, who has never eaten any of those brain products in his entire life, is even more clever and craftier than demons [1].

Holding the nice and warm Jellied Tofu, Situ Xin entered a restaurant. “I guess, it’d be better if I rest for a moment.” Since she was already late to return and could not change Princess Han Yu’s glares and rain of curses that she would get upon arrival, taking a break would make no difference.

“Waiter, bring me a pot of your best Nuer Wine and also some of the restaurant’s signature dishes.” Situ Xin said lavishly as she waved her small hand.

The restaurant’s waiter narrowed his eyes as he sized up this ordinary looking woman, who was wearing silk clothing. “Young Miss, this store’s food and drinks are the most expensive in this entire capital. It’d be better if you ordered a bowl of noodles to fill your belly instead.” The waiter kindly tried to remind Situ Xin.

Situ Xin unhappily pursed her lips as she took out a white jade hairpin from her bosom and placed it on the table. “This should be more than enough to pay for the meal, right?” Humph, you lowly dog eyed man.

“It’s enough, it’s enough. Young Miss, please wait a moment. The wine will immediately be served.” The store’s waiter flatteringly complimented her, and then, like a wisp of smoke, ran away quickly.

“Oh! Xin’er, you have such a refined and elegant state of mind!” Huo Yan suddenly appeared with a smile and then sat down, across from Situ Xin.

Situ Xin lazily raised the corner of her eyes as she asked, “How’d you know it was me?” She was sure that her disguising technique had no issues, so there should have been no flaws anywhere.

Huo Yan rolled his eyes as he responded, “The Hundred Flower fragrance on you will not deceive anyone.”

“Dog nose.” So it turned out to be like this, but there was no possible way for her to always be stinky all the time, right?

“Why did you appear here? Aren’t you supposed to be in closed-door seclusion?”

Huo Yan’s handsome face instantly fell when he heard Situ Xin. He could only helplessly say, “The whole day, my mother would bring young ladies into the seclusion room. How could I possibly be in the right state of mind to cultivate?”

“Hahahaha…” As soon as Situ Xin imagined the scene of Huo Yan’s shriveled appearance being surrounded by numerous woman, she couldn’t help, but laugh out loud.

“You dare to laugh? During that year, when you were arranged to marry me, you said that you would rather die than agree. Now, you actually mock me.” Appearing to seethe with anger, Huo Yan crossed his hands in front of chest.

Situ Xin hastily tried to calm down the fretful Huo Yan. “Come on, don’t be so angry. I will treat you to some wine.” At that time, before she had even given birth to Yan’er, she was Huo Yan’s fiancée. After she discovered that she was pregnant, Situ Zhentian canceled the marriage, causing him to get an earful of Huo furen’s tongue-lashing before he was driven out. Even now, Huo furen’s 18 way martial arts lead her to be so fearful that she dared not to take even half a step into the seclusion room.

“*Groan.*” With both hands, the big bowls of wine were raised, pouring it straight into their stomachs. “That’s right! Why are you dressed like this? It’s really ugly.” Huo Yan’s mouth curled in dislike as he spoke.

“I’m treating you to wine and yet you still have so much nonsense to say?” Situ Xin stretched out her foot and heavily kicked Huo Yan’s lower leg as her eyebrows straighten up.

“Is this Jellied Tofu?!?! It’s been quite a while since I last eaten it.” As he spoke, he scooped a spoon full into his mouth.

“Don’t eat it!” However, by the time Situ Xin tried to stop him, it was already too late. He had already eaten half of it.

This? How can she go back to face that Turkic Princess and report what happened?

“You really aren’t scared of being poisoned to death, aren’t you?”

Seeing Huo Yan’s indifferent and small shrug, she heard him say, “There is nothing you cannot do about it. No matter what you say, I was once your fiancée. That’s right! Isn’t the reason why you came out because Yan’er tore apart your Hundred Flower Sect?” Last year, Yan’er had also ran into his seclusion room to take refuge, but he had caused so much destruction inside that the sky and the earth was turned upside down, which greatly angered Huo furen into immediately sweeping him out the door.

“He’s currently with his dad. With him, there is no way he can raise any wind and waves.” Propping her chin up, she began to ponder. She realized that she had no other choice but to admit that Xiao Yixuan truly had quite a few tricks. As soon as Yan’er was with him, he would immediately become a meek and docile lamb. It truly was as they said, the devil is ten foot tall, and virtue is one foot [2].

His dad? Huo Yan nearly fell off of his chair when he heard that. “Are you and your son currently living at Xiao wangfu?”

When she heard this, Situ Xin angrily held the wine with both of her hands. With a single gulp, the wine directly entered her throat. “Don’t remind me of the surname Xiao. Come, drink some more wine.” Grabbing the earthen jar full of wine, she once again poured another bowl of wine.

Foot Notes:
[1] There is a word play going on that cannot be directly translated so I shall explain it here. The whole sentence in Chinese is “該死的公主,吃什麼豆腐腦,一看就知道是個沒腦子的.” 晏兒從小到大就沒吃過那些什麼腦,腦袋比鬼都精。The Chinese for Jellied Tofu is 豆腐腦, and the Chinese for brain is 腦子. Notice how both words have the word 腦 in there. That word 腦 can also mean brain, it’s just shorter. Situ Xin is using a play on words on the Jellied Tofu that the Princess asked her to get, to the Princess’s brain. She is saying that why would she eat the Jellied Tofu that has a “brain” when she herself has no brain. Then in the next sentence, she is saying how Yan’er has never eaten anything that had the word 腦 in the name, like the Jellied Tofu(豆腐腦). Therefore, she is trying to say what is the point of eating anything with a 腦 in the name, when those who do have a brain (腦子) don’t need to, and is then essentially saying that the Princess is just naturally stupid and there is nothing that can help her. There’s my explanation on the word play going on. Hopefully you understand it. If not just message me on discord. By the way, the photo below is a photo of the Jellied Tofu (豆腐腦).
[2] Idiom that means that it takes constant vigilance to stave off evil.

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