Way of Transmigration Chapter 78

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero seven eight – Yin Wushuang

“Yin Suye, you are getting more and more daring!”

Yin Wushuang has yet to reach the gate but his arrogant voice could already be heard. His voice was filled with maliciousness and hostile intent against Yin Suye. Actually, Yin Wushuang has already gotten the news from his subordinates the moment Yin Suye reached the Capital, and he has begun planning how to seek trouble for Yin Suye. At the same time, he hinted to the servants what they should do. After arranging everything, Yin Wushuang waited in his room for the good news. What surprised him was he gotten the news that the Yin Suye who has always been calm and self-sufficient actually disregarded everything and started to fight with other people at the gate.

In an instant, Yin Wushuang became excited. He felt that he finally caught Yin Suye’s mistake to push him down to the dust. He can’t wait to see Yin Suye’s hardship face when he has nowhere left to go. So he hurriedly rushed to the gate with a group of men. But his room was located in the middle of the residence and it was quite a distance from the gate so it’s already late when he finally arrived.

What he saw was a group of guards cowardly knelt and bowed to that proud tall figure. Yin Suye just crossed his arms and standing in the middle, accepting everyone’s worship like a god. At that time, the sunlight were quite bright, setting off that person to become even more magnificent, letting Yin Wushuang to remember Yin Suye’s famous reputation as ‘The Light of the Sun’. Yin Wushuang who originally wanted to see Yin Suye getting shamed, his expression became ugly all of a sudden, and his gaze towards Yin Suye became even more unfriendly.

“Young Master, you must seek justice for us ah!”

The guards who has been begging for mercy from Yin Suye, immediately cried out like they saw their savior when they heard Yin Wushuang’s voice. In their eyes, Yin Wushuang is the real young master of Yin Residence, and the master who they should obey.

“Where’s the steward?”

Yin Wushuang remembered that he sent someone in advance to deal with the matter. Now that he arrived, he only saw this group of useless guards but not that person he sent.

“Already killed by Yin Suye!”

The guard who replied shivered when he recalled the dying scene of the steward but he still promptly responded. They couldn’t even see how Yin Suye killed the steward at all, his death was unusually strange! Even though they were being pressured by Yin Suye just now, these servants still didn’t treat him as a young master of the family and directly addressed Yin Suye by his name. Their contemptuous attitude was very obvious.

“Yin Suye, do you have anything to say?”

The moment he heard that the steward has been killed by Yin Suye, Yin Wushuang became joyful. He hasn’t even start looking for trouble with Yin Suye and he made such a big trouble up by himself. He took a big step forward before asking Yin Suye with an arrogant look. This time there are so many eye-witnesses, Yin Suye won’t be able to escape.

Facing the question by the incoming person, Yin Suye just turned away like he has not seen him at all, and looked at Shui Ruoshan who has been standing beside him. He felt his sleeve being pulled by the little guy, who seemed to has something to say to him so he cooperatively bowed down his head.

“Who is he ah?” Shui Ruoshan asked.

This is a downside of novels in text form. He knows everyone from the story but not their appearance. That is to say if there’s no names, he won’t be able to connect the people in front of him with the characters in the story at all.

“Yin Wushuang.” Yin Suye’s introduction has always been short and simple.

“That’s him?!” Shui Ruoshan nodded to show that he knew who was that.

They spent quite some time just now with the small fry guards, and finally a heavyweight character has come out! It’s really not easy ah!

Yin Wushuang is the son of the mistress wife1 that Yin Suye’s cheap father has picked up2, he could be considered the quasi-heir of Yin Residence. At the same time, he(YWS) is the one who looked down at Yin Suye the most. One could say that he(YWS) is definitely the one who contributed the most for the times Yin Suye lived badly in Yin Residence, while his mistress mother is the second most contributor.

“Yin Suye, do you dare to ignore me?!”

Yin Wushuang originally thought Yin Suye would definitely feel guilty for causing a big mess this time, and that he(YWS) could take this opportunity to give Yin Suye a good round of bullying so he(YSY) would know the meaning of fear. But he didn’t expect that not only Yin Suye didn’t succumb to him, he(YSY) has completely ignored him and turned away to talk with a child. This caused Yin Wushuang who doesn’t has good temper to turn darker.

However, he didn’t immediately send his people to give Yin Suye a lesson because he was very clear that none of them were Yin Suye’s opponent at all so he is currently waiting for a more powerful helper to come. He was quite rushed when he came out just now so he doesn’t has time to call any high-leveled master with him. He could only send someone to call them out to support him. Wait until his reinforcements arrive, he would be able to show some colors to Yin Suye!

“What kind of ‘green onion’ are you?3

Upon knowing that Yin Wushuang and Yin Suye are in opposite team to each other, Shui Ruoshan immediately joined in the fight. He knew that Yin Suye doesn’t like to quarrel, but he himself doesn’t mind wasting his saliva at all.

“Moreover, your appearance is not nice at all. What right do you have to insist my family’s Suye to look at you ah?”

At this moment, Shui Ruoshan definitely won’t ‘break Yin Suye’s stage’4. Calling him by Xiao Yeye might not be good since it doesn’t sound imposing so he directly omitted the surname to call him(YSY); it sounded more intimate to call that way too.5

On the other hand, there are people who is better-looking than Yin Suye in the continent, just that it’s definitely not much. After all, he(SRS) was holding on to the mentality to let the protagonist defeat Mr.Tall, Handsome and Rich when he set the descriptions for villain Yin Suye. He felt that the more powerful the villain is, the better the sense of accomplishment when defeating the villain. So he wrote Yin Suye as perfect as he could! Even the protagonist Huang Beichen didn’t get that much favor in terms of appearance.

Yin Wushuang opened his mouth, wanting to teach this kid who interrupted his words a lesson. He might not able to deal with Yin Suye at the moment, but he could still manage a child. Just that the moment he opened his mouth, he was unable to speak. His attention has been focused on Yin Suye all the while so he didn’t notice there’s a child beside him until the child said something. With just a glance, Yin Wushuang suddenly felt his heartbeat became a step slower.

At this moment, Yin Wushuang has forgotten those provocation said by the child. When he recalled the child’s cotton soft and cute voice, he could feel his throat turning dry. As a tyrant in the Capital, he played with a lot of men and women before but his favorite plaything were young kids; teenagers that have not started puberty yet. But he has never met a child that gave him such strong feeling before like this child in front of him.

Shui Ruoshan’s current glaring expression looked completely different in Yin Wushuang’s eyes. The child’s watery eyes looked like it were covered with a layer of water mist, sparkling brightly. His curled eyelashes lightly trembled; cute too the max and sillily charming. The child’s skin is radiant white, looking almost transparent under the sunlight. It was like a flawless pearl, enticing him to swallow him(SRS) into his(YWS) stomach!

Yin Wushuang doesn’t think himself as someone with poor self-control but at this moment, he doesn’t feel like controlling himself at all. A voice keep urging in his heart, to take this child, to possess him completely, no matter what! Furthermore, Yin Suye is the one who brought the child here. That caused Yin Wushuang’s intention to get him(SRS) become even more intense. Just thinking of it, Yin Suye could only weakly watch as he play and ruin the child in front of him; the fiery heat in Yin Wushuang’s heart suddenly became stronger.

“Little child, what is your name ah?” Yin Wushuang immediately put on a smile that he thought was very gentle at Shui Ruoshan.


Shui Ruoshan who was prepared for a confrontation got stunned by Yin Wushuang’s attitude. He couldn’t guess what the other party was trying to do. The next moment, Shui Ruoshan slightly frowned. Because Yin Wushuang’s gaze towards him at the moment was very strange. Not hatred, not hostile, but an inexplicable eagerness that makes him feel very uncomfortable?

One need to know, he has just scolded the other person. But not only that person didn’t get angry, he even showed him(SRS) a smiling face. Don’t tell him that this person is an abnormal wacko ba?

Oh fcuk! Don’t tell him that he met someone with abusive tendency ba?

At this moment, should he go and persuade Yin Wushuang a bit? If you are sick, then you need to take medicines. Don’t give up on treatment, although you looked like you cannot be saved anymore.

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Banana: Raw – 殷夙夜那个便宜父亲另取小三妻子的儿子

So about names in Chinese (as mentioned in footnote above), Chinese names usually are made out of 3 characters.

Example : Shui(Surname) Ruoshan(Given name) / Yin(Surname) Suye(Given name).

1. Calling one by full name is normal.
2. For more polite address, use honorific with just the surname or full name. Example : Mr.Shui / Mr.Yin
3. For people with intimate relationship (bff, lovers, families), they would call each other without surname. Example : Ruoshan / Suye .
4. Elder siblings normally call their younger siblings with ‘Ah’ and the last character of their name. Example : Ah Shan / Ah Ye.

Why I wanna talk about this? Because I have seen a lot of people commenting in various sites using only the surname and the middle character. Example : I think SR (Shui Ruo) shouldn’t do that / YS (Yin Su) looked so cool. This is wrong ya, it sounded like you choked on something in the middle of saying their name. It’s weird ah.

I think some of you guys didn’t realize the difference between Asian [surname + given name] with western [first name + last name] yo. At least I got confused with that when I was young _(;3/ I keep putting my given name as last name because of its placing :v

Anyway, I only mentioned the super basic info, and I said ‘usually’ so it doesn’t applies to ‘all’ names. There are more detailed explanation online so please don’t come with a thesis and starts a debate here ya _(;3/

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