[POLL] ISO’s Page Speed and Ads

Hi guys! If you don’t mind, please spare a few seconds to vote on our page speed and ads. Hopefully it’ll help in improving the site~ \o/ Thanks!

What do you think of ISO’s page speed?

1- Extremely slow. Considered dropping a novel due to the page load time. Unbearable.
2- Very slow. Makes it difficult to read/enjoy a novel. The slowness is making me lose interest in a novel.
3- Meh. It’s bearable. Not the best, could be better, but I don’t particularly mind the speed.
4- Fast. Doesn’t affect my reading at all and doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t need any changes.
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Note: Please remember that ads are necessary for the site to help pay for hosting fees and not to mention that it is also a nice motivator a few of us poor translators!

What do you think of the ads in ISO?

Bad. Interferes with reading and is very inconvenient. I’d prefer less ads.
Good. The ads don’t interfere and doesn’t affect my reading at all. The current number is fine.
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[POLL] ISO’s Page Speed and Ads

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