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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero nine two – Don’t know how to lie

“What’s wrong?” The moment Shui Ruoshan found something is not right with Yin Suye, he raised his head and asked in concern.

“Someone’s coming.”

Yin Suye stopped looking at the Imperial City’s direction and explained patiently to the little guy. He knew from earlier on that the moment he decided to kill Huo Lingyun, the people from the Imperial City will come looking for him. Whether it is to sic a group of righteous people on him or it’s because of his (powerful) strength, it’s inevitable for him to come in contract the these people for a short period of time. Or one could say, he will be coming across the current Supreme King soon. Just that these people from Imperial City came earlier that he expected!


Why there’s another batch of people coming at them again? It was not easy for them to settle those people from Yin and Huo Family, now a new group of people appeared. What’s going on? So are they going to play the show again where someone came to seek trouble, then they settle them? Keep repeating this ‘different broth but the same old medicine’1, even he felt visually tired, alright? Can they just let them take a break and catch their breath before continuing again, a’ight? As an author with much professionalism, Shui Ruoshan felt too tired to do this anymore! If he dared to repeat similar scenes 2-3 times in his own novel, his readers will absolutely complain at him ah! But the reality is really a pit! All of a sudden, he felt very unbalanced in his heart, what to do?

“What kind of people is coming this time?”

Actually what Shui Ruoshan really wanted to ask was how many enemies he(YSY) had in the Capital. But whenever he remembers that all these things happened because of what he set in the story, he will feel guilty and doesn’t dare to ask anymore. So he could only transfer all his dissatisfaction onto those incoming people.

“It should be the people from Imperial City.” Whenever the little guy has questions, he will answer without reservation.

“…” Hearing an unexpected answer, Shui Ruoshan exaggeratedly cursed ‘Fcuk!’ in his heart.

The Imperial City is the royal palace inside the Forbidden City2, and the current Supreme King lives in the Imperial City. Now that the people from the Imperial City came looking for them, it means the current Supreme King has noticed them! He has yet to prepare himself to the fact that they will be going against the Supreme King so soon. According to [The Strongest King in History], it should 10 years later for Yin Suye to come across the Supreme King. But the current progress really cause people to be taken off guard ah! At this moment, can anyone understand what is ‘gradual progress’? One simply doesn’t go directly against the BOSS at first go ah! This is absolutely a foul ah!

“They have arrived.3

Yin Suye’s eyes slightly squinted, there are no panic in it. With his current strength, he doesn’t have to be afraid of anyone else, even when going against the current Supreme King. Because there’s no fear, he naturally has nothing to care about! This is also the reason why he acted so high-profiled after he returned to the Capital.


Shui Ruoshan knew of Yin Suye’s strong senses and he has always been very truthful towards his judgement. So, as soon as he heard what Yin Suye said, he immediately raised his head. What he saw was a figure flying quickly in the sky from a distance, then slowly landed in front of them.

“I am the Captain of the Supreme King’s direct personal guards — Weiyi4.”

Weiyi briefly introduced himself after he landed. The moment it was heard that this person came from the Imperial City, everyone reacted differently. The ones most excited were the people from the Huo Family. They must be thinking that Weiyi has come to capture this demon Yin Suye on behalf of the Supreme King, so they felt exuberant all of a sudden. Their gaze at Yin Suye became absolutely unrestrained once again.

“Daren, you must seek justice for our Huo Family ah!”

The people from the Huo Family felt that they have a backing now and became confident, so they immediately cried in grievance at Weiyi.

“You must avenge our Family head ah!”

“You must punish this madman Yin Suye mercilessly!”


The people from the Huo Family started talking one after another, and reported all sorts of evil things that Yin Suye has done.


Weiyi slightly frowned, it was clear that he doesn’t like people being noisy around him. After listening for a moment and figured everything out, he told the crowd to be quiet.


No one dares to defy Weiyi’s words. After all, the Supreme King’s direct personal guards represent the King himself. So, the guards are special and authoritative in the eyes of the people.

“The matters that you have reported, I will let someone handle it later. Right now I have other important things to do, I hope that all of you will not hinder my duty.”

Weiyi’s words were very straightforward. He came here under the Supreme King’s order and he has no extra time to deal with trivial matters. Obviously, Weiyi doesn’t care about Huo Lingyun’s death at all. His ‘up above’ status gave him the power not to care of other’s life and death.

“Daren, didn’t you come here because our Family Head was killed?”

The people from the Huo Family didn’t expect the saviour they thought he is didn’t actually come for them and pushed them aside instead. However, they indeed are not qualified to ask Weiyi to seek justice for them so they could only unrelentingly ask again.


Weiyi ignored the rest of them after he gave his reply. Then, he turned his attention to Yin Suye.

Seeing how obvious was Weiyi’s rejection, the people from the Huo Family doesn’t dare to say anymore. They could only silently retreat to one side, giving the space to Weiyi to do his duty better.

“Yin Suye, the pressure earlier was released by you?”

Weiyi entered the topic right away seeing that everyone is being tactful. This was because the Supreme King in the Imperial City felt a strong pressure all of a sudden. He then sent him(WY) to investigate the matter and also to bring that person back for questioning. Weiyi originally followed the trace of the pressure, and combining with situation reported by the people from Huo Family, Weiyi could easily identify the person.

“En.” Yin Suye lightly responded, generously admitting the matter.

“The Supreme King wants to see you.”

As a member of the Capital, he naturally knew about the rumors regarding Yin Suye. But when he experienced his(YSY) strength, his attitude was quite polite out of respect for the strong.

“Alright.” A light flashed through Yin Suye’s eyes, then he agreed.

Through Weiyi’s action and words just now, Yin Suye could clearly understand that the Supreme King wanted to see him not because he killed Huo Lingyun, but the Supreme stage pressure he released earlier has alarmed the Supreme King. This is to say the current Supreme King probably wanted to see him out of curiosity rather than harboring hostile intent towards him. So he doesn’t need to be suspicious at all and cause the relationship between the two of them to go bad because he didn’t went to see the Supreme King. Plus coming back this time, he will stay in the Capital for a long time so he should just take this opportunity to test the Supreme King’s attitude towards him; to plan and decide how he should take actions later on.

“Then let’s go.”

Seeing that Yin Suye agreed, Weiyi made a ‘please’ gesture, it was obvious that he hoped for them to go to the Imperial City immediately.


Yin Suye didn’t oppose the arrangement but didn’t immediately acted as well. He just bent down and placed the little guy on the ground. Then he started walking, ready to leave with Weiyi.

“What do you mean by putting me down all of a sudden?”

When Shui Ruoshan was placed on the ground, he immediately reached out to hold onto Yin Suye without thinking. One need to know, it’s a very long journey from the Yin Residence to the Imperial City. If Yin Suye don’t carry him, it would definitely be a very difficult task from him to walk there with his own feet. The most important thing is, Weiyi who wanted to complete his task as soon as possible, will not agree to let them proceed to the Imperial City in a slow pace!

So Yin Suye, are you trying to abandon me? No, are you looking down on me?! Then you are going to single-handedly accept the challenge?!

“Stay here.”

Yin Suye lowered down his head and patiently persuaded him. Although he doesn’t want to be separated with the little guy, but later on he will be facing the strongest person in the human realm, the Supreme King. No one can guarantee what would happen when they meet, so he couldn’t not be cautious about it. He doesn’t want the little guy receive any injuries from his dangerous decision. He couldn’t afford the price and he doesn’t want to pay it either! So even if he is unwilling, he still have to leave the little guy behind for his safety.

“I want to go with you!”

Shui Ruoshan obviously doesn’t buy it, his attitude was very determined. Yin Suye didn’t come in contact with the Supreme King in his past life, so he(YSY) doesn’t know the evil in his(SK) character. But he is the author of this story, he knew how sanctimonious is the Supreme King more than anyone in this world.

One need to know, the current Supreme King would soon die of old age, around 10 years later. In order to live longer, he did a lot of cruel and bloody things. And all these things would later be unintentionally revealed by the protagonist. Unfortunately, at that time the Supreme King has already died. So the smear and stain left behind was borne by Yin Suye, the next Supreme King. Therefore, if Yin Suye appears in front of the Supreme King right now, there won’t be any place able to hide his(YSY) abnormalities. If he cannot explain it with a reasonable reason, he(YSY) will definitely get targeted by the ruthless Supreme King who will do anything to stay alive.

He doesn’t even have to think about it to be sure that in any case that Yin Suye accidentally revealed a secret of his body, the Supreme King will definitely unable to resist taking action on Yin Suye! But if Yin Suye didn’t go to see him, it will totally be the scene of ‘300 silver taels not hidden here5‘ and probably will rouse suspicion from the Supreme God. It might even turned out like Yin Suye not giving face to him, then the Supreme King will disregard his own identity to take action on Yin Suye! It seems wrong no matter how one choose!

“It’s alright, I have made enough preparations.”

Looking at the little guy getting worried for him, Yin Suye reached out to ruffle his hair and lightly comforted.

“Since you have enough preparations and confirmed that there won’t be any problems, then bringing me along won’t affect you anything!”

Shui Ruoshan ruthlessly refuted his words. He raised his head and looked at Yin Suye with much determination, as if he will keep waiting for the answer right here until Yin Suye agrees with him. Did anyone told Yin Suye before that he(YSY) doesn’t know how to lie at all? Shui Ruoshan doesn’t have any time to care whether Yin Suye agrees or not, and how is his contrasting moe-gap6. All he knows right now is Yin Suye is not as confident as his words because he(YSY) didn’t dare to meet his(SRS) eyes all these time. Not only he(YSY) dodged his(SRS) eyes, the tip of his ears has begun to turn slightly red…
All these inconsistent actions told him that Yin Suye is feeling guilty!

Villain, you being so awkward and so stubborn, your words didn’t match your heart…

Are you trying to seek death?

One need to know, the gap between Imperial stage and the Supreme stage is a sky high distance that cannot be crossed. It couldn’t be compensated with other things. Even if Yin Suye was once a Supreme King, he isn’t one at the moment. Facing the current Supreme King, Yin Suye will definitely be at the weaker side! He understands this, Yin Suye understood as well. It’s not like he couldn’t see that it’s because it’s dangerous that Yin Suye doesn’t allow him to follow!

However, it’s precisely of this that he has to tag along with Yin Suye. Although his fighting power is not very strong, but he is the creator of this world no matter how one says it. What he has in his hands were far more that what Yin Suye thought. If they really encountered any danger, he definitely can help Yin Suye out with the storyline’s knowledge that he possessed! If they encountered something inevitable, he doesn’t mind changing the plot once again!

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