Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 10

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Devil is Ten Foot Tall [1]

TL: Entropy
ED: Adversary

“Dad, try to capture Xin’er.”

The sudden appearance of his son had really caused ripples within the calm expanse of Xiao Yixuan’s heart. It was leaving behind a mark, but this mother of his didn’t look too easy to deal with either.

Seeing her own son give his man a face full of enthusiasm and intimacy caused a sudden surge of overwhelming rage to burst out from within. As she was clenching her fist, she resisted the urge to snatch back her son, because currently, her top priority was to deal with this big pain in the ass standing in front of her.

“Yan’er is my son.” Situ Xin spoke frankly, wanting snatch her son, no door????”

“He’s also my son.” Since she wanted to dispute whose son Yan’er was, he then straightforwardly made a cut on his hand and dripped his blood into a bowl of water[2]. Regardless of anything she was going to do, he won’t let Yan’er be taken away from the mansion.

Situ Xin helplessly stared at the man in front of her. The him of six years ago had been an evildoer, “Alright, I’ll admit that Yan’er is also your son. So, come visit the Hundred Flower Sect if you want to see him in the future.” By saying this, she had already conceded a lot.

“Impossible, Yan’er must live a life in acknowledgment of his ancestors.” Xiao Yixuan resolutely refused her, how could he let his son roam outside.

Situ Xin quickly realized that this conversation wouldn’t lead to any results. So, she instead responded by taking out a bottle of white powder, directly scattering its contents towards Xiao Yixuan. Not understanding the astonishment within Xiao Yixuan’s eyes, “Heh, slowly enjoy my muscle softening powder.” She said, clapping her hands, seemingly pleased with herself.

Xiao Yixuan flashed in front of Situ Xin with extreme speed, and held onto her waist, “Want to leave?” Her waist was very slender.

“You? Weren’t you hit affected by my muscle softening powder?” Impossible! This drug was just refined by her. She had even found many people to test it.

“Xin’er, shouldn’t you know by now that I’m impervious to poisons?” Xiao Yixuan suddenly thought that the woman he was embracing was super cute.

How was she supposed to know? She wasn’t the roundworms inside his stomach! (TL: LMAO)

Situ Xin raised her head to meet the gave of a pair of joking eyes, her heart suddenly started pounding, a light red blush suddenly appeared on her cheeks, “You-you can’t speak when you’re so close to me!” She looked very out of tune.

Xiao Yixuan faintly smiled. He had heard them speaking from outside the door, that Situ Xin had changed her appearance. So he reached out and forcefully tugged on her fake skin disguise.

“Oh! So painful!” Forcefully pushing away Xiao Yixuan, both of her hands were busy continuously rubbing her now pitiful-looking face.

Because she had been wearing the fake skin disguise for so long, her skin was a little red. However, that did not affect her beauty in the least. Fair skin, delicate eyebrows atop a pair of clean and clear phoenix shaped eyes, with a coquettish look on her face; it truly made people gape.Just like the Snow Lotus Herb atop the Tianshan mountain range, she was simply out of this world.

“Xin’er, it seems like your personality is a little different from your appearance.” Both of his hands encircling her waist, with a wide smile stretching across his face as he watched Situ Xin’s actions.

Situ Xin was thoroughly infuriated by Xiao Yixuan’s frivolous actions, “Bastard.” She took out her Lingshe Sword from her waist and thrusted it towards Xiao Yixuan.

But he nimbly dodged Situ Xin’s attack, and then stood there for a long time from the Lingshe Sword, as he had suddenly realized something. She was unexpectedly the owner of the Lingshe Sword. That was very good because of what his master said before: He, the owner of the Zhanlu Sword was destined to be tangled together with the Lingshe Sword his entire life. This result was something that he had been very satisfied with.

When Situ Xin saw that Xiao Yixuan kept on neutralizing her maneuvers, she made a meaningful glance at him then spun around, performing the Lingshe Seventh Style, Snake leaving it’s hole. Of the contemporary jianghu, only her father could take on this attack of hers.

Xiao Yixuan’s eyes congealed, Lingshe Leaving the Hole? All that he was seeing was the Zhan Lu Sword flying into the room, and then started to closely entangle itself together with the Lingshe Sword.

As it turns out, Situ Yan had brought the Zhanlu Sword over. And just when he had reached the door, it was like the Zhanlu Sword had received some sort of reaction. It was flying towards the Lingshe Sword while brandishing itself endlessly in the air.

[1] Other half of the idiom. The full idiom is 魔高一丈,道高一尺, but the author only wrote 魔高一丈. The idiom is the devil is ten foot tall, virtue one foot and means it takes constant vigilance to stave off evil.
[2] 滴血認親 the thing where chinese people believed that family members dripping blood into a bowl of water would mix while non-family members wouldn’t mix. (my summary)

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