Just the Two of Us in this Vast World STATUS UPDATE

Good day, sorry there hasn’t been an update again. And sorry there isn’t one in this post either but I figured I’d at least give an update.
First of all, my editors have gotten really busy as of late and the part that was supposed to be released yesterday isn’t fully edited yet so I’m holding back on releasing it. If it still isn’t done by the weekend, I’ll release it half edited + the corresponding release of that day (not edited too).
This might not happen here in isohungry but on Cloudy Translations since I’m moving there now, to be sure keep an eye on NU, the links should get updated there when the move is done.
I really wanted to release one last part here before the month ended, but irl is something that always should take preference, in this case for my editors.

I hope you can understand, and hopefully we meet again soon and with an actual release this time.


Just the Two of Us in this Vast World STATUS UPDATE

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