Killed the White Lotus Chapter 1.5

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那些年我们弄死的白莲花 Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus – Chapter 1.5

Female Lead – Bai Wei
Male Lead 1 – Su Mo
Male Lead 2 – Lin Zisheng (our MC)

1.05 Rebirth of the blackened white lotus

Upon hearing Luo Yan’s words, Bai Wei’s face became pale. Her eyes pleading for help fell on each and everyone at the surrounding but they just looked back at her with a mocking smile. At this point, who else can’t see what is really happening? This woman came here just to curry favor with the powerful one for benefits!

“I’m not…”

She was not resigned to this. It was not easy to meet Ah Mo again today, and she hasn’t give her present yet. How could she get driven out just like this?!

“Miss Bai, you don’t have any choices. If you choose to continue causing trouble here, we will have to call the police.”

Luo Yan slowly frowned, she was filled with disgust towards this shameless person who doesn’t know to retreat. From the education taught to her, women are supposed to be respect and love themselves. Right now, not only this person doesn’t love herself, she even brazenly pester men around. This let her feel that Bai Wei’s behavior is throwing face for all women!

Moreover, the thing that makes Luo Yan feel even more disgusted was Bai Wei’s ignorance and not amenable to reason. The people who attended this party were obviously rich and famous heirs or daughters from influential families. And Bai Wei doesn’t seem to has any background worthy to mention. Even if her temperament is pure and the white dress has a clean and neat feel on her body, it couldn’t hide the fact that it’s cheap. Bai Wei’s identity is absolutely not eligible to receive an invitation.

“Miss Bai?”

From the smile on Luo Yan’s face, Bai Wei knew that no matter what she said today, she won’t be able to stay in the party. If she continues to cause trouble, it will only make it embarrassing for herself. Furthermore, Luo Yan is here now. She is not willing to admit it but she has never gotten any advantages over Luo Yan before. She furiously moved to leave, but before that Bai Wei still reluctantly looked at Su Mo and Lin Zisheng. In the end, as if she was greatly wronged, she left with a stagger in her footsteps.

“Mr. Lin, please forgive me as it might sound harsh,” Luo Yan apologized in advance for her words before slowly saying, “That kind of person doesn’t fit to become your partner. Maybe you couldn’t see it but I could feel her calculations and tricks. Such a woman is not suitable to be taken as a wife.”

Luo Yan gave this reminder because she could sense Su Mo’s favorable impression for this person(LZS). Although Su Mo is very fickle in love, he puts quite some importance on other feelings like family love and friendship. He just don’t believe in love, so for this person who managed to get into Su Mo’s eyes, naturally she would be glad to help.

“I know, and I wasn’t lying just now. I really met her twice so I don’t know how I managed to get entangled with her.”

Lin Zisheng nodded in acknowledgement, and the tone in his voice carried some gratefulness to Luo Yan.

This birthday party was a bit awkward because of the small episode from Bai Wei but it still could be considered joyful for both host and guests. After the party ended, Luo Yan looked at Su Mo, whose eyes seemed to be stuck on Lin Zisheng’s body and felt a bit surprise in her heart. Su Mo’s attention towards Lin Zisheng didn’t seem to be just a simple favorable impression. Could it be…

“Mo gege, you fell for that person already?!” Luo Yan whispered. She even forgot to maintain her demeanor; her mouth slightly gaping.

“How could it be? Little girl, how old are you now? What do you understand about ‘like’?”

Forcefully rubbing Luo Yan’s head, Su Mo lit a cigarette and leaned onto the sofa. There was an irritability in his expression that even he himself didn’t notice.

Luo Yan considered herself understood what happened, seeing that Su Mo doesn’t look like usual. Mo gege probably has fallen for that person, but didn’t discover it due to his previous sexual orientation.

“Little girl, I said I don’t like him, that means I don’t like him. What with that look?!”

Seeing that Su Mo is getting furious, Luo Yan shrugged. It’s not the person she liked anyway, she doesn’t has to say much, however…
Although she doesn’t know Lin Zisheng’s identity, but judging from his clothing he shouldn’t be someone poor. A man having good looks and also rich is enough to make most women go crazy. In case a woman manages to carry Lin Zisheng away, she is not sure how would Mo gege cry! Thinking about this, Luo Yan doesn’t feel like reminding Su Mo anymore. En, it’s a good thing to occasionally watch the show at a side!

Two people at this side were deep in their own thoughts, while Lin Zisheng on the other side has encountered a trouble as well. Because the moment he stepped out from the gate, he saw Bai Wei who has not left after being driven out of the party.

“Ah Sheng, let’s go back to the school ba.”

Although the season has just entered autumn, but the weather at night has already became chilly. In order to give Su Mo a deep impression, Bai Wei deliberately picked a thin white dress to wear but it has caused her much grievance right now. She was shivering all over her body, there wasn’t any sense of beauty with her appearance at the moment.

“Bai Wei, I’m going back home today so I’m not returning to school. You should take a taxi to go back.”

Looking at Bai Wei who was still being persistent, Lin Zisheng was disgusted. Is this person that blind?!

“This… it’s hard to get a taxi at this time. And it’s dangerous for a girl to ride alone at night. Ah Sheng, could you take me in for a night?”

When she heard what Lin Zisheng said, Bai Wei instantly thought of a scheme in her heart. Although it was a pity that she didn’t manage to take down Su Mo today, but it’s all the same to take down Lin Zisheng!

“Bai Wei, my family hated the most women who rushed to send themselves to our door. Even if you go back with me, you will also be thrown out.”

After saying this, Lin Zisheng walked to the car that his family sent to get him. He opened the door and went in, then closed the door in front of Bai Wei; leaving just like that.

Bai Wei couldn’t react in time and Lin Zisheng has already left with his car. She could only stand there and gnash her teeth.

“Second Young master, that lady just now is… ?”

The chauffeur looked at Lin Zisheng whose expression looked ugly and carefully asked the question. Although Second Young master looked indifferent, he is actually someone who has a cold face but warm heart. To get such bad treatment from him and at the same time caused him to be so unhappy, this matter… he(chauffeur) need to tell the old master and furen1.

“Someone I met twice yesterday and today. Got hounded around the moment we met.”

After he said that, Lin Zisheng slowly closed his eyes. This attitude was obviously telling the chauffeur that he doesn’t want to say anything right now.

Even if Lin Zisheng no longer saying anything, the chauffeur already has a general idea what happened. That woman must knew young master’s identity so she pestered him endlessly!

It must be like this!

Lin Zisheng doesn’t know that the chauffeur’s imagination ran wild from just one sentence from him, but the effect was almost similar with what he has in mind. And just like this, he returned home without saying anything. When he get to the Lin Family’s villa, Lin Zisheng stood by the gate and frowned. Although he knew everything about this world and even possessed Lin Zisheng’s memories, he still kind of concerned about being discovered as a fake. After all, Lin Zisheng’s identity is an underworld family’s second young master, his (fighting) skills should be very good. As for himself, although he liked to keep fit, he didn’t learn any martial skills. He is just a businessman, there couldn’t be anyone free enough to try to kill him?

[System scanning, received Male Lead 2 Lin Zisheng’s identity. Underground family’s second young master, skills get : Shooting, Kickboxing, Mixed martial arts, Interrogation]’

[DING DONG, you have received new skills. Do you want to equip?]’

When he heard 001’s words, the corner of Lin Zisheng’s mouth slightly twitched. He found out that 001 is getting more intelligent now, he doesn’t has to worry about being discovered at all.


[Equipping skills…]’

[Equipping skills completed. Your current physique +1, Physical fitness +5, Wisdom +5. You also opened the Comprehensive Body Status System. From now on, you can gain talent points in your missions to upgrade your skills. You can also purchase them with your points.]’

When he heard what 001 said, Lin Zisheng felt strange, then curious at the next moment.

“Will these things that I redeemed disappear when I return to my original world?”

[No. No matter what are your body changes or what skills you acquired, it will not disappear in your original world. But skills from higher-level worlds will weaken or be sealed accordingly.]’

“What are higher-level worlds?” This was Lin Zisheng’s first time to hear such a concept.

[Cultivation, magic, interstellar world are higher-level worlds. Skills acquired from higher-level worlds would leave a devastating blow to lower-level world so it needs to be weakened or completely sealed.]’

Lin Zisheng finally understood after 001 finished explaining, this is just to maintain balance in the world. After he asked about everything he wanted to know, Lin Zisheng pushed the door open and went in. What he saw was a sloppy looking young man with a head of white hairs. He has a stud at the cartilage2(middle part of ear) of his left ear. On his earlobe was a large obsidian stud. He waved at Lin Zisheng when he saw him, “Yo, Second brother. You are back ah!”

This person is Lin Zisheng’s younger brother, the third young master of the Lin Family, Lin Zihui.

“En, Big brother called me and said he wanted me to come home today, for us 3 brothers to meet up so I came back.”

Sitting on the sofa, Lin Zisheng pulled his tie loose and unbuttoned his collar; he felt more relaxed now.

“No… no way, Big brother is coming home?!”

The moment Lin Zihui heard what Lin Zisheng said, he was like a cat that got its tail stepped on, his body tensed up tight.

“Uncle Lin, Uncle Lin, do you know that Big brother is coming home?”

Such an important matter, how could Uncle Lin forget to inform him? Damned, really damned this time!

“Third young master, it was Eldest young master who specially told me not to tell Third young master. He said he want to give you a surprise.”

But it seems that it’s not a surprise but a shock instead.

“It’s over, it’s over, it’s over. If Big brother sees me in this appearance, I will be so dead!”

Lin Zihui keep repeating that it’s over while circling the living room, causing the two people who watched by the side couldn’t help but want to laugh.

“Second brother, you must save me. Only you right now could help me escape the evil clutch of Big brother. If Big brother sees me like this, he will definitely kill me!”

Lin Zihui took the advantage of his big brother’s absence to sport such a non-mainstream look. If big brother really sees him like this, he will scrape a layer of his(LZH) skin!

“Oh, I will definitely kill you if I sees you?”

As Lin Zihui is still asking for help, a low male voice sounded, causing Lin Zihui’s body to stiffen. He could only move in a slow motion way like the cartoon characters in a cassette, turning his head bit by bit. When he saw that tall man standing at the door, Lin Zihui felt like his whole body and his little heart has cracked. If the wind blows, he probably will turn into sand…

Raw word count : 3195


Banana: Raw – 入眼的就是一个满头白毛一脸吊儿郎当青年,他左耳上带着耳鼓,耳垂上是一个大大的黑曜石耳钉

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