Killed the White Lotus Chapter 1.6

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那些年我们弄死的白莲花 Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus – Chapter 1.6

Lin Family

Big brother – Lin Zifeng
Second brother – Lin Zisheng (our MC)
Third brother – Lin Zihui

1.06 Rebirth of the blackened white lotus

“Big big big big big brother, I, I, I, I, I, I, I don’t mean that…”

Lin Zihui looked at the person by the door, he was so scared that his tongue couldn’t function properly. His body shook, like a mouse that has just seen a cat. He wanted to run, but the pressure from natural enemies deterred him from moving.

“What did I say before I went on a business trip?” Looking at Lin Zihui with a head of white hairs, Lin Zifeng’s face revealed a smile instead, “Forgot?”

Although that ‘Forgot’ at the end of his words was very light, it managed to scared Lin Zihui witless. Having to live with this tyrannic brother for so long, Lin Zihui has developed an instinct like a small animal. When is the time this big brother is safe to approach? When will he be dangerous? He could guess it almost correctly each time by instinct. Although Lin Zifeng looked very gentle right now, even excessively over the top, Lin Zihui could feel the hairs from all over his body stood up in warning; danger, danger, danger!

“No no no… how how could I dare to forget Big brother’s words?”

Although Lin Zihui said he really wanted to run away when he saw Lin Zifeng, but he knew that it would add one more thing in his list of faults if he really ran. At that time, his death would be even more miserable so it would be better to accept it directly; at least he could end it with a clean cut.

“Big brother, stop scaring third brother. Be careful you don’t give him a trauma.” If that happened, you are the one to feel heartache too.

“Second brother, you are my real brother. This person would bullies me everyday is definitely not my Big brother ah!”

Lin Zihui pounced towards Lin Zisheng while wailing, as if he saw his own brethren. Of course, Lin Zihui didn’t succeed because the moment Lin Zifeng saw what he wanted to do, he(LZF) immediately caught his collar and lifted him up like a small animal; letting him squat in the air.

“How come you are back?” The joy from seeing his younger brother disappeared altogether, Lin Zifeng stared Lin Zisheng like something is wrong.

“Big brother, you are the one who asked the chauffeur to tell me that you are coming back, and let us 3 brothers meet up.” Lin Zisheng quickly emphasized his innocence, it’s not like he wanted to come back anyway.

Lin Zifeng frowned, it seemed to be the case. Although he was extremely unhappy, his expression lightened up a lot.

“Go up and change to a more normal clothes, we will go out to eat later.”

Casually throwing Lin Zihui onto the sofa, Lin Zifeng sat down opposite of Lin Zisheng. He looked at him(LZS), it was obvious that they have some serious matters to talk about.

Lin Zihui was not a blind person, he immediately jumped up and ran up to the second floor. It was obvious that he is feeling very good because big brother unexpectedly didn’t give him a ruthless punishment today.

Lin Zisheng : “Not settled yet?”

Looking at Lin Zifeng’s sullen face, Lin Zisheng could almost guess what happened. But that was quite expected, because no one could cultivate any other feelings if they are to face such a charcoal black face all day.

Lin Zifeng : “I don’t want to bend him (turn him gay).”

Lin Zifeng’s tone carried a few points of helplessness, he was already very exhausted.

“Big brother, would you even believe your words? If you really can let go, then Old Three won’t be unable to get a lover until now.”

Although he doesn’t know since when his big brother fell for third brother, but for the longest time, there weren’t any men or women appearing around Lin Zihui. This is not normal.

“I am trying.” Trying to let go, this kind of feeling is wrong from the start.

“Big brother, Old Three is not our blood-related brother and both you and me knew about this. Even if you get together, rumors would only fly temporarily. But if you let Old Three sees you killing…”

Actually, they are not true brothers because Lin Zihui is a child of Father Lin’s confidant. That person died in order to protect Mother Lin in the past, so Father Lin adopted that person’s only son and raised him like his own son. At that time, big brother Lin Zifeng has taken note about this so he naturally knew that Lin Zihui is not his blood-related younger brother. But he doesn’t know why, he gradually came to develop a special feeling towards this third brother.

“I know.”

The him right now could only say ‘I know’. But he doesn’t know if he could live with it when the time comes for Old Three to get married and has children.

“It’s fine if you know, so why did you called me back home today?”

All 3 brothers of the Lin Family has their own life. In order not to cause any trouble for each other, they usually won’t meet up so for Lin Zifeng to call him back today, there must be something going on.

“Someone is investigating you.”

Due to their special identity, the Lin Family is quite sensitive to these matters.

“Who is it?” Lin Zisheng frowned, he could guess two person in his mind. One is Bai Wei, the other is Su Mo.

“It’s the people from Su Family.” A dangerous glint flashed through Lin Zifeng’s eyes. If someone from Su Family want to do something to them, shouldn’t he ‘strike first and gain the upper hand’?

People from Su Family? Then it must be Su Mo, no wonder he would personally send the invitation himself.

“It’s not a big deal, just that I came in contact with the Young master of the Su Family.”

Lin Zifeng nodded when he heard Lin Zisheng’s explanation, but he didn’t forget to remind, “Be careful.”

“Big brother~ Second brother~ I am ready, let’s go~”

Just as both people almost finished with their talk, Lin Zihui jumped and ran down from the second floor. With the way he speaks, one could almost see the fluctuation of sound waves in his voice.

“Speak properly.”

Lin Zifeng’s words were like a basin of cold water, extinguishing all of Lin Zihui’s enthusiasm. He could only pitifully look at Lin Zifeng, hoping that he could forget what happened today1. Though… it was quite unlikely.

“Big… big brother, I’m ready. We can go now.”

After he said that, Lin Zihui stood quickly beside Lin Zifeng, preparing to be a quiet little beautiful man. He is very clear of his big brother’s temper, as long as he is being obedient, his big brother will show him kindness. But if he is disobedient, hehe, it’s not impossible to get locked inside the small black room for a whole week. After all, as far as Lin Zihui could remember, he has been locked in the small black room by his big brother more than once.

“Good.” After Lin Zifeng said that, he rubbed Lin Zihui’s head with force.

“Hey, Big brother, don’t mess up my hairstyle!” Lin Zihui instantly raised his hackles when he felt that big hand ruffling all over his head.

“En?” Lin Zifeng only make a sound and Lin Zihui immediately became quiet.

“Little three, if you don’t dare to resist then don’t cause trouble for yourself,” Lin Zisheng patted Lin Zihui’s shoulder and walked away. As they passed by each other, he(LZS) didn’t forget to agitate him by saying, “Don’t forget, little black room.”

Just like this, the three brothers got in the car and headed to their destination.

“Second brother, does your university has any beautiful girls ah? If yes, how about introducing one to this younger brother?”

Lin Zihui started to fidget after a moment in the car. Seeing that the Lin Zifeng beside him doesn’t seem to give any reactions, he boldly went to chat with Lin Zisheng.

“There are, but are you sure you have the guts to fall in love, with you currently in high school third year?”

After he said that, Lin Zisheng’s gaze secretly swept over Lin Zifeng. Sure enough, he glimpsed a dark face. ‘No zuo no die/Don’t do don’t die’, does his stupid third brother still couldn’t understand this logic?

“Little Third is looking for a girlfriend?”

Suddenly, a slightly gentle voice was heard, causing Lin Zihui’s body to turn stiff. Then he looked at the Lin Zifeng whose face was carrying a ‘sinister’ smile, he felt like he has seen the God of Death. Touching big brother’s nerve twice in a day, is he going to see God soon?

“Big brother, I don’t want to but I’m worried that with Second brother being so pure/simple, he would be fooled by some white lotus green tea bitch. I just want to help Second brother to check them out, me myself absolutely don’t want a girlfriend, absolutely don’t want!”

Right now, Lin Zihui is only lacking the ‘swearing to Heaven’ step (to prove his innocence). In his heart, he couldn’t stop scolding himself for talking about these high-risk topics.

(PД‘q) But he really wants to find a girlfriend ah.

“Little Third, manage your own affairs first. Don’t make Big brother angry, be careful of the little black room.”

Lin Zisheng was too lazy to pay attention to the wailing Lin Zihui after he finished saying this. This brat is always ‘crying but no tears’, if he pays any attention to him(LZH) then he won’t stop pestering him. As expected, when Lin Zihui saw that Lin Zisheng won’t pay any attention to him, he stopped wailing. Only when Second Brother helped out to make noise that Big Brother may spare him a bit, but if he keeps acting out, his damned Big Brother won’t be polite with him.

Just like this, they arrived to the destination smoothly. They didn’t choose to go to any particularly high-end five-star hotel, but went to a quaint restaurant instead. Of course, the restaurant not having any star rating doesn’t mean it’s not good. Quite the contrary, anyone who wants to eat here needs to make an appointment at least half a month in advance. Moreover, if one’s identity is not high enough, they might not be able to come in as well. So, to be able to enter this restaurant, it could be considered as a status symbol in City A.

“This gentleman, do you have an appointment?”

As they walked into the lobby, a lady wearing a cheongsam came to greet them. She has a decent smile on her face, obviously professionally trained.

“Sky room no.3, Lin Zifeng.”

[Banana : Apparently there is a room ranking that is arranged by Chinese characters. ‘天/Sky’ is the first character in Chinese list of character so it means the room ranking is like a presidential suite, well according to Baidu :P]’

Upon hearing the reply from Lin Zifeng, the woman went to confirm the information, and the smile on her face could be seen more sincere. Then she led the three to go to their reserved room.

“Mo gege, what is it?”

Just as the three of the Lin brothers went up to their room, several people walked up to the lobby to prepare to leave. However, one of them stopped walking when he saw the back of Lin Zisheng’s figure.

“It’s nothing, I thought I saw someone familiar.”

Su Mo shook his head, subconsciously dismissed his thought. Although Lin Zisheng’s family background was not bad, it is still far from reaching the basic requirement to enter this Xiao Yao Lou. But… the back of that figure just now is really making people take note of him ah!

“Girl, you return with Yunzi first. I’ll go take a look.”

Although he keep telling himself that it can’t be that person but Su Mo still wants to find out.

“Mo gege, I want to go with you!”

What Su Mo saw just now, she naturally saw it as well. Right now is the good opportunity to watch the fun, when to go but now? Just that Su Mo didn’t let her do so. He doesn’t know why but he doesn’t want anyone to get close to Lin Zisheng, not even this little sister that he has always been favoring. Finally, with her protest being ignored, Luo Yan was pulled away by other people.

As for Su Mo, he took big strides and headed to the second floor. If he didn’t see it wrongly just now, there were two more other people beside the person who looked like Lin Zisheng. It’s fine if that person is not Lin Zisheng, but if he is…

Thinking about this, Su Mo gripped his fist tightly. His eyes were filled with a bloodthirsty glint.

Raw word count : 3275


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  1. I don’t quite support third x first relationship… Hear me out, first is too controlling, he doesn’t want third to do simple things even dying his hair is bad, scaring someone or locking them in a room can cause him trauma if it’s being done repeatedly. Even using it as a threat, I really can’t find myself supporting this ship. It’s toxic, I get that third’s cowardice/submissive to first is supposed to be “comedic” but the way I see it, first is too oppressive. Third gets scared even just by seeing his older brother and he gets punished if he does things wrong even just a little. I find this off-putting.

  2. Pfft–the third bro is totally my type (personality-wise) though not in an ‘ideal boyfriend’ manner. Like, more of my ‘ideal boyfriend’s friend’. :3 thanks for the chapter banana~~

  3. I spot another Ally Ship!

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