Way of Transmigration Chapter 77

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero seven seven – Oh I’m very scared ah


Very obvious, Yin Suye’s ruckus at the gate has alerted the people in the residence. The steward brought a group of people with him and rushed to the gate. When he saw the scene outside, he immediately called for a stop.

“What happened here?”

As if he didn’t see Yin Suye at all, he asked the guards who were guarding the gate. Just that when he saw the guards kneeling to Yin Suye, the steward’s face instantly turned black. Yin Suye’s status in the residence doesn’t qualify him(YSY) to be fawned over at all. These guards are throwing away his face ah! The guards wanted to explain the situation but under the strong pressure by Yin Suye, don’t mention talking, they can’t even take a few more breath. They could only tremble while kneeling on the floor.

“What did you do?”

At this point, the steward found out that something is not right and directed the blame to Yin Suye. People in big families knew ‘to serve dishes according to plates’1. For an unloved young master like Yin Suye, he liked to go and step on him(YSY) whenever he felt like it; throwing stones when one is down. Though he can’t get benefits every time he did it, but his actions could let him curry favor with the masters who despised Yin Suye.

This is definitely a profitable transaction.

Unfortunately, Yin Suye left the residence for a while so he couldn’t continue using the bullying method to gain more merits. And now, Yin Suye finally returned. The little abacus in the steward’s mind immediately started calculating with ‘da da’ sound, like it is calculating what kind of things the steward should do in order to be rewarded by other masters later.

Yin Suye raised his head and coldly looked at the steward. There were no expressions on his delicate face nor emotions in his waveless eyes. Although his current strength has not been recovered to the Supreme King stage, but his spiritual strength is at the Supreme King stage. That is to say, the pressure he exuded is at the level of a Supreme King. If he wanted to, he could crush everyone at the scene to death with just his pressure. But towards these small fry, he don’t want to bother himself with them so he limited the scope and strength of his pressure to affect only the guards to teach them a lesson. Therefore, when the steward arrived afterwards, he was not affected by Yin Suye’s pressure. And Yin Suye was lazy to waste energy for such a person so the steward luckily escape all these unknowingly. Because the steward didn’t experience the horrifying pressure, he thought Yin Suye is someone weak where anyone could also bully him. That’s why he dared to give no face to Yin Suye.

At the moment, the steward met Yin Suye’s scary gaze and subconsciously took a few steps backwards from fear. He felt that that pair of heterochromatic eyes were scarily chilly, it cause people to feel a terrifying fear at the bottom of their hearts. But the moment he remembered that he has a group of people behind him as support, his courage suddenly grew bigger. Yin Suye didn’t get the recognition from the family and his(YSY) status in the residence is not even on par with the servants so he doesn’t need to be afraid at all!

Shui Ruoshan : “What do you mean by ‘what did you do’ ah? You should ask them instead right?”

Seeing that Yin Suye didn’t do anything despite being provoked, Shui Ruoshan instantly felt dissatisfied.

Shui Ruoshan : “If you don’t know how to talk then don’t talk, so that you don’t come out and throw your face away!”

Taking a big step forward, Shui Ruoshan had Yin Suye standing right behind him. He raised his head, and both of his hands were at his hips imposingly as he retorted the steward’s words. Although Shui Ruoshan knew Yin Suye’s life at Yin Residence in the past was very miserable but he doesn’t know how miserable was that! The more he think about it, the more he felt pitiful for Yin Suye…

Although he doesn’t dare to mention in front of Xiao Yeye of their master-servant agreement, but as his owner in name, what else can he do when he sees his subordinate being bullied like this ah? Of course he need to support Yin Suye strongly right to the end! He was not very good in fighting but if it’s about quarreling, then he is very good at it! Knowing that Yin Suye doesn’t like to talk and couldn’t quarrel like a shrew, Shui Ruoshan could only sacrifice his own image and step up to support Yin Suye. After all, he is just a petty normal person. He couldn’t do it like Yin Suye’s aloofness; disdain to bother himself with other people.

Yin Suye doesn’t like to fuss, then he(SRS) will be fussy (on his behalf)!
Yin Suye is lazy to bother with these crooks, then he(SRS) will take note (on his behalf)!
Yin Suye disdained taking action on ordinary people, then he(SRS) will teach these people a lesson (on his behalf)!

In other words, he just couldn’t stand these people bullying Yin Suye in front of him(SRS)! He want to let everyone know that the current Yin Suye is no longer the lonely Yin Suye who can be bullied by anyone in the past. At the very least, he(YSY) will has him(SRS) standing firmly at his side! People doesn’t value Yin Suye, that’s fine! At the very least, he(SRS) values Yin Suye a lot!


Though the steward’s position in the residence was not high, but no one has ever dared to talk to him like this. Instantly his face turned red from the anger.

“What ‘you’ ah? I am talking about people whose ‘eyes are higher than a peak’2 like you!”

Shui Ruoshan didn’t give the steward a chance to rebut, immediately picked up from his pause.
He(SRS) doesn’t worry at all that he will cause unnecessary troubles by doing this. Let’s not say that these people are simply some insignificant crooks, he(SRS) won’t need to worry even if someone with more important status came out. One need to know, Yin Suye’s current strength is at Imperial stage level 9, plus abilities at Supreme King stage. It could be said that as long as their opponent is not the current Supreme King, then no one could go against Yin Suye3.

Meaning, they could completely walk sideways in the Capital (if they want) ah! Having such advantage at his side, Shui Ruoshan naturally has more confidence; it was completely stress-free for him to be ‘the fox exploits the tiger’s might’4!

“A child who doesn’t know ‘how high is the sky’5!”

As the steward said that, he waved at the person behind him, wanting to give this child who dares to throw his face a lesson.

“Oh, I’m very scared ah~”

Shui Ruoshan said that he was scared but he still standing there, doesn’t look like he wanted to retreat nor ask Yin Suye for help. Although his own ability is a bit bad, but he absolutely has no problem dealing with these crooks. However, he is a little unhappy with the steward’s attitude to ‘take actions at the slightest disagreement’. Does that means he is picking the soft persimmons to pinch?

People from parallel world are too uncivilized, not gentleman at all!
Do you understand what is ‘diplomacy before violence’ ah?
The steward just can’t let him(SRS) throw a few more taunts to relieve anger before taking actions?


Yin Suye originally stood behind the little guy, quietly watching him seeking justice on his(YSY) behalf and feeling very satisfied. But he didn’t expect the steward to be so bold to want to take actions on the little guy. This caused his(YSY) expression to become sharp in an instant. At this moment, he looked at the steward like he is looking at a dead person.

He originally doesn’t want to cause a big ruckus the moment he returned to the Capital so not to alert those high-ranked people. That’s why he only gave a small lesson to those ‘blind’ guards. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t take action. Since some people are eager to seek death, then he will fulfill their wish. At most, he will only has a bit more trouble after this!

The steward has just signaled the people behind him to teach Yin Suye and that child a lesson, before he felt a huge pressure descended on him. He couldn’t hold on and fell straight on to the ground. When he looked up, he meet Yin Suye’s eyes that were full of killing intent. All of a sudden, he was scared to the point of trembling. The steward is very regretful now. Just why did he provoke the Killing God like Yin Suye for the sake of small rewards? One need to know, once Yin Suye starts to get crazy, he could do anything.

“Young, young master Yin, this, this is, is, definitely a misunderstanding!”

The steward expressed his intention to reconcile in a stutter. Just that he has long been accustomed to walk all over Yin Suye so he couldn’t change his attitude in such short time. Though he called him Young Master Yin, but it was done with a slight arrogant attitude, letting people know that he clearly doesn’t put him(YSY) in his eyes.

Yin Suye doesn’t care of the steward’s attitude at all. Towards a dead person, he doesn’t have to be that petty. One didn’t see Yin Suye take any actions but the steward fell to the ground and started to twitch. The sound of his bones being crushed (inside) could almost be heard. He wanted to open his mouth and beg for mercy but he couldn’t make any sound…

“Don’t look!” Yin Suye stepped forward and covered Shui Ruoshan’s eyes to prevent him from continue watching that bloody scene.


Shui Ruoshan originally wants to refute, but then he thought of the bloody scenes when Yin Suye killed the giant wolves and Huo Ruyan. Instantly he lost the interest to sneak a peek and honestly closed his eyes. He didn’t seemed to be aware that the moment his eyelashes swept over Yin Suye’s palm, the owner of the hand slightly stiffened. All of his(SRS) focus was on how to settle this matter later on.

After covering the little guy, Yin Suye gave the slightest of his attention to the steward on the ground; slightly increasing the strength of his pressure bit by bit. The steward who was already in extreme pain at this moment suddenly burst out in bright red blood all over his body, causing him to be dyed red like a ‘blood man’. Not a moment later, he stopped breathing completely and died…

Considering that the little guy didn’t like bloody scene like this, Yin Suye thought for a while and then pointed at the steward’s body. Instantly, the body began to erode, dissipate…
Until none of the trace(of the steward) remains, Yin Suye then recalled back his pressure. After that, Yin Suye let go of hand from Shui Ruoshan’s eyes.

“Already settled?”

Shui Ruoshan glanced around with his eyes opened widely, trying to find out what happened through the traces left from the battle. Unfortunately, except for the missing steward, there were no trace of blood or remains left on the ground at all. Ain’t that person got eliminated too thoroughly? Definitely a professional in destroying bodies and evidences ah!

“En.” Yin Suye nodded.

“What to do with the rest of the people?”

Shui Ruoshan pointed at the group of guards who have been scared stiff by Yin Suye’s extreme methods just now. They have seen how Yin Suye killed people, is it alright to just let them go? To possess such a cruel thought, all of a sudden Shui Ruoshan felt his 3 views went wrong. As expected, ‘being near to cinnabar will make you red, being near to villain will make you black’?6

The moment they heard it, the guards who were afraid that Yin Suye might deal with them next, immediately scared witless and shouted ‘Have mercy ah!’. Because Yin Suye has recalled the pressure he placed on them, the guards could now move freely; keep kowtow-ing7 to Yin Suye to beg for mercy.

Shui Ruoshan felt his feeling become better, seeing these guards who have been trying to pick at Yin Suye just now in current ugly state. Then he raised his head and looked at Yin Suye. He saw Yin Suye standing proudly in the middle and not saying anything. That pair of heterochromatic eyes were looking down on everyone in disdain, his indifferent gaze was like a god overlooking all beings.

A breeze passed by, gently fluttered the edges of his clothes. His long blond hair silently floated up behind him. A ray of sunshine shone from behind, setting him off to look even more sacred…
Using Shui Ruoshan’s words to describe it, Yin Suye is simply ‘too cool to the point of no friends’ ah! If he(SRS) is still in Earth now, he will definitely take a picture with his phone and upload it in Weibo ah! The number of forwards will exceed hundreds of thousands! This is how one become famous overnight ah!

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