Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Attending the Banquet Part 1

TL: Entropy
TLC: (Probably) Rabbit
ED: YummyPudding

During these past few days, Situ Xin did not talk to Xiao Yixuan and Situ Yan because she was so angry at Xiao Yixuan for changing Yan’er’s name to Xiao Yan without her knowledge and at her son for his indifferent attitude about it, saying that Xiao Yan sounded better than Situ Yan. Then, last night, that man informed them that he wanted to bring both mother and child into the palace. However, Situ Xin directly refused without even stopping to think about it.

Who knew if it was on purpose or by accident, but Xiao Yan quietly said, “But, I heard that the inside of the palace has lots of tasty foods.” Immediately after hearing that, Situ Xin’s eyes instantly lite up.

To welcome the Turkish Envoys, the Emperor had especially set up a banquet in the Imperial Gardens. Leading his concubine and Situ Yan, Xiao Yixuan headed towards the banquet with Situ Xin naturally following them closely behind.

Situ Xin pouted her lips as she hung her head, continuously scolding and cursing to herself in a voice only she could hear. “Stinking brat, I already said I did not want to come, but you insisted on forcing me to come.” Every time she recalled Xiao Yixuan’s sinister smile, she wanted to tear up his face. Even though she said all that, she actually really wanted to come. After all, the allure of these culinary delicacy was nevertheless too enticing. Lowering her head, she looked at her own shoes. “Aiyo! [1]” She had ran into a wall of flesh.

“Xin’er, be more careful when you walk.” Reaching out his hand, Xiao Yixuan massaged Situ Xin’s forehead. At this moment, Nalan Qing and Situ Yan had already walked far away.

Situ Xin gritted her teeth, as she fumed with anger, before she replied back, “Why’d you stop?”

How hateful! It’s so painful!

Xiao Yixuan continued to hang that previously seen sinister smile on his face as he replied, “I heard someone cursing me, so I stopped to take a look.” The meaning of his words was very clear, indicating that he had heard everything Situ Xin had said earlier.

Did this man grow jug ears[2]?

Looking guilty, Situ Xin once again moved her gaze back to her feet, muttering, “I wasn’t even talking about you.”

“Let’s go! The banquet is about to start.” After he finished speaking, he pulled Situ Xin’s small hand.

Situ Xin forcefully struggled free from Xiao Yixuan and said, “Why are you pulling my hand?!?! I am currently a servant girl. You should pay more attention to our statuses!”

Xiao Yixuan brought his face closer to Situ Xin, but in response, Situ Xin hastily cover her mouth with her hands, and in a loud voice, she declared, “You are not allowed to kiss me.”

“I only wanted to tell you that the fake skin disguise on your face is really unsightly. But I still don’t really understand why Xin’er was thinking about that.” Xiao Yixuan watched Situ Xin’s reaction, which clearly displayed her hearts feelings.

“Ah!” So it turned out that he wasn’t going to kiss her. It was truly humiliating. Embarrassed and at a complete loss, Situ Xin covered her face as she quickly caught up and overtook Situ Yan, leaving behind Xiao Yixuan, who was still standing in the same place with a huge smile across his face.

As she entered, Situ Xin slightly raised her eyes, only to see a man that was not only the same age as Xiao Yixuan but also resembled him. The man wore a dragon’s robe[3] and had a solemn look on his face as he sat on top of the imperial throne. The person that sat besides him must have been the Empress, for she wore a phoenix crown and looked lavish yet graceful and poised, and below her must have sat all those imperial concubines. Xiao Yixuan sat in the position of guest of honor, and besides him sat Nalan Qing and Yan’er. There were also countless relatives of the Emperor and ministers of the court attending with their wives and children.

“Emperor, this small official has come before you at this time for the purpose of discussing Princess Han Yu’s marriage proposal.” The Turkish envoy left his seat as he spoke neither obsequiously nor superciliously.

“Don’t know which prince or minister’s son Princess Han Yu has taken a fancy to in my imperial court?” Xiao Han’s eye’s lifted up into a smile as he asked his question.

The Turkish envoy turned towards Xiao Yixuan’s direction and swept a quick glimpse before respectfully cupping both of his hands. With a stern face, he replied, “Princess Han Yu has heard that Xiao Wangye has yet to choose a main wife.”

Xiao Yixuan’s complexion did not look good as he got up from his seat and replied, “I do not know if Princess Han Yu has ever met benwang before?” As he spoke, Xiao Yixuan searched for Situ Xin from the corner of his eyes, but only got to see Situ Yan secretly take a piece of Osmanthus cake from the table and shove it into Situ Xin’s hands.

How’s the taste?

En en, the flavor really isn’t that bad.

Naturally, that is to be expected.

Get me another piece.

The mother and son continuously communicated with their eyes, completely ignoring the awkward atmosphere at the banquet.

“She has met you so many times that it must be fate,” replied the Turkish envoy.

“But benwang already has a lover,” responded Xiao Yixuan, as the corner of his mouth slightly raised.

This servant girl’s courage sure is large enough.

“Imperial Brother, you already have a lover? For a period of time Zhen heard that you had a six year-old son.” It seemed as if Xiao Han was truly interested in this topic, pursing it relentlessly, unwilling to let it go.

“Yan’er, come here.” Xiao Yixuan called his son over, introducing him by saying, “This is my son, Xiao Yan.”

Facing Xiao Han, Situ Yan’s mouth drew back to expose an innocent, without guilt looking smile. Just like a cute, loveable child he obediently called out, “Uncle Emperor, how are you?”

“Yan’er, you’re so cute, come to Zhen’s side,” responded Xiao Han as he patted the seat next to him, appearing to be awfully fond of Situ Yan.

Situ Yan let go of Xiao Yixuan’s big hand, and ran towards Xiao Han. The pastries on his side appeared more delicate and refined, so he thought they would be more delicious.

“I haven’t ever heard that Xiao Wangye already has such a big young wangye.” The envoy’s face was filled with doubt, but then a small imperial bodyguard, who was standing at his side, muttered a few sentences into the his ear. He thenresponded, “Our Turkish Princess Han Yu has already spoken. She does not care if wangye already has a son. She still wishes to be wangye’s main wife.”

The muscles on Xiao Yixuan’s face unhabitually twitched, before he clearly and coldly replied, “Benwang’s position of main wife can only be given to Yan’er’s mother.”

That servant girl was unexpectedly still eating, completely oblivious to what was going on around her. Could it be that she did not care if he took another woman as his wife? Thinking about that, he felt like he fell to the bottom of an ice-cold lake, feeling a type of suffocating, difficult to bear feeling.

As soon as Situ Xin heard “Yan’er’s mother,” her heart skipped a beat. The Osmanthus cake that she was eating got caught in her throat, causing her to nonstop cough uncontrollably, attracting all the gazes that were present. Without delay, Situ Xin flusteredly stopped her coughing, lowering her head even further.

What rubbish is this guy talking about?

Isn’t Yan’er’s mother her? Situ Xin?

At that moment, a well-known Turkish imperial bodyguard walked out from a group of imperial bodyguards, dispelling the disturbance that Situ Xin had just caused. Then, the petite looking imperial bodyguard removed their helmet, revealing a head full of fine black hair that scattered over her shoulder, which caused the crowd to gasp in surprise.

Xiao Han squinted his eyes, looking at this person who was so beautiful that their beauty could not be described in words, as he asked, “Who are you?”

“Turkish Princess Han Yu greets Tian Chao’s Emperor.” After her greeting, Han Yu confidently raised her face, revealing her delicate facial features. Below her curved eyebrows were a pair of soul-stealing eyes, and her thin and sexy lips slightly rose, causing people to be breath taken.

[1] Intersection of pain or surprise.
[2] Basically it means someone who hears and knows about everything.
[3] Emperor’s court dress.

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