Killed the White Lotus Chapter 1.2

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那些年我们弄死的白莲花 Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus – Chapter 1.2

Female Lead – Bai Wei
Male Lead 1 – Su Mo
Male Lead 2 – Lin Zisheng (our MC)

1.02 Rebirth of the blackened white lotus

Bai Wei slowly walked towards Lin Zisheng. Her steps were delicate and graceful, and her smile was pure and beautiful. It was like an angel has fallen into the mortal world; a silent beauty that people can’t bear to touch. Just that this most beautiful scene was not seen by the person she admired and hoped the most the see.

Lin Zisheng still sat there quietly on the long bench and reading the book in his hand. The sun shines through the gaps in the leaves, and carried a quiet serenity. At that moment when one saw him, one would experienced a peaceful state in their mind. He obviously had an aura that keeps people thousands of miles away from him, but anyone who saw him would have thought these in their heart – peaceful, calm and stable.

“This classmate…”

Finally, Bai Wei couldn’t stand being ignored and called out to Lin Zisheng. She also reached out to pull at his sleeve. However, before her hand could touch him, Lin Zisheng closed the book in his hand and looked up. His gaze met Bai Wei straight in the eye, there were only calmness and indifference in his pure black pupil as if the person in front of him is not some pretty female but just a dead thing.

Bai Wei has seen this look countless times before, just that it was never on her. So, this time it cause her to feel particularly embarrassed, and even a faint anger in the deepest corner of her heart. This person clearly viewed her even more important than his own life, how dare he look at her with such gaze?!

“Looking for me?”

Looking at Bai Wei who stood rooted in place, Lin Zisheng’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled up and an annoyed look gradually appeared in his eyes.


Finally seeing a change of emotion from Lin Zisheng, but it caused her to become even more angry instead. He actually showed an annoyed expression to her?!

“Hello, I am Bai Wei from Year 1 C Class , I…”

“C Class? I’m not interested in knowing you.”

Lin Zisheng cut her short before Bai Wei could finish her words. Then he reopened the book in his hand and completely ignored everyone around him.

At this moment, Bai Wei really wanted to scream out. Why is everything so different from what she imagined? Shouldn’t it be Lin Zisheng got captured by her charm and and publicly confess to her?!

The 001 which was stealthily observing Lin Zisheng how he do his missions, looked at him with a face of adoration. This is its host first time doing the tasks, he actually could grasp his character’s character so well. The ML2’s character setting was an iceberg top student. And each major in University A is divided into 4 classes : A, B, C and D. As a top student, he naturally doesn’t care for weakling. But why did it felt like something is wrong? 001 obviously has forgotten about their task which is to save the white lotus. It should be called stupid, ain’t it?

“This… this classmate, I, I just want to know you,”

Bai Wei lowered down her head. Her voice gradually became softer, and she lightly bit her lips. If someone is to check, they will even see tears glazing in her eyes; a clear image of someone being bullied.

“I just saw that you didn’t have any friends, so…”

That ‘I came here to rescue this lonely and autistic you’ look gave Lin Zisheng a burst of nausea.

“I don’t need friends,” Lin Zisheng closed the book in his hands then stood up to head back to the dormitory. At the moment he passed by Bai Wei, he whispered, “I am Lin Zisheng, not Su Mo. You have gone to the wrong place.”

Wh… what?! How could he know this?!

Instantly, Bai Wei’s heart was flustered. This was her biggest secret, how could that person know about it?! Could it be… he also was reborn? Thinking of this possibility, Bai Wei was relieved and an understanding dawned on her. No wonder Lin Zisheng acted like he hated her. If he was reborn again, then everything can be explained. He must be blaming her for causing him to be disabled from the past life. However, he must be still deeply in love with her. Otherwise, he won’t harbor a dissatisfaction1 to her in the end.

And at this moment, the Lin Zisheng who ‘harbored a dissatisfaction to Bai Wei’ is being warned by the System.

[Serious warning, serious warning. Before the completion of the tasks, the host is not allowed to let anyone know about your identity as an outsider. Otherwise you will be directly judged as failing the tasks and be subjected to twice the punishment.]’

“Bai Wei will not think that I am an outsider.” Chuckling, Lin Zisheng’s tone was filled with mockery towards Bai Wei, “A retard absolutely will not has such IQ.”


Host-daren actually makes sense, it was unable to respond. QAQ

[Since Host-daren knew that Bai Wei couldn’t guess, then why did you say those words?]’

Host-daren is too clever that it’s worrying, it couldn’t understand the pit he dug (for FL).

“In order to let her misunderstood that I was reborn.”

This way, his next plan will be easier to execute.

[This… isn’t that means Host-daren is adding difficulties to your task?] 001 couldn’t understand why Lin Zisheng did that even more, [ML2 was disabled because of her in his past life. She will definitely thinks that the host will come back to take revenge, then how do you raise her good feeling?]’

#What to do with a Host not engaging in honest work and digging pitholes for himself? Waiting online, urgent#

“You are talking about normal people. As for retards…”

Pushing open his dormitory room’s door, Lin Zisheng went in and laid comfortably on the bed. He closed his eyes then slowly explained, “She will only thinks that I’m harboring a dissatisfaction. She might even thinks that I am still deeply in love with her.”

Hehe, one just cannot not admit that the brain waves between Lin Zisheng and Bai Wei at the moment are indeed in line.

“Plus, don’t you think that it’s easier to raise good feelings if someone who obviously should hate you protects you in secret?”

Upon hearing the last sentence from Lin Zisheng, 001 expressed its respect to its host-daren like an unending torrential river water.

“So, I’m done with the part with female lead now. Next is male lead 1.”

Actually in Lin Zisheng’s heart, ML1 is easier to take down comparing to FL. The reason is simple, because the male lead in this world is a fickle man who has no integrity at all. Although he(LZS) doesn’t like using a ‘honeypot’ trap, but it seems to be exceptionally useful in this world.

There were no classes early next morning but Lin Zisheng still woke up early. Bai Wei should be scared by him yesterday and won’t go to look for ML1 so soon, so now he wanted to go and give Su Mo an unforgettable chance encounter. Although Su Mo didn’t like men, but after the impact from seeing his(LZS) face, the impression from Bai Wei should be much smaller to him(SM) even if they met today.

Lin Zisheng specially put on a white casual suit, it has the same effect as Bai Wei’s white dress. Although he couldn’t act like Bai Wei’s delicate pitiful look, but his cold temperament is equally memorable.

[Host-daren, you are my male god starting from today. Please take my knees!]’

Looking at Lin Zisheng fixing his appearance in front of the mirror, 001’s eyes have turned into heart sign. There was a pink background around its body, and it looked like a besotted idiot. But he don’t blame it because in order to stay healthy, Lin Zisheng has a habit to exercise and keep fit. So even if his body has turned into twenty something, he could only looked better than ever. Wide shoulder, narrow waist, long legs, and adding his face that is exceptionally delicate and slightly soft but not feminine at all; no matter who sees this, one must call address as a male god. And because of this, Lin Zisheng has quite some confidence towards his ‘honeypot’ trap.

8.10 in the morning, Lin Zisheng sat on the long bench under the classroom floor. Wearing a headphone and holding a book in his hand, he was no different than those students who wake up early to read under the classroom building.

[Host-daren, what are you doing sitting here? Aren’t you going to get a ‘chance encounter’ with ML1?]’

001 was a little anxious seeing Lin Zisheng being indifferent. Su Mo has walked over, but how come Host-daren still doesn’t has any reaction?

Lin Zisheng didn’t answer. Instead, he glanced at the group of people slowly walking over at the corner of his eyes. There’s not much people in that group, probably around 4-5 person. But Lin Zisheng could see that the tallest man of them all is the center of the group. That person is Su Mo.

When he saw Su Mo, Lin Zisheng finally understood why so many people fought to climb into his bed despite knowing that this person is a fickle man. Not taking account of anything else, just his face alone could cause countless woman to pounce without any second thoughts.

A pair of phoenix eyes slightly squinted, and the corner of his mouth was carrying a lazy smile. Top two buttons from his shirt were unbuttoned, revealing a honey-colored chest, making him sexy and dangerous at the same time. All these were enough for all women ‘to rush like ducks’.

Lin Zisheng : … Coquettish to the max.

However, it is precisely because of this meeting that Lin Zisheng has his guard up. 001 did gave him an introduction about how Su Mo is a fickle person, and his interest for other people has never reach more than a week, except for the female lead. But Lin Zisheng could sense that behind his wanton and unrestrained appearance hides a bloodthirsty beast. Once entangled, one is afraid it will not be that easy to escape and even would be swallowed whole without anything left.

[Host-daren, male lead is approaching. Do your best, ganbatte~2]‘

001 doesn’t know Lin Zisheng’s thoughts and anxiously urged, but Lin Zisheng has decided to give up (his current plan). Just that though he is giving up, the other person might not be willing to do the same. As the two of them passed by each other, Su Mo’s body turned slightly somehow and bumped straight at Lin Zisheng.

“Ah, sorry. I didn’t see you there and accidentally bumped into you.”

Su Mo bent over to help Lin Zisheng pick up the fallen books, with an insincere apology from his mouth. As he placed the books on Lin Zisheng’s hands, his(SM) fingertips inadvertently brushed the back of his(LZS) hand. Skin even better than a woman, plus this face is so beautiful that it cause hearts to beat rapidly; pity that all this belonged to a man.

“Thank you.”

Taking the books back from Su Mo’s hand, Lin Zisheng raised his head and gave him a glance. He nodded and said his thanks, then he walked towards the direction of the library without looking back.

After Lin Zisheng left, Su Mo looked at his own hand. He gently rubbed his fingertips and the corner of his mouth carried a thoughtful smile.

“What is it, Young Master Su is charmed?” The young man at the side saw Su Mo’s smile went up to ask, “Since when Young Master Su is interested in men?”

“A bit, but pity it’s a guy. If it’s a woman…”

A bit of regret appeared in Su Mo’s heart. It was rare to meet someone who fits his taste perfectly, just the gender is not suitable.

“If Young Master Su is not interested, then how about giving it(the chance) to me?”

He saw Lin Zisheng’s appearance just now as well. If Young Master Su is not interested, then he is very interested. Just as the young man still wanted to say more, one hand has already gripped at his neck. Although there’s no force in the grip, he could still feel the threat coming from the owner of the hand.

“Remember, you cannot touch him. No one can touch him.”

Such a fitting person to his taste, even he couldn’t touch so how could he let other people do it?!

Raw word count : 3403


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