Way of Transmigration Chapter 8

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero zero eight – Mutual destruction

Yin Suye stayed motionless at the same spot, just that his pair of different color eyes stared deadly at Shui Ruoshan. There were deathly stillness in his waveless1 eyes like ancient wells; really causing other people to tremble!

It seemed like nothing outside his(YSY) world would be able to affect him(YSY).

Being stared intently like this, Shui Ruoshan felt very pressured, especially when that person is the big villain BOSS in the future. Although he is the author, he still felt weak against this iceberg who could freeze people to death.


Shui Ruoshan was preparing to say something to break the stare-off between the two of them when he became speechless from the fear upon raising his gaze.

Seemed to have smelled the thick scent of blood wafting from their location, giant wolves almost the height of 2 meters walked out one by one from the surrounding forest. Their green tinted eyes stared deadly at both Shui Ruoshan and Yin Suye. Sharp canines emerged from their mouth; showing a fierce ruthless expression as if they wanted to pounce forward and swallow both of them alive into their stomach.

shifting his glance to the side, Shui Ruoshan saw that Yin Suye was still standing on the same spot, not showing any intention to move at all. At this moment, Shui Ruoshan started to feel nervous.

“Stop dazing around, hurry up and get inside the barrier!” Shui Ruoshan said as he stretched his hand outside the barrier, expressing that Yin Suye should come quickly and he will pull him(YSY) inside. He was very clear that with Yin Suye currently suffering serious injuries, it is absolutely impossible for him to deal with this pack of wolves.

Yin Suye just glanced at the hand Shui Ruoshan stretched towards him, then at his surroundings; not taking any other actions.

“You are seeking death!” Shui Ruoshan stamped his feet inside the barrier, expressing anger towards this uncooperative behavior of Yin Suye.

One must know, the pack of wolves won’t be so kind to wait for them to resolve their internal conflict before taking actions.

Looking at the wolves slowly approaching Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan knew that the longer he waited, the more Yin Suye would be in danger.

“Anything would be better than being enslaved!” Yin Suye coldly retorted, the firmness emitted from his whole body has clearly demonstrated his unbending choice.

“Really doesn’t know how to appreciate other’s goodwill!”

He(SRS) thought that Yin Suye’s silence meant a temporary agreement when he said he won’t use the master-servant bond to order him(YSY), and that he(YSY) would believe in his words. But it turns out that the man actually did not believe any of his words right from beginning, he was only too lazy to bother refuting him.

Shui Ruoshan gathered full courage in his heart, only then he dared to take a step from the barrier to face the dangerous situation outside. Even though he was angered to the point of jumping up by Yin suye, he still couldn’t standing by the side and watching the man getting torn apart by the wolves.

At this moment Yin Suye is not wiling to come over, then he(SRS) just have to go out himself and pull the man in!

“Quickly come inside with me!” Shui Ruoshan said as he reached Yin Suye in quick steps, and stretched out his hand to pull the man.

But right before Shui Ruoshan managed to touch Yin Suye’s hand, Yin Suye reached out first and grabbed Shui Ruoshan’s hand. He(YSY) gently pulled, binding both of Shui Ruoshan’s hands and restraining him(SRS) inside his arms

“What are you doing?”

With his hands caught, he cannot use Incantation. And his body was being restricted so he cannot counterattack. Shui Ruoshan immediately realized that the situation was wrong and wanted to struggle, but Yin Suye’s hold became tighter; making it extremely difficult for him to move even a bit more.

“Mutual destruction, how about that?”

Yin Suye’s voice was cold, containing disdain for life; towards other people and also himself.

“Life is beautiful, don’t think negatively ah!”

Shui Ruoshan knew how serious Yin Suye’s words were, and started to ramble incoherently from the nerves.

“Don’t want to die? You can order me with the master and servant contract.”

Yin Suye stared intently at the person who has been completely restricted in his arms. His eyes were full of irony and disdain.


Should he thank Yin Suye right now, for being kind enough to give him an idea in such a life-threatening situation? But he was not happy at all, and had the urge to beat someone up instead!

Right now, Yin Suye clearly told him that he(YSY) doesn’t believe him at all, he doesn’t believe that Shui Ruoshan would really not make use the master-servant contract to control him! That’s why he used his own life as a gamble, testing him(SRS) with such an extreme method.

At this moment, he could just give a small order and force Yin Suye to submit; letting both of them to retreat to safety. But then it would cause his previous assurance to Yin Suye to become a big joke. On the other hand, if he insisted to not use the master-servant bond, they would be surrounded by the pack of wolves soon and get attacked; a complete dead-end.

Can he ask for a little bit more ordinary, a little bit general, a little bit simpler and also a little bit more normal kind of multiple choice question? He was just a normal person, he doesn’t have such a high brain mental capacity to deal with unsolvable dilemmas ah!

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