Killed the White Lotus Chapter 1.9

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那些年我们弄死的白莲花 Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus – Chapter 1.9

Female Lead – Bai Wei
Male Lead 1 – Su Mo
Male Lead 2 – Lin Zisheng (our MC)

1.09 Rebirth of the blackened white lotus

“Young Master Su’s eyesight is not very good, I am a man.”

Pushing away the approaching person, Lin Zisheng frowned and took two steps backwards. He naturally saw the seriousness in Su Mo’s eyes, just that he doesn’t want to have any feelings with the mission target.

Su Mo could clearly see Lin Zisheng’s resistance. Although he was not happy in his heart, he tried his best to hold it back. He keep telling himself that he cannot be impulsive or else he would scare that person away.

“Beauty and gender is not important. Zisheng, you are indeed the most beautiful person in this place.”

As he said that, he tried to lean towards Lin Zisheng but was pushed away. Because he didn’t get to take any advantages, Su Mo felt a bit depressed. But Su Mo’s words couldn’t be considered an exaggeration because Lin Zisheng’s appearance was one of the best to start with. Adding to the fact that he dressed up more grandly due to the formal occasion, ‘shining’ even more brightly than what he wore to Su Mo’s birthday party, many people around him looked at him with eager and hot eyes. If not for Su Mo beside him, Lin Zisheng would long be hit on by these people.


Lin Zisheng once again pushed away Su Mo’s hand that he wanted to put on his(LZS) shoulder and slowly walked back to the Ball. Instead of being alone here with Su Mo, he rather stay in a crowded place because the feeling that Su Mo gave him right now is too dangerous.

Su Mo regretfully sighed in his heart as he looked at the back of his crush getting further and further away. Although the two of them are getting familiar with each other in nearly four months time, he has no way in getting Lin Zisheng to get used to his physical contact.

“Young master Su, this is…”

The people who have been watching them stopped hoping after they saw both people came out from the terrace together. Originally some people wanted to deceive themselves thinking both of them just came to the Ball together because they knew each other. But now Young master Su’s intention is too obviously clear that no one would be able to miss it.

“Second Young master from the Lin Family, Lin Zisheng.”

Bringing Lin Zisheng to the Ball today, other than declaring his possessiveness, more importantly he want to let everyone know his(LZS) identity, especially to those who has intentions towards him(LZS); better stop thinking!

“Second Young master… from the Lin Family, that Lin Family?

There were still people who couldn’t react to that sentence in time. But since Su Mo specifically introduced this ‘Lin Family’, then it mustn’t be any ordinary Family. And in City A, within the pool of influential families, only one Lin Family meets that requirement.

“That Lin Family.” Su Mo nodded while smiling.

As expected, everyone’s gaze towards Lin Zisheng has changed, changing from admiration to respect.

Bai Wei who has been eavesdropping in the distance was baffled. She knew that Lin Zisheng’s family background is good, else he won’t be able to help her to escape from Su Mo again and again in her past life. But she has no idea at all of how big is the Lin family background.

“Excuse me, what does Ah Mo means by ‘Lin Family’?”

Bai Wei quietly asked the girl beside her. Seeing how everyone looked respectful, Bai Wei subconsciously felt that the Lin Family they are talking about is not simple. The moment the girl heard what Bai Wei said, she looked at her(BW) with a slight contempt in her eyes. But she still answered the question , “The Lin Family is also one of the best families in City A, they are comparable to the Su Family ah.”

As the girl said that, she looked at both people in admiration. No matter men or women, they will ‘rush like ducks’ towards this kind of (high quality) people. It’s a pity that this is ‘internal digestion’1!

Bai Wei’s heart was full of surprises when she heard that. She originally thought that Lin Zisheng is just someone with a slightly better family background. Now that she suddenly knows that it’s that good, she really was shocked! Such two excellent men used to love her so much, how could she not feel proud of that? She watched Su Mo and Lin Zisheng chatted with other people in the Ball, then finally as Lin Zisheng leaves the crowd, she found a chance to follow. She felt that if she confess right now, Ah Sheng would definitely accept her!

Lin Zisheng walked out of the event hall. Right now is December so the weather has turned cold. The wind blows and caused him to shiver, he felt more sober now. He still doesn’t like this kind of socializing, it was very easy for him to remember those days in the past. Every time he attended those kind of banquet, the one following behind him would be his sister. Unlike ordinary families that values son over daughter, his family values daughter over son instead. His little sister is the most important person at home, not him the eldest son. Of course, he doesn’t have any dissatisfaction over this matter because he truly dotes on this little sister as well. Just that this person who he loves deeply to the bones was driven crazy in the end by someone who doesn’t belonged to the family. The whole family was even shattered to pieces. Thinking of this, Lin Zisheng gripped his fists tightly. The bone biting chill doesn’t seem to be able to calm him down.

“Ah Sheng, you are alone?”

Just as Lin Zisheng couldn’t contain his mood and wanted to smoke to calm down, a soft voice could be heard behind his back. He involuntarily frowned and his mood became more and more unstable.

“Looking for me?” Lin Zisheng didn’t turn around but indifferently looked forward.

“I… it’s nothing. Just that I saw you here alone, so I wanted to come out to accompany you.”

As she said that, a faint blush covered Bai Wei’s face. She never noticed this before but she found out that Ah Sheng is actually also outstanding, very outstanding.

“No need, Miss Bai should go and do your own thing.” Lin Zisheng lowered down his eyes.

At the moment, the system keep flashing in his mind to remind him to calm down.

[System reminder, system reminder, the host’s mental stability is now approaching a critical point. If you couldn’t get back to normal within 10 minutes, you will be forcefully pulled out from the world and considered failed the mission!]

“Alright, be quiet. I know.”

Lin Zisheng got annoyed by the noise, plus Bai Wei is standing behind him. He felt like he couldn’t calm down even more.

“Ah Sheng, I have something to tell you,” Bai Wei’s gaze behind Lin Zisheng was filled with affection, “let’s… get together ba.”

Her voice carried a hint of sweetness, letting anyone who heard it to feel very happy. But the only thing Lin Zisheng could feel upon hearing those words was disgust! She has just confessed to Su Mo not very long ago, and in a blink of an eye she came to say wanting to be with him, her ‘face is really big’2!

“Why do you think that I will agree to be with you?”

Lin Zisheng was quite curious of where her confidence came from, he didn’t show any goodwill towards her during all these times.

“I know you have always liked me,” as she said that, Bai Wei approached Lin Zisheng and reached out to hug his waist, “I too have been…”

Just that Bai Wei has yet to hug him when she was caught by a hand and roughly pulled away. She fell heavily on to the ground from inertia. For a short moment, her intense pain caused her sight to go black. When she recovered, that person has taken Lin Zisheng away. Bai Wei couldn’t recognize that person but she could see Lin Zisheng clearly.

That person was Su Mo, just that he gave Lin Zisheng a very dangerous feeling right now. It was clearly brightly lit everywhere but he felt that the person walking in front of him is shrouded in a piece of darkness.

“Su Mo?”

Lin Zisheng slightly struggled because Su Mo gripped too hard that his wrist started to throb in pain. Finally, Su Mo stopped walking when they reached the forest. Lin Zisheng has yet to react when he pushed Lin Zisheng at a tree beside him, then his body pressed on him(LZS).

“Ouch, have you gone crazy, Su Mo?”

He took a breath of cold air, the throbbing pain at his back let Lin Zisheng know that his back has definitely be injured by that push just now.

“I have gone crazy? Heh…”

Su Mo seemed to have heard something funny from Lin Zisheng’s words. His face carried a smile, just that that smile looked sinister.

“Right ah, I have gone crazy, was driven crazy by you. You actually liked that woman?”

Su Mo strongly gripped Lin Zisheng’s chin to force him to look at him(SM).

“She has just confessed to me, then she wanted to be with you. Only you would want a woman like this!”

Su Mo didn’t mention how shocked he was when he discovered that Lin Zisheng has gone missing. In the end, when he found him(LZS), he only heard what that woman said. Instantly, Su Mo’s rational nerve snapped and the beast that has been restrained in his heart was released.

“Like her or not, it’s my business. What does this have to do with you?!”

Lin Zisheng has never liked Bai Wei, but he was extremely dissatisfied with Su Mo acting like he has caught him(LZS) red-handed.

“What does this have to do with me? I’ll let you know what does this have to do with me!”

This moment, the fire of his jealousy has burned away all his reasons. Su Mo has long forgotten all his previous fears, forgotten that pushing too far will scare Lin Zisheng away. All he could think of right now is to let the other person shut up!

Looking at Su Mo getting closer and closer, Lin Zisheng immediately understood what he(SM) is thinking. Just that it’s too late for him(LZS) to resist because at the moment when he struggled, Su Mo caught both of his hands and pressed it above his(LZS) head, then bit hard on his lips. That’s right, bit. He only let go when the skin broke and blood flowed out. Then he sucked heavily on Lin Zisheng’s lips, his gaze carried madness and obsession.

Lin Zisheng’s expression became ugly. His whole body was pressed down by Su Mo and couldn’t move, he could only raise his foot and ruthlessly kicked at Su Mo’s calf.

Intense pain made Su Mo paused, and it’s this moment of hesitation that Lin Zisheng managed to break away from him. Next, it’s time for him to counterattack.

Although Su Mo’s fighting skills are not bad, but how could he dare to hit Lin Zisheng? And so, Lin Zisheng keep beating him up. Other than protecting his own face, Su Mo almost used his entire body to let Li Zisheng release anger.

Of course, although Lin Zisheng is furious right now, he knew his limit. His attacks were not light but it won’t fracture any bones or something similar. He chose the most painful area then punched and kicked at the same place. It won’t cause Su Mo to suffer heavy injuries but it will hurt him for a few days after this. Finally, seeing Su Mo groaning in pain on the ground, Lin Zisheng clapped his hand (to brush away dust) and prepared to leave. But then Su Mo caught his ankle and prevented him from leaving.

“Zisheng, all the things I said today are true words from my heart,” Su Mo’s voice rang out in this silent night, carrying a hint of hoarseness and slightly shaking from the pain, “I am serious, I really likes you. Do you think it’s laughable? But these words come from my heart.”

Su Mo’s voice sounded pitiful in this empty and cold night, making it hard for Lin Zisheng to say any refusing words.

At this moment, a person stood behind a tree a little farther away. Her body trembled slightly, like she is holding back…

The author has something to say:

The update is late because of writer’s block. I will try to put all my time and effort at 8pm, thank you all the little angels’ support, I love you~ (?>ω<*?)

Raw word count : 3295

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