Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 Bewitched

TL: Entropy
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As it had turned out, it was Situ Yan who had brought the Zhanlu Sword over. However, just as he reached the doorway, the Zahnlu Sword flew towards the Lingshe Sword like it had received some sort of response. Together, the two swords endlessly danced in the air.

Seeing the two swords twisting and twining around each other in midair, Situ Xin glared at Situ Yan. “Stinky brat, are you once again living off one person while secretly helping another[1]?” Judging by his walking posture, Situ Xin figured that Situ Yan must have regained feeling in his legs, otherwise, he would not have been able to run back so quickly, especially while carrying the Zhanlu Sword.

Situ Yan raised his head, feeling wrong as he said, “It was grandpa who had taught me. He even told me that the Zhanlu Sword and the Lingshe Swords were originally couple swords.”

“Ah!” Situ Xin’s heart crumbled into pieces. Her old man and son had unexpectedly colluded together with an outsider to bully her. The more she thought about it, the more broken-hearted she was. She then suddenly fell upon the table and sobbed spasmodically.

Situ Yan could only helplessly glance at Xiao Yixuan and use his eyes to silently message, “There is nothing I can also do about this. I’ll leave it to you now.” After conveying his message, he hurriedly slipped away. There really was nothing he could do. He had always been helpless against this move his mother made. So long as his mother started to cry, he could only obediently surrender and listen to her.

Looking at his son stealthily slipping away and the woman lying on the table crying, Xiao Yixuan temple started to ache dully. He came across his life’s two most greatest natural enemies. Pulling up the crying Situ Xin, he used his large hand to console her by wiping off the tears on her face. “Don’t cry anymore, Yan’er was only being a little bit naughty.” He really needed to re-examine what Yan’er had said. According to this situation, it appeared as if Yan’er was too naughty and mischievous, which is why Xin’er temperament came to be so explosive. Moreover, he was also not happy seeing Xin’er crying.

“It’s all your fault. It’s all because of you!” A white fist fiercely struck into the pit of Xiao Yixuan’s stomach, but it seemed as if it did not do anything to help vent her anger.

It’s all because of this hateful man that incited her son to change sides.

Xiao Yixuan could only helpless stand there, allowing Situ Xin vent out her anger. In this current world, there wasn’t anyone who dared to do such a thing to him. Even the emperor was no exception. How noisy! Lowering his head, he covered up the small mouth that kept jabbering on and on.

Situ Xin bashfully pushed away Xiao Yixuan. “Wa-Why did you kiss me?” This man, how could he do such an act like this?

“Because I could not think of any other way to stop you from crying.” Xiao Yixuan smiled faintly. That kiss was truly wonderful, and it seemed like he was addicted to it, wanting to stop but couldn’t [2].

Still in a daze like state, Situ Xin woodenly and slowly replied back, “Talk about what?” Just now, it seemed like she did not really dislike that kiss. It was just like six years ago, and she was a little bit unable to restrain her emotions.

“I want to let you and Yan’er remain here.” Perhaps, this was the best solution.
Stay here? Is he saying that she should also stay here too?

“Why do I also have to stay here?” Opening her eyes wide, Situ Xin started at Xiao Yixuan, who had a serious expression on his face.

The corner of Xiao Yixuan’s mouth accidently drew together into a careless smirk. “For Yan’ers sake, we should try to get to know each other for a short period of time. How does that sound?”

His voice was so rich and magnetic that she couldn’t help but be attracted by it. Shaking her head, Situ Xin attempted to clear her head. “What if we cannot get to know each other?”

“That’s impossible. Believe me.” Reaching out his hand, he supported her constantly swaying head upright, causing her to look straight into his own eyes.

He had such beautiful eyes that were so penetrating that they were like a whirlpool. It seemed like it could absorb people into them at any time. She could not help but reach out her hand and trace from the glabella [3] towards his eyes. “Oh! I…” As her hand brushed past his lips, she discovered Xiao Yixuan was looking at her profoundly. Hastily withdrawing her hand, she endlessly cursed inside her heart, “How humiliating.”

Grabbing onto that hand that wanted to draw back, he said, “Then, it’s been decided.” Lightly brushing past Situ Xin’s forehead, he walked out.

Situ Xin, who did not know what to do [4] for a long time, finally regained her consciousness. “What do you mean that its’ been decided? Have I agreed yet?” So infuriating! She continuously kicked a bunch of objects in the room, but sadly, the room was absolutely empty and had no one inside to respond to her.

[1] An idiom meaning to repay kindness by stabbing someone in the back. In this case, Situ Xin is saying how she raised Situ Yan only for him to stab her in the back by bringing the sword to Xiao Yixuan.

[2] An idiom meaning to be unable to stop oneself or to feel an urge to continue.
[3] The area in between the eyebrow
[4] An idiom meaning at one’s wit’s end or embarrassed and at a complete loss.

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