Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Stealing the Sword

TL: Entropy
TLC: nobody ;c

The midday bell rang, and Princess Han Yu began her lunch as per usual. She’s been affected by the sleepless disease as of lately. Sometimes, on moonless nights and windy days, she wouldn’t even get up.

Situ Xin who was lain on the bed gave a off a weak shout. It was like she had returned to her Hundred Flower Sect to accompany her flowers, leaving her without a care in the world. And because her peasant bed was really uncomfortable, she would wake up around the midnight of every night, her back sore and hurting.

So, for the past few days she had been stealthily sneaking in and out of her son’s room. She completely ignored his resistance, pushing him off to the side and she would fall asleep in loud snores.

Suddenly, she remembered something, she then fished out the map that she had taken from Yan’er a few days prior. “I finally have something to do.” Happily jumping up, she rushed outside.

While holding onto the map that Yan’er had drawn for her, Situ Xin was continuously gesticulating, “It seems like it’s this way.”

In truth, being the sect leader of Hundred Flower Sect she was, her wugong, poison and medical skills were all extraordinary; however, she could not said to be perfect as she had no sense of direction at all.

Remembering the last time that Yan’er had run into the room with the Zhan Lu sword, she could only shamelessly ask her son for the place the sword was hidden. Xiao Yan simply rolled his eyes, shook his head and was even muttering, “One cannot carve rotten wood.” The idiom that Xiao Yan had just learned was now being used on Situ Xin, enraging her so much so that she was almost coughing out blood.

After finally passing through all of the obstacles, she found a stone room that looked ordinary yet mysterious. As if she had completed an amazing accomplishment, she couldn’t help but cry out in happiness, “I’m so smart!” (TL: …… LOL)

She twisted open the door of the stone room that was hiding the sword, which caused the rock wall to immediately open, exposing a wooden door. She cheerfully took out the key in her bosom and with a, “Kacha” The lock had opened.

When she opened the door, her vision of the room was filled to the brim with swords of all kinds; however, the Zhan Yu sword remained to be an exception, being placed in the middle of the room. It appeared as if the Zhan Yu sword had felt the Lingshe Sword on Situ Xin’s waist as it started to tremble, letting out “ding dong” sounds. Situ Xin blissfully grabbed the Zhan Lu Sword, “As expected, it’s truly a good sword.” If the old man were to know that I was the one who had stolen the sword, I don’t even know what kind of expression he’d make. She could just imagine her old man kowtowing to her.

“Yi? How come I can’t pull it out?”

“Xin’er, don’t you know that Zhan Lu can only be pulled out by its owner? Same as your Lingshe Sword.” Who knows when Xiao Yixuan had appeared behind Situ Xin, his face was full of kind intentions when he was reminding her.

After getting jump-scared, Situ Xin guiltily released her hold on the sword, letting it back on the ground, dripping out some words as she did so, “Broken sword….”

She was about to die from shame, what kind of thief gets caught red-handed?

Xiao Yixuan wasn’t angry, but contrary to her expectations, he had smiled instead, “Xin’er, why is your face red?” He inquired as he lowered his head.

Situ Xin unintentionally touched her face, she was wearing the fake skin, so how would he know that her face was red, “I am not!” (TL: It sounds so much cuter in chinese lol)

“Look, you’re red all the way up to your ears.” Xiao Yixuan lightly blew onto Situ Xin’s ear.

Situ Xin started trembling and covered her ears with both of her hands, her ears were boiling red-hot, “You really are annoying.”

Is he the evildoer? If not, then why is it that everytime he catches onto her weaknesses or mess ups, she’s compelled to call him annoying or detestable.

“Xin’er, why are you so interested in the Zhan Lu sword?”
The number of people within the jianghu with hopes of obtaining the Zhan Lu Sword were far too numerous. Over the years, countless people had flocked to the Xiao Wangfu in hopes of stealing the Zhan Lu Sword. Last time he asked Yan’er how he knew where the Zhan Lu Sword was and his son actually said that he was only strolling about when it saw it and picked it up and started to play with it.

Situ Xin frowned, and spoke in a listless manner, “It’s still all the old man’s fault for saying that the Zhan Lu Sword was the nemesis.” It’s only natural that she would want to steal it and destroy it. But who knew that she wasn’t even able to pull it out.

“Oh? So it was like that huh?” Xiao Yixuan had a look of realization, giving Situ Xin a bad feeling.

“Can you not have such a evil grin.” The more she looked at him, the wider his smile got, giving her the urge to rip apart his face.

Xiao Yixuan instantly grabbed onto Situ Xin’s waist, “Xin’er, wanna try loving me?” (TL note: que -_-)

Love him? “You should first resolve your issue with the Princess and your concubine.” Quickly, she escaped from his embrace appearing as if she had been infected with some weird disease.

“Xin’er, are you jealous?” Traces of joy could be seen in corner of Xiao Yixuan’s eye.

“There’s no way, I don’t feel like talking to you, I’ll go play with Yan’er.” She had sprinted away the moment she was done talking, completely disregarding Xiao Yixuan’s expression whom she had just left behind.

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