Way of Transmigration Chapter 98

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero nine eight – Curved road

“All of you deserved to die!”

When Wang Batian finally realized that he accidentally revealed his biggest secret under Yin Suye’s manipulation, he only has one thought in his heart; that is to kill everyone here who knows of his secret! A pressure of a Supreme King containing killing intent instantly spread all over the entire area…
Those soldiers with weak power exploded one after another all of a sudden!


Shui Ruoshan didn’t expect Wang Batian to disregard his own image and starts a massacre right away. Plus the ones he killed are people from his side? Wang Batian, you became crazy just from one sentence from Yin Suye? Because other than Weiyi who is quite high leveled, the soldiers could only rely on their own brute force to support themselves; the rest of the surrounding people has almost got played to death by Wang Batian’s kingly pressure! No, they are already dead! Seems like the word used here is not right, it should be crushed to death! Just that why after the word is changed, it feels even stranger1? In the end, Shui Ruoshan felt that all responsibilities should go to Wang Batian.

Wang Batian, you being so cruel, are you really a true man?

“You can’t kill us.”

Yin Suye’s calm expression when looking at people with half-lidded eyes, let them clearly know that he doesn’t care whether saying the truth so straightforwardly would agitate Wang Batian’s emotions even more; causing more troubles for himself. In this world, no one has the ability to easily take his life.

“Actually, killing cannot solve any problems at all!”

As if he felt that Yin Suye’s words are not stimulating enough, Shui Ruoshan cooperatively agreed with Yin Suye and persuaded Wang Batian with a seemingly serious look. When facing the enemies, he must give his family’s Xiao Yeye absolute support! Example, Yin Suye set the fire and he add the oil or whatnots…
And so, doing things like adding oil to the fire, he can’t be more skillful than that!

“I know a lot about you.”

This time, Yin Suye changed his style of talking. He immediately say what he wanted to say without waiting for Wang Batian to attack him again. Just that the unhurried attitude gave people the feeling as if he is not facing a strong enemy who wanted his life.

“Yes, not only we know that you only have a lifespan of 10 years, we also know a lot of important things related to you!”

Shui Ruoshan supported Yin Suye from behind, like he is Yin Suye’s echo machine2. He expanded Yin Suye’s words to become more provocative. He do know a lot of stuff anyway, so he totally can help out whenever Yin Suye needs it.

“What else do you know?”

Wang Batian who originally was hostile towards Yin Suye and Shui Ruoshan instantly restrained himself; not attacking but locking his gaze firmly on the two. After he gotten the information he wants from them, he will definitely dispose these two as soon as possible.

It was because Yin Suye displayed strength that could go against him caused Wang Batian to feel threatened. After a few more years, when his strength deteriorated, he won’t be able to fight the ever-growing strong Yin Suye. He needs to eliminate him(YSY) when he has yet to grow up.

One need to know, the position of the Supreme King is not absolute, they can be replaced. As for other people who knew his secret, Wang Batian doesn’t really care because everyone other than Weiyi has perished under his pressure. Comparing to Yin Suye, the danger that Weiyi posed is totally insignificant so he is not in a hurry to take action on Weiyi.

“Your life and death.”

Yin Suye’s eyes suddenly deepened, there were bottomless darkness in his eyes; extremely sharp and dangerous. The killing intent from Wang Batian was too obvious, it was hard for other people to not sense it, especially the Yin Suye who is very sensitive towards killing intent. At that moment, Yin Suye lost the mood to continue talking with Wang Batian. Anyway, he just casted the bait, and waiting for the prey to get hooked.

“What do you mean by this?”

When Wang Batian heard the word life and death, he slightly shrunk back. There are too many explanations for these three words, he doesn’t know if Yin Suye’s words are the answer he expected.

“You mean, you know how to prolong my life?”

In the end, Wang Batian couldn’t hold back and asked the question he wanted the know the most. Actually, he rarely manages the human race’s affair in recent years. When he found out that his life will be reaching the end soon, he has been looking for ways to extend his life. He also experimented with a lot of methods but so far none of it is successful. He even visited other races to inquire, and consulted various famous doctors. Anyone who examined him couldn’t see what’s wrong with him, nor know the way to extend lifespan. But this young man called Yin Suye, not only he can see the remaining years of his(WBT) lifespan at a glance, he also vaguely revealed that he might know of new method(to extend lifespan). How could Wang Batian not get excited?!

“I didn’t say that.”

Yin Suye denied it straightforwardly and his attitude was as cold as before.

“As long as you can tell me the way to extend my life, I can spare your life!”

Not only Wang Batian didn’t show any disappointment when he heard Yin Suye’s denial, he became even more convinced instead that Yin Suye indeed has some methods in his hand. The Wang Batian now totally forgotten about how he was opposing each other with equal harshness just now. He can’t wait to bring that person back and thoroughly question him.

Actually, if Yin Suye immediately admits that he know something just now, Wang Batian would keep a skeptical attitude even though he still tries it. But now Yin Suye said it in an ambiguous way and said he know nothing. This makes Wang Batian felt like Yin Suye is deliberately saying this just to increase the betting chips in his hand, in order to discuss the terms and conditions.


Right now, Shui Ruoshan really wanted to ‘hehe’3 at Wang Batian’s face to express his disdain. He dared to shamelessly said he will spare them their life? Don’t be so blind ah! Plus Xiao Yeye also said he didn’t say that. Why Wang Batian still wishfully rely on his unreasonable judgement? Is this the ‘cannot understand human words’ or what?

“As long as you can tell me the method, beauties, wealth, power… you can choose whatever you want!”

Seeing that Yin Suye didn’t give any response, Wang Batian felt that the conditions he had opened before this were too low. The other party was unwilling to accept, so he immediately changed to a more tempting condition. Just that Yin Suye was still unresponsive after a long while, causing Wang Batian to be furious. He became even more determined to eradicate Yin Suye after he gotten his hand on the method, no one has ever dared to ignore him before!

“No matter what is your wish, I can help to fulfill it under the name of the Supreme King!”

But Wang Batian didn’t show his negative emotions on his face, as he constantly increased his betting chips.


All of a sudden, Shui Ruoshan really wanted to sarcastically ask Wang Batian if he(YSY) said he wanted his(WBT) life, will Wang Batian give that as well? Please don’t think Supreme King to be so amazing and randomly throw out conditions, it’s very embarrassing if you can’t do it when the time comes! But seeing how Wang Batian is so concerned with his lifespan, and still could maintain his enthusiasm even when facing with Yin Suye’s icy attitude, Shui Ruoshan finally understood why Yin Suye would say so much ambiguous words with him(WBT) previously. Clearly, Yin Suye is using a language trap at Wang Batian. Because Wang Batian’s life is soon coming to an end, he will not let go of any possible chance that could let him continue living. Like a drowning man (grasping at straws), he obviously knew that the driftwood(straw) cannot save him, and yet he will still reach out and held on it firmly, not letting go. Therefore, Yin Suye deliberately misled Wang Batian, letting him think that Yin Suye might have ways to extend his life; making him feel apprehensive. Sometimes, it’s very useful when the enemy don’t use their brain well!

With this way, Wang Batian won’t really try to kill Yin Suye even if their talk went wrong. Because Wang Batian wanted to live longer and couldn’t let go of the fact that Yin Suye might know how to live longer. At most, he will only have him(YSY) captured alive. As long as it’s not dangerous to Yin Suye’s life, Yin Suye could already be considered as invincible; although, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t know if Yin Suye really know the method or he is just trying to deceive him(WBT).

On the other hand, he is the author of the novel, so he really knows the way to extend one’s lifespan. And this is one of the backup plan which Shui Ruoshan is planning to use to Wang Batian, in case Yin Suye couldn’t win against Wang Batian. He then could use his information to negotiate with Wang Batian to save their life. Just that this backup plan of his seemed to be not needed, because Yin Suye’s open conspiracy is being played out too beautifully! He himself is so witty, also need to brainstorm for a long time to understand the curves and bends in it. He believed that with Wang Batian’s low IQ, he(WBT) absolutely won’t be able to see through Yin Suye’s plan!

As expected, Yin Suye is really deserving of his title as the big villain, really too treacherous!

But… he(SRS) likes it!

Raw Word Count : 2792


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