Way of Transmigration Chapter 76

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero seven six – Return to Capital

“We have arrived.”

Holding onto Shui Ruoshan’s small hand, they arrived to the gate of the Capital.

“Finally arrived to the Capital!”

Shui Ruoshan can’t help feeling a bit moved when he looked up at the towering walls and the vermilion city gate. One need to know, the Capital was set according to Earth’s Forbidden City. So when he saw the same scene as on Earth, he fell into deep thoughts. It was a wise decision to feel lazy and directly copied the entire Forbidden City into his novel. To be able to see something familiar in a strange parallel world, it is really something to be happy about!


Yin Suye rubbed Shui Ruoshan’s small head. He found that other than touching his(SRS) neck, the next thing he liked to do is rubbing Shui Ruoshan’s hair. The little guy’s hair is too soft and smooth that people are reluctant to let go.

“Let’s go in!”

Shui Ruoshan slapped Yin Suye’s big hand that always messed up his hair away in dissatisfaction. Then he turned his head away and ignored Yin Suye; walking straight towards the city gate. He told Yin Suye before not to treat him the same way he treated a child. But Yin Suye was unrepentant, really angering people to death! This time he must tell Yin Suye very clearly that this little master also has a temper, and not that easy to coax!

Humph humph!

But thinking back, the time they took to reach the Capital was much earlier than he imagined. Such a far distance and they only took a little more than half a day to reach, ain’t that amazing?! In the morning after he has eaten his breakfast, Yin Suye took him along and left Lin Sen Town, headed directly to the nearest city. Then he(YSY) used the transportation array in the city, in a blink of an eye, they have been sent to the Capital’s transportation array. Due to the Capital’s transportation array is set in the suburbs, both of them have to walk a bit before reaching the Capital’s city gate.

Parallel world really has all kinds of conveniences ah! Shui Ruoshan has even thought of the advertisement caption for this.

No matter how far is the distance,
As long as you use the transportation array,
With just a ‘whoosh’,
You will arrive to your destination,
Accurate, convenient and fast,
Your first choice for going out!

All of a sudden, Shui Ruoshan couldn’t himself from feeling sad to having a faceful of tears. Such a strong contrast, how can the he who used to go out using slow speed bus endure(the comparison) ah?!


Yin Suye only took two steps forward and he overtook Shui Ruoshan. As he passed by the soldiers guarding the gate, he fished out 2 coins from his space ring. He handed the toll money to the soldiers and went in leading Shui Ruoshan by his hand.

“Where are we going from here?”

Though Shui Ruoshan felt he is quite familiar with the Capital, he doesn’t understand (how everything works inside). As a newcomer to the Capital, he decided that it’s more reliable to follow Yin Suye’s arrangement. Especially when Yin Suye returned back to the Capital 3 months earlier than what was written in his novel. As for things happened within these 3 months, he didn’t write anything specific and just briefly mentioned that the power pressure between various families were very serious. So, now that the plot has been completely disrupted, the advantages that this author has is even worse than the Yin Suye who has reborn!

*sigh* This is really a sad story!

“Yin Residence.”

Yin Suye thought for a while and decided that he should return there first. He chose to return to the Yin Residence first not because it is where his family are but because there are people that he need to take revenge on there.

“That’s not a good choice.”

Shui Ruoshan frowned in disapproval. He thought Yin Suye would choose to go to some secret base sort of places. Though those kind of places might not be as comfortable as in the Yin Residence, but it’s a place truly belongs to Yin Suye. In that place, Yin Suye won’t have to live according to people’s mood, won’t have to compromise, won’t get bullied…
And Yin Residence is where his family resides. That place should been where Yin Suye’s beloved family lives but they never regard Yin Suye as one of their family. Instead, they took pleasure in oppressing him. That is why Yin Suye was so miserable in the past.

“It’ll be fine.”

Knowing that the little guy is worried about him, Yin Suye comforted with a whisper.

“I believe you!” Shui Ruoshan smiled. What is he worrying for? The current Yin Suye is not the pitiful bitter villain from his novel but a reborn Supreme King. Even if Yin Suye’s current strength didn’t return to its peak strength, he could completely take on those crooks with just his current strength. So he shouldn’t worry about Yin Suye, instead, he should light some candles for those people who bullied Yin Suye in the past!

“Which way should we go next?”

Thinking it this way, Shui Ruoshan’s previous sense of uneasiness from not able to grasp the direction of the plot lessened quite a lot. On the other hand, he started to look forward for Yin Suye to return to Yin Residence, wondering what kind of carnage would start. One need to know, Yin Residence has quite a lot of cannon fodders!

“That much in a hurry?”

Yin Suye didn’t expect the little guy who has just disagreed towards returning to the residence to change his mind so easily.

“Of course, I can’t wait to see the great scene where you flaunts your powers to teach them a lesson!”

He has always liked to watch ‘drama’! As an author with professional ethics, how could one write a good novel without a gossipy spirit!


Seeing how the little guy jumped around in joy from imagining those scenes, Yin Suye’s negative emotions that were caused by the disgust towards returning home became lighter.

“Use that tone to humor me one more time and be careful that I will really get even with you!”

As he says that, Shui Ruoshan threatened with his small fist. Unfortunately, it was not that convincing for his little figure to make that action. It looked like he was ‘selling meng’ instead.

“En.” Yin Suye quietly replied. Just that nobody knows if he really put what Shui Ruoshan said in his heart or not.


The two of them talked and laughed along the way and soon, they arrived to the front of Yin Residence. Although most of the ‘talking’ and ‘laughing’ were from Shui Ruoshan, but even with Yin Suye giving only a few words as responses, both people’s conversation was harmonious; outsiders simply couldn’t cut in. Just that Shui Ruoshan and Yin Suye has yet to approach Yin Residence’s gate and the guarding soldiers took the first step, loudly shouting :

“Yin Residence is private property1, random people are not allowed to approach!”

Following the leading soldier’s voice, all the guards present cooperatively raised the spear in their hand; the meaning of their threat was very obvious.

“What to do now?”

Shui Ruoshan completely ignored that shouting soldier at the gate and turned around to Yin Suye for advice instead. Though he really felt bitter on Yin Suye’s behalf for being blocked at his own home, he doesn’t know what should he do this time. After all, he doesn’t know what Yin Suye is planning so if he talk carelessly, he might disrupt his careful planning. That would be a big sin to carry.


Yin Suye confidently pulled Shui Ruoshan with him as he stepped forward. With every step he took, the domineering pressure exuded from Yin Suye’s body became heavier. When they finally reached the gate, all of the guards standing there didn’t even dare to take a deep breath. There was a layer of sweat on their forehead and their legs have started to tremble…

“Didn’t recognize me?”

There was an indescribable irony in Yin Suye’s tone. These guards were not any new servants and he has seen them before. That means these guards actually do know him but still made the move to stop him at the gate. As expected, no one here really welcomes his appearance! But he also doesn’t need these people’s welcome. He just came here to make a resolution!


Being swept over by Yin Suye’s gaze, all of the guards present felt a unprecedented chill. They wanted to explain but suddenly found out that they don’t know what to say. They have been guarding the gate of Yin Residence for many years now, so naturally they know all about this Di2 son being unloved in the family. Just because they recognized him, they wanted to step on him even more and take this opportunity to increase their merit in front of the family master, in order to get some rewards. Many times in the past, they managed to get a lot of benefits from bullying him. But this time round, they didn’t expect the Yin Suye who went out for training will become someone they can no longer bully. Not only he became extremely powerful, he was not apprehensive as well. This kind of Yin Suye really took them by surprise!


Yin Suye humph-ed and all of a sudden the pressure he exuded became thicker…
He doesn’t even need to look at them to know what are they thinking now. Though he doesn’t want to bother himself with them, but it is still necessary to give them a lesson. With a groan, these guards couldn’t stand the strong pressure anymore and fell down on their knees with a ‘putong’ sound…

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