Killed the White Lotus Chapter 1.3

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那些年我们弄死的白莲花 Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus – Chapter 1.3

Female Lead – Bai Wei
Male Lead 1 – Su Mo
Male Lead 2 – Lin Zisheng (our MC)

1.03 Rebirth of the blackened white lotus

Seeing Su Mo acting like this, how could the young man not know that he has touched the man’s bad side. He hurriedly shook his head to say that he doesn’t dare while at the same time, he took note of Lin Zisheng in his heart. Now that Young Master Su has released the word, whoever make a move on that person will be really seeking death. He should immediately let the others know about this news because that person’s face(LZS) could attract a lot of people’s attention after all.

“Remember, anyone who dares to touch him, the consequences are at your own risk.”

Su Mo didn’t say any serious threats but the sentence ‘The consequences are at your own risk’ were enough to scare people witless. Other than being known as a fickle man, Su Mo is also famous to be temperamental and ruthless. You can offend anyone in this University A but definitely not Young Master Su. Once he starts going crazy, no one could stop him! Of course, Lin Zisheng naturally won’t know about this. Right now he is reading a book in the library, just that the book in his hand is the ‘attack instructions’ for this world.

“001, what happened today? Isn’t Su Mo supposed to be uninterested to men?”

Looking at the back of his hand which has been rubbed red, a flash of disgust ran through Lin Zisheng’s eyes. Although he doesn’t hate men, he is not interested in such a man who has no integrity.

[The… the attack instructions didn’t mention.]’

001 cautiously looked at Lin Zisheng. Actually it was astonished as well towards the male lead’s action. Ain’t his actions obviously having bad intentions towards its family’s host?!

 ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ Host-daren belongs to it, even male lead cannot snatch!

Just as Lin Zisheng wants to say something, the wind mixed with the fragrance of lotus gently floated by. Accompanied by this fragrant breeze was a white silhouette.

Lin Zisheng : … hehe, lotus fragrance.

“Ah Sheng, why are you here alone?” Bai Wei said while skillfully sat herself beside Lin Zisheng. As if both of them were close friends, she asked “You have no class today?”

“This classmate, we are not that familiar with each other ba?”

Although he knew he should be raising the female lead’s positive feeling, but whenever he saw her face that could let ‘people can’t help but falling for her’, he would feel his tooth aching.

[System scanning]’
– Target : Bai Wei (reborn white lotus)
– Target initial positive feeling : 70
– Comment : Someone who loves me, how could I not love him?

Hehe, the female lead’s brain hole is indeed too big. However, he was quite satisfied with the fact that her positive feeling (towards LZS) is 70. He just has to brush the points up a bit and don’t has to see this person again afterwards.

“Ah Sheng, I know you are mad at me. It’s all my fault before this, I ..”

Bai Wei acting like ‘this is all my fault, no matter how much you are dissatisfied in your heart, you can vent it all on me’ really stunned 001. It heard of this before, that all white lotuses carried a Holy Mother halo with them. Anyone who met them would be able to feel the sensation of being shone by a ray of holy light. Even 001 was not spared today, so blinding that it almost caused the system to crash.

“Just say what you want to say.” Lin Zisheng picked up another book, and casually talked to Bai Wei while reading it.

Upon hearing what Lin Zisheng said, Bai Wei’s eyes instantly brightened. With a scorching brilliance, she asked, “Ah Sheng, tomorrow is Ah Mo’s birthday. You… could you bring me along to Ah Mo’s birthday party?”

In her past life, she and Lin Zisheng both received an invitation to Su Mo’s birthday party. But in this life, she didn’t get one because she has been hiding from him. So she could only go with Lin Zisheng if she want to attend the birthday party. Of course, she is not worried at all about Lin Zisheng not taking her together. He loved her so much, how could he not fulfill this small request from her?


Bai Wei would be able to find a way to attend the party anyway even if he didn’t bring her along. It’s better to take this chance to brush up her positive feeling instead.

[DING DONG, Female Lead’s positive feeling + 15, current positive feeling 85. Host, please keep up the good work.]’

Lin Zisheng : … hehe, really don’t know what she is imagining now.

[Side Mission 2 : Raise positive feeling from Female Lead to 80% and above.(Completed)
Rewards : EXP 50 & 100 Points. Do the host accept?]’


[Rewards have been received. Host current grade is F, current EXP : 50/1500 , current Points : 100. After the Main mission is completed, the Points Shop will be opened, please continue to work hard~]’

“Ah Sheng?”

Seeing that Lin Zisheng is expressionless, Bai Wei felt a bit discomfort in her heart. But when she thought of how she caused him to be like that(disabled) in her past life, she felt like she could tolerate his grievances.

“You agreed just now?”

“En, I agree.”

Although he replied like that, his attitude was still the same attitude that pushes other people away to thousand miles away. Him not putting Bai Wei in his eyes at all caused Bai Wei to gnash her teeth. She secretly vowed in her heart, that one day she would let Lin Zisheng regret the way he treated her today. Even if she has him(LZS) in her heart, she absolutely will not allow him to be so rude to her! Thinking back now, it was because she loved too humbly that she got treated like that by Su Mo. In this life, she will never make the same mistake again and she must become the Queen of both men’s heart!

[Do Host-daren want to know what the Female Lead was thinking just now?] ‘

001 naturally could read Bai Wei’s thoughts, and of course good things must be shared with its important person.

“…I don’t want to know at all.” Even if 001 didn’t tell him, Lin Zisheng also could guess so he don’t want to disgust himself.

[…] Should it admire Host-daren for being witty?


In the evening, Lin Zisheng put on the clothes that have been prepared earlier. Looking at himself in the mirror. he is quite satisfied in his heart. The 001 beside looked at Lin Zisheng and excitedly fluttered in the air. Originally it thought the Host-daren in the morning is already a male god but right now. he is totally at the true male god level!

Lin Zisheng with a whole white attire gave a feeling of indifference. The cold aura was so chilly that it could freeze anyone who gets near. Now he put on a silver-gray suit, the original indifference has turned into awe-inspiring and yet, his slightly messy hair gave a feeling of freedom and uninhibited. Cautious and uninhibited, such feeling appearing on one’s body felt harmonious instead; it seems like he should be such a person right from the start.

His slim suit fit snugly to his waistline. Someone with a slightly bad figure wearing it would make people feel bloated but it was so suitable on Lin Zisheng’s body. The slightly slender waist adds a soft touch to his chilly temperament, giving a few more points of realness to his demeanor.

“How is this?”

He raised his eyebrows looking at the 001 that looked like it could fall down from mid-air anytime.

[Male… male god…]’

“Ah Sheng—” Just as Lin Zisheng wanted to tease 001 a bit, Bai Wei’s voice could be heard downstairs. Her voice still sounded pure and feminine although she raised the volume of her voice, really doesn’t know how she did it. Knowing that if he doesn’t go down soon, Bai Wei would probably be waiting downstairs with a tearful expression like he has let her down. In order not to disgust himself, Lin Zisheng went down and got into the car his family sent for him with Bai Wei; their car headed straight to the venue of Su Mo’s birthday party. Just like what he expected, Bai Wei immediately tossed him away to look everywhere for Su Mo the moment they arrived.

“001, why did the former Lin Zisheng liked Bai Wei? Anyone with a brain could tell that her focus is only on Su Mo.”

The original body could be considered a smart person, why would he do such stupid things?

[Probably because he was under the influence of FL’s white lotus halo, so he fell in love with her without hesitation.]’

Lin Zisheng felt deeply impressed with this answer. As expected, the original body has no problem with his brain, but was influenced by outer factors. Just as Lin Zisheng is thinking about how to complete his tasks, his surroundings suddenly became noisy. Sure enough, he saw Su Mo slowly coming down the staircase from second floor the moment he raised his head.

His burgundy suit was paired with a white shirt. The white shirt was buttoned up all the way to the collar, and a black tie was properly tied there. His messy hair were meticulously combed backwards, showing a well-defined face. Dressing in such a rigid way should give people a feeling of self-restraint. However, Lin Zisheng could feel his(SM) body giving off a feeling of lewdness that couldn’t be covered, just like a male peacock vigorously showing off its tail, hoping all the gaze from the opposite gender would fall on his body.

Just one moment, Lin Zisheng’s gaze met with Su Mo’s eyes. Su Mo’s originally expressionless face suddenly raised a lazy curve of smile. Raising up the glass in his hand, he made a toasting gesture causing everyone present to be shocked speechless. This Young Master Su never give any faces to other people. Don’t talk about taking the initiative to toast other people, even if someone toasted him, to drink or not still will have to see his mood. And today, someone actually make Young Master Su take the initiative to make a toast, this…

Following Su Mo’s gaze, everyone saw who he was looking at – Lin Zisheng. The moment when everyone saw his face, no less amount of people got charmed in their mind. The young man with a delicate appearance, comparing to woman he should be more exciting to play with ba! The next moment, everyone remembered Su Mo’s action and instantly deflated. Although the rumors circulating in the circle said that Young Master Su never play with men before, but Young Master Su’s attitude today let everyone know that this young man with a delicate face absolutely cannot be touched!

Seeing how everyone suddenly became timid, a hint of satisfaction appeared in Su Mo’s eyes. He let that person came today just so that he(SM) could tell everyone that he(LZS) cannot be touched. If anyone dares to stretch out their paw, he doesn’t mind chopping that paw off!

“Young master Lin, could you give me the honor to have a drink with you?”

He lazily went down the path everyone opened for him and walked towards Lin Zisheng. Along the way he casually picked up a glass of red wine and handed it to Lin Zisheng. Seeing this scene, everyone around were shocked once again. Young Master Su personally handed the wine ah! Don’t talk about drinking a glass of wine together, they don’t dare to refuse even if they need to eat the glass. What right do this person have to get such treatment?!

Lin Zisheng didn’t say anything. He just calmly took over the wine glass from Su Mo’s hand.
After a toasting gesture, he drained the glass in one gulp.

Seeing that pale colored lips dyed into bewitching deep red from the red wine, Su Mo felt thirsty all of a sudden. He couldn’t wait to pounce and bite his(LZS) lips.

[System scanning]’
– Target : Su Mo (male lead)
– Target initial positive feeling : 45
– Comment : Looked delicious, really want to eat.

In an instant, Lin Zisheng turned a bit black. What do you mean by want to eat?!

Raw word count : 3288

#( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)

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