Way of Transmigration Chapter 88

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero eight eight – Self-introduction

“Let me introduce myself first, I’m Shui Ruoshan, an incantation master.”

Actually, Shui Ruoshan wanted to say he is a Seer but he already promised Yin Suye that he will keep that a secret so he won’t use that identity, although Yin Suye already knew that he is not an actual Seer. While this identity gives the person a lot of privileges, it also symbolized a very big problem at the same time. So, after much contemplation, Shui Ruoshan decided to use incantation master instead. Other people probably won’t know what is an incantation master, but Yin Ming as the head of the Yin Family should know what it means. After all, he(SRS) will need this identity later on to prove that Yin Wushuang is Huo Lingyun’s illegitimate child so he decided to introduce himself first.

“You are an incantation master?!”

Yin Ming was full of disbelief. The child that he didn’t put in his eyes is actually the legendary incantation master, there is nothing more shocking than this! It’s because incantation master was said to be very mysterious from all those rumors!

Incantation master was rumored to be very strong, could attack and defend at will…
However, there are very few people who have actually seen an incantation master since the ancient times. Only those from the upper class knew about this and understood the greatness of an incantation master through some ancient record books. The lack of information gave incantation master another veil of mystery! But now, when the ever invincible legendary incantation master really appeared in front of him, and that said person is a child following beside Yin Suye, Yin Ming felt that his existing occupational view has been fiercely challenged! Who could think that this child who has been protected by Yin Suye would possess such a mysterious identity?! This person who have been rumored so long actually appeared all of a sudden, it really makes people couldn’t contain their calm!

“I’m naturally a true incantation master!” Shui Ruoshan didn’t bother with Yin Ming’s shock and doubt, he arrogantly raised his head and simply admitted his identity.

When he first set the draft, in order to show the protagonist’s OP-ness1, he deliberately set the incantation master to be as ‘high-end’ as possible. So that whenever the protagonist mention about him being an incantation master, it could cause a great sensation in an instant. Therefore, this kind of ‘passer-by enjoying the protagonist’s benefit’, this author could enjoy it as well.

“Although you are an incantation master, what does this have to do with the fact that you want to prove that Yin Wushuang is Huo Lingyun illegitimate child?”

Yin Ming was a bit stunned by the appearance of an incantation master but he obviously cared more about whose child Yin Wushuang is.

“It naturally do.” Shui Ruoshan turned around to signal Yin Suye to put him down.

Yin Suye silently looked at Shui Ruoshan then gently put him down. Just that he didn’t leave his side, still putting Shui Ruoshan inside his bubble of protection.

“Since you know about incantation master, then you should know that what an incantation master can do are definitely beyond your imagination.” Shui Ruoshan said to Yin Ming with a profound mystery tone.

Although standing on the ground Shui Ruoshan is way shorter than Yin Ming, but if comparing their aura/momentum, he could strongly look down on the distracted Yin Ming! He is a model student of ‘Love what you do’ after all ah!

[Banana : Raw said 做一行,爱一行(Do one thing, love one thing), it seems to be a handbook for people who is working. The meaning is HERE]’

He is acting as an aloof, high-ranked person so naturally he need to act like a quack, religious cheater, whatever!

“You just stand there, and I will let you know that what I have said is true. I probably will let you understand the truth in a minute.”

Shui Ruoshan stood there but he didn’t look like he will go forward nor request Yin Ming to do anything. He(YM) only saw Shui Ruoshan reaching out and mobilizing his(SRS) spiritual power, writing slowly in the air…

Earlier on, Shui Ruoshan has already started to think in his mind on which method to use in order to achieve the effect he wanted in the fastest and most convenient way. Incantation, that is undoubtedly the best choice for him! As for the wording to check blood relation, 父(father), 母(mother), 子(child), the word for child is the simplest. The meaning is also simple and clear, so it is less stressful for Shui Ruoshan!

“Child(子)!” Very quickly, Shui Ruoshan finished writing the word and threw it at Yin Ming without hesitation.

Yin Ming stared at the ‘子’ word flying straight at him and subconsciously wanted to avoid, then counterattack…

As for Huo Lingyun who has been watching the scene by the side saw that Shui Ruoshan indeed has the way to produce the evidence, suddenly became anxious. Without thinking, he stepped forward to stop…

“No one is allowed to move!”

Shui Ruoshan frowned in unpleasantness towards Yin Ming’s uncooperative action plus Huo Lingyun’s attempt to interrupt. He then looked at Yin Suye with a gaze requesting for help. He is currently focusing on his incantation so he doesn’t spare energy to face the pincer attack, naturally needed Yin Suye to help out.

The moment Yin Suye saw Shui Ruoshan’s gaze, he didn’t wait for him(SRS) to say anything and immediately cooperated to release his pressure. Both Yin Ming and Huo Lingyun were suppressed on the spot. Under absolute power, Yin Ming and Huo Lingyun can only passively stopped moving. Yin Ming stared as the incantation went into his body…

Huo Lingyun saw the incantation quickly blended into Yin Ming’s body, then a golden glow emitted from his(YM) body and shot towards Yin Suye, instantly connected both of them in a line.

“Yin Ming, now you know who is your real son?”

Shui Ruoshan satisfactory think in his mind, as expected, he just have to throw the word at the father and the incantation would accurately identity the son who is related to him by blood. His tone was very malicious, contained inside was a deep disdain towards Yin Ming. Who ask Yin Ming to doubt Yin Suye for not being his biological son, and treated him badly afterwards, causing his Xiao Yeye to suffer bitterness since young!

He(SRS) won’t admit that this is all his(SRS) arrangement! It’s all Yin Ming’s fault! That’s right, it’s like that! It’s was very hard for him to find a chance to prove Yin Suye’s name, and let Yin Ming feel regret. He naturally won’t let go of that opportunity so easily, he wants Yin Ming to feel remorseful! Thinking about the bitterness that Yin Suye has suffered before, Shui Ruoshan felt that he is already being too kind for taking revenge only from spiritual aspect! If not for his martial skill not up to par, he would absolutely abuse both Yin Ming’s mind and body over and over again to return back the pain that Yin Suye has suffered from childhood!

“Old brother Yin, don’t get fooled by him! This is probably a trap specially made by this sinister child to instigate our relationship. He wants us to kill each other and get benefits from it ah!”

Huo Lingyun hurriedly said his thoughts before Yin Ming managed to give his own response. Although he was surprised by Shui Ruoshan’s identity as well, but the deep-scheming him hardly express any difference on his face. Instead, he thought of the countermeasures in his mind in the meantime. As the head of the Huo Family, he naturally knew about the legend regarding incantation master. But that is a far away matter where no one could determine what kind of a being is an incantation master! That means, no one can be sure whether this child called Shui Ruoshan is a real incantation master or not, this gave him an opportunity to take advantage of it. In fact, there are many different tools in the world that could achieve similar effect when properly used.

“How about you try it too if this spell is actually real or not?” Seeing Hui Lingyun still not giving up, Shui Ruoshan felt that it is necessary to teach him(HLY) some lessons.

Just now he was too focused on getting back to Yin Ming, forgetting that he is supposed to deal with Huo Lingyun. Would this let Yin Suye think that he(SRS) has problem with his priorities?


It shouldn’t be too late ba, to teach this ‘Huo Shaoyun’2 a lesson. En! Let’s do it! In order to save his somewhat unreliable image, Shui Ruoshan reached out again and started to write in the air…


Shui Ruoshan quickly completes the word and threw it at Yin Wushuang…
Since Huo Lingyun doubted his(SRS) identity, then he(SRS) should change another incantation to use. See how you still want to argue this time! Hmph hmph!

The incantation could be seen quickly integrated into Yin Wushuang’s body. Then, similar as the previous scene, a golden light emitted from his(YWS) body. Just that this time, the light shot directly at Huo Lingyun and instantly linked both people together. Under the effect from the incantation, Huo Lingyun could feel a profound and mysterious feeling of their blood relation to each other through that light. Inexplicably, he knew that Yin Wushuang is related to him, flesh and blood!

Instantly, Huo Lingyun realized that the situation is not good! If he could feel this way (with YWS), it means Yin Ming felt the same connection with Yin Suye just now. Would that also means that the words he has said just now are groundless and have already collapsed?!

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