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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero nine nine – Fate substitution

“Young man, tell me your request. It’s not good to be too greedy!”

Wang Batian became impatient from being ignored by Yin Suye, so he started to threaten him. He subconsciously categorized Yin Suye as those people who would become insatiable just by possessing little ability. Although he didn’t want to use force because he cannot guarantee that the method he gets will be correct, but if Yin Suye still doesn’t act tactful, he doesn’t mind capturing him(YSY) to be tortured. Or he could let a Necromancer to search his soul directly…

“No request!”

Yin Suye coldly reject Wang Batian’s offer. He doesn’t need Wang Batian to continue wasting time here because he could sense that a large number of people have arrived to the Imperial City. Before this, he let Wang Batian waste time here with nonsense because he want to give enough time for the people from the Capital to rush over. Since he has decided to make it big, his intention won’t be complete without the audiences. That’s why he purposely included spiritual power in his shout previously. It was not for Wang Batian to come out to see him, but to let people from the entire Capital know that someone is making trouble in the Imperial City. Combining with the fact that the Imperial City suddenly activated their barrier, the people from the Capital naturally know that something big is happening in the Imperial City and would come to investigate.

Actually, the moment Shui Ruoshan’s identity as a demon was exposed, Yin Suye knew that the whole thing cannot be hidden anymore. Since it cannot be hidden, it’s better to put everything out in the open. Only by solving this hidden danger(for SRS) under everyone’s eyes, that he could prevent enemies from trying to deal with them secretly in the dark. This is the real reason why Yin Suye delayed the time with Wang Batian, to wait for people to come to witness.

“I, Yin Suye, proposed to initiate a special decree with the Supreme King – Fate substitution, the subject is Shui Ruoshan!” Making sure that everyone could hear his voice, Yin Suye then stated the real reason for him doing this.

This special decree was enacted by the first gen Supreme King. As long as someone is willing to activate this decree, then no matter what happened, regardless right or wrong, regardless the reason… it must be activated. And by confessing it out to everyone, even with Wang Batian as the Supreme King, he also has no way to suppress it secretly nor not activating the decree. It is impossible for him(WBT) to reject the proposal at this moment.

“I disagree!”

Not waiting for other people to react from the sudden request from Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan immediately stood up and expressed his objection. At the same time, his gaze towards Yin Suye was complicated. He never expect that when Yin Suye finally gotten the upper hand in the battle with Wang Batian, he(YSY) decided to give up everything and let himself fall into a more dangerous situation. How could Shui Ruoshan agree to this? Especially when he knows how much Yin Suye paved the road in front and how much schemes he calculated. Planning so much schemes… it’s actually all for his(SRS) sake, he couldn’t accept Yin Suye’s good intentions even more.

The special decree for Fate substitution, don’t look at the name and thinks that it sounded mysterious or whatnots, the content is actually very bloody and cruel. The emphasis is on the word ‘substitution’. Roughly saying, when someone commits a crime and another sinless person is willing to replace the sinner to accept a punishment where only 1 out of 10 would survive, and that person survived, then the sinner can be washed clean of his crime.

On the other hand, if the substitute couldn’t survive, then no matter if the sinner committed a crime guilty of death or not, he would have to accompany the substitute to meet death. To put it bluntly, this is not a charitable punishment but a harsh and almost ruthless punishment. And because of that, there are very few people in the world who would use his own fate to substitute other’s fate; betting with their life. Therefore, ever since the existence of this special decree , only desperate people with similar fate would choose this kind of gambling method. But because there are very few people who can succeed, the world gradually forgotten that the Capital has this special decree.

“Nothing bad will happen.”

Yin Suye habitually reached out and comforted Shui Ruoshan by rubbing his head.

“But you will get hurt!”

Shui Ruoshan tightly pursed his lips, expressing his absolute disapproval.

In [The Strongest King in History], he wrote that in order to save the protagonist Huang Beichen’s life, Yin Suye activated the special decree. Because in the story, Huang Beichen has transmigrated into demon’s territory in the Continent of Magic and Sword(Mowu Dalu)1. Although he has always thought himself as a human, but because his eyes and hair are black, he naturally got categorized as a demon. In the end, he became the Supreme King for the demon race… Supreme Demon King.

According to the plot’s progress, originally when Yin Suye and Huang Beichen parted ways in the Fog Forest, it didn’t take long for Huang Beichen to encounter the Huo Ruyan who fled to the forest. With this, the protagonist successfully get acquainted with the supporting female character. After both of them nursed their body back to health, they have nurtured mutual feelings with each other. Then, Huo Ruyan invited Huang Beichen to her home and brought him back to the Capital. After that, Huo Ruyan received a banquet invitation from the Imperial City, which she invited Huang Beichen to go as her partner. But the moment they stepped into the Imperial City’s gate, due to blood flowing inside Huang Beichen are from the descendants of the Yellow Emperor2 and is different from the human in the continent, he was barred outside the Imperial City by the barrier as an outsider. Then, someone recognized Huang Beichen’s identity as a demon, and started to doubt the purpose for him to approach the human race and wanted to capture him for questioning.

At this moment, Huo Ruyan bravely stood up and pleaded everyone to let go of Huang Beichen. She also gave her guarantee that he is definitely not a spy from the demon race. At that time, Yin Suye happened to be at the gate of the Imperial City. Seeing how the sister he cared deeply and also his former friend seemed to be in a bad situation, he felt somewhat unbearable. Hence, he took the initiative to step forward and expressed that he is willing to activate the special decree for Huang Beichen – fate substitution.

Fate substitution needs to go on for 7 x 7 = 49 days, every 7 days needs to change the location and another type of torture, the substitute also is not allowed to eat or drink during the period. At the same time, in order to prevent the substitute from fighting back, the process will also seal the substitute’s power; letting one experience the ultimate suffer with their body and flesh. That means the substitute could only rely on his own strength to support himself. Survived through the suffering, you live. Fail and you die, very real and cruel. If the substitute doesn’t have strong physical strength to support himself, that person probably don’t have to be punished at all as hunger and thirst alone could already kill him!

According to the rules of the fate substitution, for the first 7 days, Yin Suye will be tied in the square. He will be whipped for 7 days regardless sun and rain. Because the first 7 days is a public execution, the punishment won’t be particularly bloody. But the 40 days afterwards, due to the punishment being carried out in various dark cells, and different types of torture being carried out non-stop, the level of bloodiness was just like being in Hell.

However, Yin Suye persevered through with his strong will, though he was half-dead by then. His strength has fallen by half, and there were no perfect skin on his body at all, visible bones can also be seen from some of the wounds…

While Yin Suye was undergoing various torture, due to Huo Ruyan having a good daddy, they managed to persuade everyone to let Huang Beichen be ‘imprisoned’ in the Huo Residence; waiting for the final result of the fate substitution. But because of Huo Ruyan, not only Huang Beichen didn’t get any mistreatment in the Huo Residence, he was even treated like a guest. During that period, Huang Beichen and Huo Ruyan’s feelings progressed rapidly and they have completely forgotten about the Yin Suye who is enduring punishments on their behalf.

When Yin Suye finally passed the punishments, and dragged his weak body back to the Yin Residence, what he received was not a warm welcome but the news that Huo Ruyan has gotten together with Huang Beichen. With that strong contrast, Yin Suye felt betrayed. Not only this worsened his relationship between Huang Beichen, his heart blackened even more.


After that, the relationship between the Yin Suye who has recovered and Huang Beichen further deteriorated, from going against each other in the dark to open hostility. As for Huo Ruyan, the plot where she keep helping out Huang Beichen and despised Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan felt that he shouldn’t think about it anymore. The more he thinks about it, the more he felt sorry for Yin Suye. This plot in the Capital is the beginning of the unfortunate history of the villain ah! No need to mention it anymore!


But Shui Ruoshan would never expect that after he so thoroughly disrupted the plot, the plot would return to the original outline after turning a big corner! The only difference was the person who Yin Suye is substituting his fate for has changed from the protagonist Huang Beichen to him(SRS)!

Should he sigh right now about this goddamned fate ah? Sigh your head ah! He has no leisure time to rant at all! Whenever he remember how tragic Yin Suye looked like after the punishment, he felt very flustered!

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