Killed the White Lotus Chapter 1.7

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那些年我们弄死的白莲花 Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus – Chapter 1.7

Big brother – Lin Zifeng
Second brother – Lin Zisheng (our MC)
Third brother – Lin Zihui

1.07 Rebirth of the blackened white lotus

When Su Mo reached the second floor, the group of three has already entered their room. The door was tightly closed so one couldn’t see anything from the outside, or how many people are inside and who are they.

“Young master.”

The lady in-waiting by the door respectfully called out when she saw Su Mo. Although this young man looked quite young, he is indeed the second top shareholder of this Xiao Yao Lou. This a publicly known secret of the restaurant.

“Who are the people in the room?”

Because he saw someone resembling Lin Zisheng together with other people, Su Mo’s current mood was extremely unstable. His original fickle aura has turned into a bone-chilling coldness.

“It’s the head of Lin family, Lin Zifeng.”

Seeing Su Mo acting like this, the girl was smart enough to keep her words short and briefly informed him what she knew.

“Lin Zifeng?”

Su Mo naturally knew of this name. In City A, if the number one family at the ‘bright’ side is the Su family, then the polar opposite family at the ‘dark’ side is the Lin family. But what is the connection between the Lin family and Lin Zisheng?

Seeing that Su Mo wanted to barge into the room, the girl felt a bit anxious. Although Young master Su is a shareholder here, but they have their own rules in Xiao Yao Lou, no one is allowed to break it. Whenever there are guests in the room, any unrelated people cannot go in to bother them.

“Young master, you know the rules of our Xiao Yao Lou. If you barged into the room, then when the Boss came back…” The Boss cannot do anything to Su Mo when he returned, but other people in Xiao Yao Lou would be miserable.

“Rest assured, the head of Lin family won’t complain about you,” Su Mo lowered his eyes, covering the madness that even he himself doesn’t know, “because I am going to talk of some business with the Lin family on behalf of the Su family.”

Pushing the door open and saw that familiar figure, Su Mo clenched his hands tightly. He was afraid that this person is not Lin Zisheng, but then he was even more afraid that this person is him.

“Hey, it’s Young master Su. Young master Su, how do you know that we are here?”

Lin Zihui was a bit stunned when he saw Su Mo but then he waved at him, it was obvious that they knew each other.

“You know each other?”

Lin Zifeng frowned, carrying an obvious disappointment in his heart. His impression of Su Mo fell to below standard threshold, and his gaze towards Su Mo was picky, simply looking for faults.

“Yeah, at the bar in the past…”

Lin Zihui spoke without thinking, then suddenly realized that he shouldn’t have said that. He immediately covered his mouth and carefully looked at his family big brother.


As expected, Lin Zifeng’s expression has completely darkened but his face still carried a gentle smile. However, one could imagine how distorted the smile looked in Lin Zihui’s eyes.
“No zuo no die, why you try?1

This stupid brother, he could be considered completely despaired now.

“Second brother, where’s the humanity?2

Looking at Lin Zisheng gloating at him, Lin Zihui finally understood that he got it wrong, his second brother is not a good person as well.

The moment Su Mo heard Lin Zisheng spoke, his body tensed up. Even though Lin Zihui already called him ‘Second brother’, he couldn’t relax.

“Second young master Lin, do you mind if I sit here?” Su Mo paused, holding back the urge to drag that person away, he then lazily smiled and walked towards Lin Zisheng.

Looking at the Su Mo who doesn’t look right, Lin Zisheng made a ‘please’ gesture.

On the other side, Lin Zifeng deeply frowned as he watched the interaction between the two people. This Su Mo’s attitude towards his younger brother is really not quite right! It’s too fervent and too gentle. He heard rumors about this Young master Su before. All the girls that have dated him before said that he is a gentle good lover. But the keyword is ‘lover’. Towards other people, he was not that gentle and even seemed a bit indifferent. So right now, his attitude towards his second brother is definitely not right!

“Little Second, Little Third, go back first. Today Young master Su definitely came to talk business.”

After this possibility flashed through his heart, Lin Zifeng naturally won’t let Su Mo and Lin Zisheng to come in contact with each other. This is his own brother, how could he send him to be other’s plaything!

“Ah? Big brother, we haven’t eaten anything yet, need to return now ah?”

When Lin Zihui heard what Lin Zifeng said, he was as dissatisfied as he could ever be. It was not easy to eat at this Xiao Yao Lou, and they actually leaving just like this?!

“I will treat you two again next time.”

Lin Zifeng said as he looked at Lin Zihui. There wasn’t any expression on his face, causing Lin Zihui to feel a chill down his spine.

“Go now.”

This time, Lin Zihui doesn’t dare to fight back. He could be sure that Big brother right now is very unhappy. If he doesn’t obey, his ending might be horrifying.

“Big brother, I will take Little Third with me, you guys can talk slowly.”

After he said that, Lin Zisheng nodded at Su Mo then glanced at Lin Zihui to signal him to follow up and leave.

“Young master Su, you can talk now.” Since both of them have left, Lin Zifeng doesn’t have to maintain a good brother image in front of this unfamiliar person.

At the moment when Lin Zifeng spoke, Su Mo felt that the aura of the person sitting opposite him has changed. Originally, he looked like a good brother who was a little cold but cares about his brother. But after those two left, that feeling has completely disappeared. Replacing it was a stern aura of an underground ruler.

“I just want to discuss about a business with family Head Lin. The piece of land at the south of the city, I think even the Lin family would be very interested.”

Lin Zifeng lowered his gaze when he heard what Su Mo said. He was indeed interested in that piece of land, but there are no free lunch in this world. He doesn’t believe that Su Mo doesn’t have any ulterior motive.

“Then what does Young master Su wants?”

“Family Head Lin thinks too much, I just want to make friends with you and Lin family.”

Su Mo’s tone sounded very sincere. If it wasn’t that Lin Zifeng saw his gaze filled with the desire to monopolize towards Lin Zisheng, he(LZF) would have believed it.

“I’m sorry, Young master Su. I’m afraid that there won’t be any opportunities for us to cooperate in this transaction.”

After he said this, Lin Zifeng doesn’t want to continue getting along with this person.

“Stop right there!” Seeing that Lin Zifeng is preparing to leave, the anger that Su Mo has been repressing couldn’t be contained anymore, “Is the Lin family prepared to go against the Su family?”

Although Su Mo is only an heir of the Su family right now, but he is the only heir of the family. Sooner or later, he will become the head of the Su family, he naturally has this qualification to say these words.

“Even if we are to start a war, this Lin Zifeng will not sell his own brother.” He looked up and down at Su Mo, his eyes were filled with disdainful ridicule, “People said that Young master Su is a rare principled person in the upper class society. It doesn’t seem to be the case right now!”

It was Su Mo’s bottom line not to play men. However from seeing his focused gaze on his brother today, if Su Mo said he doesn’t has any hidden intentions, Lin Zifeng would never believe it!

How could Su Mo not understand what Lin Zifeng means? And because he understood, it makes him even more angry. Play? How could he be playing? If he really wants to play, he won’t be so hesitant to take action, not daring to touch!

“So Young master Su has nothing to say now? Next time stay far away from my brother!”

“Shut up! These words of yours, not only it’s insulting me, it is an insult towards Lin Zisheng as well. No one is qualified to make him into a plaything, to him I…” really liked him.

Instantly, Su Mo froze. Although he didn’t complete his sentence, he understood it in his mind. What Luo Yan said was correct, he really did liked Lin Zisheng. Really liked, just that he never noticed it. Towards Lin Zisheng, he(SM) was not infatuated with his looks nor jealous of his background. He only felt a liking to this person, feeling a connection with this soul. It’s that kind of feeling when you suddenly go ‘Ah, this is the person’. Su Mo finally understood now; why he would feel jealous, why he is not willing to let other people appear near to him(LZS), why… he cared but doesn’t dare to approach.

Seeing Su Mo stopped moving all of a sudden, Lin Zifeng frowned; his heart filled with suspicions. He understood what Su Mo meant just now, but he will not believe it. So many women come and go around this Young master Su, no one in the circle don’t know about this. He doesn’t want his brother to be one of the names in his(SM) ‘flower list’3.

“Young master Su, take care of yourself.”

“Family Head Lin, third young master still doesn’t know that he is not a child of the Lin family ba?”

Just as Lin Zifeng pushed at the door wanting to leave, Su Mo’s voice sounded behind him. That voice carried a hint of repressed emotions, causing people to feel uncomfortable.

“One has to say, family Head Lin is really capable. Everyone knew that third young master Lin is not one of the Lin family’s child but a child of the former family Head’s confidant. To repay his confidant who died in protecting his wife, the former family Head helped to raise his son up and gave him the best life possible. But third young master Lin doesn’t know about this at all, it can be seen how much efforts the Lin family has done.”

Looking at Lin Zifeng, Su Mo smiled; full of malice. “Say, if the third young master Lin knew that he is not a child of the Lin family, and that his big brother has impure intentions towards him, guess what will he do?”

Su Mo is not a fool. He used to think that he didn’t believe in love, that’s why he didn’t know that he has fallen in love with Lin Zisheng. But now that he understood his own thoughts, he naturally could see his emotions from Lin Zifeng’s eyes – he is definitely not treating Lin Zihui as his younger brother.

As expected, after this was said, Lin Zifeng turned his head around and expressionlessly looked with Su Mo. Suddenly, a meaningful smile appeared on his(LZF) face.

“So what if he found out? Young master Su really thought that I would be cautious and not daring to do anything? I just don’t want to force him. If things really reached that step, I don’t mind imprisoning him forever by my side.”

In a flash, Lin Zifeng looked like his entire body is shrouded in darkness, only that pair of black eyes with a capturing radiant glow could be seen. It’s like a demon waiting for an opportunity to take action. Once his prey moved, he won’t hesitate to drag him into the darkness!

“Young master Su, this Lin Zifeng will take his leave.”

The darkness on his body completely disappeared when he spoke and he turned back into a somewhat indifferent man. But at this moment, Su Mo understood that this man is not as calm as he looked. If one touched his bottom line, one would then see his side of madness. Just that he wants him(SM) to give up like this, is it possible? Whatever Su Mo wanted, he never fail to get. Now that he has seen his own heart clearly, how could he let go? At worst… he’ll just drag the other man to Hell together with him.

Su Mo straightened his clothes then pushed at the door. His face carried a lazy smile but surging in his eyes was a madness that is on the verge of breaking out…

Raw word count : 3314


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