Wangye, Wangfei is a Cat Chapter 19

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Chapter 19- Wangye personally fed the medicine

The Imperial Physician was quickly escorted into the room by the guards. Before the Physician could catch his breath, he heard Bei Gongyan’s agitated voice say, “Hurry up and check her.”

“Yes Wangye.”

The Physician walked a few steps forward, and took a deep breath to calm himself down. He then placed his fingers onto Mi Xiaoqi’s wrist for a few seconds.

“Wangye, the Miss fell unconscious due to the immense pain and injury. In addition to that, she is also suffering from a lot of stress and pressure. Along with the Jinchuang ointment for her wounds, if you let this old subject prescribe two sets of medication, the Miss will be safe so long as she does not get a fever tonight,” trailed the Physician, evening out his breath.

“And if she gets a fever?” replied Bei Gongyan with another question.

“If the Miss gets a fever….” the Physician hesitated for a moment, “if the Miss does get a fever, this old subject will leave a prescription for the fever. If the fever cools down, she’ll live.. if not….”

“You will stay in this mansion tonight. If she lives, you’ll live. However, if she dies, you and your whole family will die along with her,” bellowed Bei Gongyan icily, and as if his heart was pierced by something, he felt himself twitch in pain.

“I will definitely do my best,” the Physician kneeled down onto the floor.

“Get out.”

Bei Gongyan clenched his hand slightly, “Go retrive Benwang’s Jinchuang Oinment from the study.”

“Understood.” Baitie replied.

He was the Wangye’s shadow guard, and had always followed Wangye around in the shadows. Usually, even while the Wangye had an “intimate session” with a woman, he didn’t leave the Wangye’s side no matter how passionate it got. The first exception was Mi Xiaoqi; his exact words were, “If you see something you shouldn’t see, your eyes will be gouged out”.

Phew, Baitie had already known that Mi Xiaoqi’s worth was different from the others in their Wangye’s heart.

The Jinchuang Ointment in the study was the best of the best. Naturally, not just anyone could enter Bei Gongyan’s study. Baitie was one of the few people had permmission.

Soon, Baitie was placing a while proclein bottle into Bei Gongyan’s hand.

“Lu Lou, stay here and clean Mi Xiaoqi’s wounds. As for the rest of you, get the hell out,” Bei Gongyan’s voice was deep and low, the pressure rendered everyone voiceless.

To think there was actually a woman who could affect their Wangye’s emotions this much. Was this a good thing or a bad thing?

Baitie and another shadow guard, Hei Li, left together. Mi Xiaoqi’s origin was unclear, she had an unidentified background, as well as such unusual abilities. A person who could so easily open the Golden Lock definitely had a complicated background. In addition to that, the way their Wangye treated her was obviously different.

Even though she tied up their Wangye, he didn’t immediately take her life……

The two of them stared at each other silently.

On a huge bed.

Lu Lou delicately snipped open Mi Xiaoqi’s clothes with a pair of scissors. As she looked at the bloody injuries on Mi Xiaoqi’s butt, Lu Lou couldn’t help but sob quietly, “Miss, just bare with this for a moment.”

As she was cleaned the wounds, Lu Lou felt her heart tug painfully.

Bei Gongyan frowned. They actually hit her with this much force! Those guards were extremely rash and rude, heedless of the consequences. Fine, the guards had already expressed that they were innocent. Wangye, it was your orders…..

Mi Xiaoqi didn’t wake up throughout the whole process, but her face was scrunched up uncomfortably as if she was deep in pain.

After applying the ointment, Lu Lou delicately bandaged the wounds with a clean gauze.

“You should leave too. Prepare some plain congee and simple side dishes for her to eat after she wakes up.”

“Understood, Wangye.” Lu Lou bowed, then left the room, closing the doors behind her.

Alone in the room, Bei Gongyan stared at Mi Xiaoqi’s exquisite face, “Mi Xiaoqi, what spell did you cast on Benwang so that Benwang was unable to watch you die?”

Four hours later, Mi Xiaoqi’s pale white face started to flush red.

Bei Gongyan scrunched up his brows and stretched out a hand to feel Mi Xiaoqi’s forehead. When he felt her burning up, he hastily called for the Physician.

After the Physician checked Mi Xiaoqi’s pulse, he instantly wrote a prescription. This concerned his family’s lives, therefore he couldn’t afford to make any mistakes.

The Mansion had all kinds of rare and valuable medical ingredients already ready to go, so it didn’t take long for the medicine to be prepared.

Lu Lou warily held the bowl of medicine and gently placed the bowl to Mi Xiaoqi’s lips. She had tried to feeding Mi Xiaoqi the medicine several times, but it just flowed out the corner of her lips.

“Wangye, what should we do? The Miss won’t drink the medicine properly,” said Lu Lou anxiously, her eyes getting red and watery.

Bei Gongyan lift his robe and kneeled by Mi Xiaoqi’s side and said, “Mi Xiaoqi, wake up,” but to no avail, Mi Xiaoqi just wouldn’t wake up. No matter how loud he called out her name, she kept on sleeping without a care in the world.

Bei Gongyan reached for the bowl of medicine and poured it into his mouth. With one hand he held Mi Xiaoqi’s chin and placed his lips onto hers, nimbly prying them open…..

The physician and maids were both dumbstruck….

Through this unique way of feeding, Mi Xiaoqi finally drank all her medicine. After Bei Gongyan fed her the last bit of the medicine, he let out a long breath, relieved.

Everyone stood around Mi Xiaoqi, carefully guarding her.

If they were unsure of the rumors about the Wangye cherishing and doting on a new concubine, now they knew it was true. Since when did their Wangye ever care about someone else? When did their Wangye ever reduce a given punishment? When did their Wangye ever take care of somebody else…..

As the first ray of sunlight streamed into the room, Mi Xiaoqi gradually opened her eyes, “ hurts….”

Having heard Mi Xiaoqi’s voice, Bei Gongyan stood up with a swish, “Physician.”

At the sudden call, the Imperial Physician who had fallen asleep by the side, jolted awake.

He rushed over to check on Mi Xiaoqi’s condition. A few seconds later, he let out a long breath, “Miss is out of danger now, but you should still pay close attention to her external injuries. Along with the help of the medicine for inner injuries, the Miss should be able to recover soon.”

“You shall be rewarded.”

“Thank you Wangye.”

When Lu Lou noticed that Mi Xiaoqi was regaining consciousness, a smile appeared on her face. As Bei Gongyan suddenly came back to his senses, he remembered all of the things he had done to her and sighed before gloomily leaving the room.

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