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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero nine three – Will not let go

“If you don’t take me with you, I will secretly follow behind you!”

Seeing Yin Suye still maintains an indifferent expression under his(SRS) various attacks, Shui Ruoshan suddenly snapped. Soft approach don’t work? He’ll try the hard one! Threats or whatnot, he also know how to use!


Looking at the little guy fuming mad but still thinking of him(YSY), Yin Suye felt like his heart has been hit by a strong force. This feeling came too fast, too furious! Perhaps his feeling for the little guy has long changed from simple feeling! Else, why can’t he stop the killing intent in his heart when he knew Huo Lingyun wants to finish off the little guy?! Not to mention when Yin Wushuang used that kind of filthy eyes to look at the little guy, he was so furious! No, probably even earlier when the little guy keeps planning the path for him and cared for him, he(YSY) has already felt differently for the little guy! Or maybe when the little guy said, “You can believe me” to him, his heart has already been shaken!


“The Supreme King didn’t say he(YSY) cannot bring someone else along.”

When Weiyi saw the two getting in a stalemate over the matter whether to go to the Imperial City together, he thought of it and made a concession in order not to let the Supreme King wait any longer. Very obvious, he(WY) saw Yin Suye’s argument with Shui Ruoshan as the other party is deliberately doing so to delay the time, and unwilling to see the Supreme King. So in order to finish his task better, Weiyi can’t object and could only agree accordingly.

“Weiyi didn’t object me going with you, what other reason do you have to say?”

Being supported by others, Shui Ruoshan became more confident. He put his hands on his waist and put on a fierce front towards Yin Suye.

Although Weiyi’s words did help him to a certain extent, but Shui Ruoshan disliked Weiyi. He doesn’t have mental strength like Yin Suye, who could maintain a calm attitude when facing people who betrayed him in his past life. To put it bluntly, he is just feeling unfair for Yin Suye!

Actually, in [The Strongest King in History], Weiyi considered holding a ‘not big but not small’ supporting role. His role should be mentioned after 10 years when the current Supreme King dies and the Capital is in chaos, Weiyi was the one who brought the whole troop of personal guards to maintain control of the society order and preserved the strength of the Imperial City. Even after Yin Suye became the Supreme King, he(WY) directly bowed to serve Yin Suye as his master. Only afterwards, Weiyi couldn’t stand Yin Suye’s cold blooded actions and bloodhitrtines anymore that he got persuaded by the protagonist Huang Beichen and ruthlessly stabbed(not literally) Yin Suye from the back.

So to say, the Capital and the Imperial City is not a place with good memories for Yin Suye. He(SRS) couldn’t make himself to let Yin Suye face that dark place that was full of betrayal and framing alone.

“Alright, let’s go together!”

Yin Suye compromised and felt helpless, with a faint relief and even touched! When he faced a situation that might be dangerous, one person stood firmly without hesitation beside him. This is also a kind of luck.

He was too powerful in his past life that it caused everyone to think he is invincible. No one ever thought that he is an ordinary human as well. When he is tired, he also wished to have someone beside him. He has experienced that loneliness of staying on top alone so many times in the past. This time with little guy beside him, he doesn’t want to experience it anymore.

Actually, he subconsciously did hoped that the little guy could face the danger together with him, enjoying the glory together, going through joy and sorrow together…
That feeling of living and dying together caused his heart to become uncontrollable and beats rapidly whenever he thinks about it…
At that moment, he finally has a feeling of being alive! Combining both of his lifetime, only the little guy could give him all these feelings! The little guy could only belong to him, regardless his heart or body! That’s why he left plenty of options for them when he decided to make the little guy stay back1. Otherwise with his usual actions, there are many ways for him to keep the little guy in a safe place. But he didn’t do anything other than a simple verbal command.

He just doesn’t have the guts to ask the little guy to face danger together with him. Afraid the little guy will resent him for acting on his own initiative, also… he is not willing for the little guy to be in danger because of him…
But… he is the least qualified person to ask the little guy to do something for him…
Ever since they met each other, he keep owing the little guy favors instead of him(SRS) relying on him…
With this unequal relationship, he doesn’t really dare ask the little guy to risk danger with him. No matter how unwilling he is, he could only choose the most secure way to arrange him(SRS). Actually, in front of the little guy, he doesn’t have much confidence…
He is afraid that the little guy would do the same like those people who betrayed him in his past life, choosing to leave without hesitation…
This price, he… cannot afford it…
Otherwise, he won’t keep testing the little guy’s intention towards him whenever he can just to get a little peace of mind. In front of him(SRS), he should be inferior ba…
As expected, he(YSY) has never been a good person. In order to achieve his own goals, he would do anything regardless the methods used, be ruthless, be unscrupulous…
He could even scheme against the little guy who has been thinking for him…
People like him simply cannot be cured anymore…
Just that unless he dies, he will never let go of the little guy in this life! This person who he finally met after using up the luck from both his life is the only light in his dark life, the only salvation. If it disappeared, he thinks he would become crazy!

At this moment, Yin Suye was slightly overwhelmed by these thoughts flashing in his mind. It lets him figure out something, but gave him other concerns as well.


“About time!”

Shui Ruoshan couldn’t tell the internal turmoil that has happened from Yin Suye’s expressionless face. He only knows that he got an absolute victory from his dispute with Yin Suye so he proudly raised his head showing that he is very satisfied with the results.


Yin Suye’s expression softened when he looked at the elated little guy. The result was within his expectation so there’s no reason why he should feel dissatisfied now. Bending down, he gathered the little guy back to his arms again. His careful actions were as if he is embracing his whole world. Just that when no one is paying attention, he moved his left hand a few times behind him. Then, he placed his hand back to its original place like nothing has happened.

The moment when he returned to the Capital, he has already sent out secret messages to those secret forces belonged to him to stand by in the dark. Previously when he is not sure of what would the little guy choose, he already ordered his secret guards to protect him(SRS) when he is not around. Now that the little guy is back under his care, he naturally has to cancel his previous order.

“Let’s go!” Seeing that the two finally settled their dispute, Weiyi ignored everyone else and directly ask Yin Suye to hurry up and leave with him.

“En.” Yin Suye carried Shui Ruoshan and followed behind Weiyi, heading towards the Imperial City…

“We have arrived.”

Weiyi stopped in front the the Imperial City’s royal red gate. After confirming his identity token and reported his purpose, he stepped past the gates first. Then, he gestured Yin Suye to follow behind him.

“En.” Yin Suye was expressionless when he looked at this familiar Imperial City. He just tightly held onto Shui Ruoshan’s hand then went inside…

Comparing to Yin Suye’s indifferent attitude, Shui Ruoshan looked more lively. His head keep turning left and right, seems to be comparing the difference between the scene in the novel and the current reality. Just that the moment Yin Suye took him inside the Imperial City, his(SRS) expression suddenly changed! He felt something blocking him from entering the Imperial City? Raising his head to look at Yin Suye, he didn’t see any changes in his(YSY) expression like he didn’t feel anything. Feeling the strong force of rejection, Shui Ruoshan subconsciously wanted to reach out and hold onto Yin Suye…

However just as he reached out, Yin Suye disappeared from his sight?! That’s not right! Yin Suye is still standing there, just that his(SRS) position has returned to the place where they stood outside the gate earlier?! That means he got transported away from Yin Suye’s arms to the gate of the Imperial City?!

Not waiting for Shui Ruoshan to figure out what happened, the soldiers who were originally guarding the gates have surrounded him and the weapon in their hand was pointed at him…

Raw Word Count : 2658


Banana: Raw – 所以,当做出让小家伙留下来的决定时,才会给他和小家伙预留了足够多的选择。

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