Way of Transmigration Chapter 75

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero seven five – Don’t be picky

“Yin Suye, when did you removed the bandages from your hand?”

Shui Ruoshan slowly crawled out from the quilt after he has slept enough. He opened his eyes and took a look at their surroundings. Then he saw that Yin Suye has already woke up, sitting elegantly on the chair and leisurely sipping tea. That kind of elegance forcefully raised the quality of this simple crude room up to several grades. Just that Shui Ruoshan doesn’t has the mood to notice that, all of his focus was on Yin Suye’s hand which was holding the teacup.

The slender and defined fingers was like a good jade. In the morning sun, they gave off a little bit of fluorescence; like a perfect work of art. But no matter how good his fingers looked, Shui Ruoshan won’t buy it this time, because the bandages he helped to tie up yesterday is gone! Can he say that the moment he woke up, he was hoping to see Yin Suye ‘selling meng’ with his two big bows and a serious expression? That’s why he endured his sleepiness to make sure to tie a cute butterfly knot on Yin Suye, despite he was unfamiliar with it! He wasted a lot of energy on this so he went directly to sleep right after that. His current body is rather delicate after all, he couldn’t afford any hardship and naturally need to rest.

Because he carried such a beautiful wish to sleep, he slept quite well and it seems that he could even see the funny scene of two big butterfly knot in his dream. Unfortunately, reality was exactly the opposite form his dream.

“Already healed.”

Raising a pair of hands, he turned them in front of Shui Ruoshan to prove that his hands were in good condition. Since they have already healed, he naturally won’t have to continue wrapping them in bandages. Actually even if the little guy didn’t give him any medicine pills, with his strong self-healing ability, this kind of little injuries should only use a night of rest to completely heal. Not to mention that the little guy stuffed 3 pills in his mouth, he couldn’t slow down his progress even if he wanted to.


Shui Ruoshan’s inner heart was filled with strips of tears. Such unscientific recovery speed, really angers the Earthlings to death alright! Indeed, it is not easy to see the funny scene at all!

Instantly, Shui Ruoshan felt extremely bitter because he worked hard for Yin Suye yesterday and he didn’t get any benefits(YSY funny scene) from that! Thinking back, he didn’t even know how he went to sleep last night because he only cared about dressing Yin Suye’s wounds and tired himself out from it. He even has no knowledge if Yin Suye went to bed with him or not, no sense of vigilance at all! Or Yin Suye didn’t sleep on the bed with him after all?

Forget it! Why should he think so much about things that didn’t happen? Is he ‘looking for things to do from eating too full’? No, that’s not right, he hasn’t eaten yet! En, he must be too hungry. That’s why he would has those kind of inexplicable thoughts!

“I’m hungry!”

And so, Shui Ruoshan decided to ‘turn indignation into strength’. No, it’s ‘turn indignation into appetite’.


Seeing the little guy staring at him with a pitiful look, Yin Suye put down the teacup and took out the snacks he bought before this from the space ring. He placed them down one by one on the table to express that the little guy could come and get them by himself.


The corner of Shui Ruoshan’s mouth vigorously twitched when he saw various kinds of snacks on the table. Who on earth would eat such sweet snacks so early in the morning? Do you have any common sense ah? Although he was not satisfied with the food, he still grudgingly got up from the bed. At the very least, he still need to brush his teeth and wash his face. Why not add another step – to change his clothes? Then Shui Ruoshan will proudly tell you that the clothes he is wearing is actually a godly tool.

Not only it is dustproof, waterproof and fireproof, it also has strong defense capabilities. The most important thing is this godly tool’s original form is clothing form so it is referred as ‘Godly Clothing’. As for this tool’s quality name, Shui Ruoshan specifically named it that way for convenience sake.

Long story short, this godly tool could transform into the clothing that one imagined in their mind and along with their body size. It is definitely a one-clothing covers all, saving even the time to change clothes. Changing into pajamas, formal clothing, casual clothing as he wished…
As if ‘having the godly tool in hand, the world is mine’! He don’t has to worry about clothing problem when churning out his works1!

But Shui Ruoshan will never tell anymore about this. Although the Godly clothing was worn by him, it was Yin Suye who helped him to discover the function of this tool. At this moment, it never cross Shui Ruoshan’s mind at all, that someone who could wear a rare godly tool could still be a ‘soy sauce person’2 he originally thought?

“Don’t be picky with your food.”

Seeing the little guy just sitting there reluctantly after cleaning himself up, like he is saying ‘he just don’t want to eat it’, Yin Suye slightly frowned.


Goddamned, how come he looked like a picky eater to him(YSY) ah? He was just used to ‘eat youtiao and drink soybean’ for breakfast, and don’t really like to eat sweet snacks early in the morning. Other than that, the most important thing was he is a man and he doesn’t like sweets at all!

“Xiao Yeye, be honest with me. What is the level of your current strength?”

Shui Ruoshan started to talk business while staring at the food on the table. He felt that since Yin Suye has been reborn, he(YSY) should has more or less a ‘golden finger’?

“Imperial stage, level 9.”3

Shui Ruoshan didn’t specifically ask for his strength level previously so he only told him in general.

“So you haven’t reach the Supreme King stage yet ah!”

There was a slight disappointment in Shui Ruoshan’s tone, also carrying a hint of as a matter of course. Shui Ruoshan is more direct with his words now that they have revealed their secrets. Although Yin Suye is only a step behind the Supreme King stage, but the gap between the two stage was not that easy to fill. Plus the current Supreme King is still alive, so even if Yin Suye is reborn, it was impossible for him to break the law4 and immediately level up. Supreme King is an unique existence after all, it is definitely impossible to have two at the same time.

“Soon.” There was some unspeakable confidence in Yin Suye’s eyes.

“True, the current Supreme King doesn’t has much years to live.”

Shui Ruoshan nodded to express his understanding. He remembered writing in [The Strongest King in History] that the Supreme King will be at the end of his time 10 years later. After that, the position of the Supreme King will be empty. At that time, there were more than one person who has the chance to reach Supreme King level. All the people at Imperial stage level 9 had their sight on the position of the Supreme King.

At that time, Yin Suye has just reached level 9. He was placed bottom of everyone but he still joined this fierce battle of leveling. Though Yin Suye had a tragic victory, he was indeed the winner and became the Supreme King he well-deserved.

“But it’s a good thing that you haven’t reach the strength of a Supreme King yet.” Shui Ruoshan seemed to think of something and suddenly sighed.


Yin Suye was clearly not satisfied with his current strength so he doesn’t understand why the little guy would be happy with that.

“Because I will be able to help you with the hidden dangers of dual ability cultivation.”

He raised his head to look at Yin Suye seriously. Dual ability cultivation for Yin Suye is like a time bomb, it will explode in any given time. This is something he is not willing to see. Plus he doesn’t want this person to suffer bitter bone-piercing pain due to the dual ability cultivation as what he wrote in the plot. Even though Yin Suye is already a Supreme King at that time, the pain he suffered didn’t decrease even a bit.


Yin Suye lightly nodded. His gaze towards Shui Ruoshan became softer, not because the little guy said he could help eliminating the danger but because he(SRS) keeps thinking for his(YSY) sake all the time. In his past life, he could cultivate dual ability to the end so he would be able to do the same in this life; he has never been worried about this.

“Aren’t you curious about how I could help you with your cultivation?”

Yin Suye, ain’t your reaction a bit too flat? This is not the reaction he is anticipating at all!

“You will tell me when it’s time.” Yin Suye answered calmly.


Towards Yin Suye not being cooperative, Shui Ruoshan felt like they can’t be friends; there’s no way to have a pleasant conversation! Yin Suye, why didn’t you have any desire for knowledge? How could he(SRS) achieve his purpose to conquer people with his vast knowledge like this? But the most important thing was Yin Suye’s words were correct. He(SRS) will definitely say the method when the time comes.

“At the moment when you breakthrough to Supreme King stage, you will have one chance to reshape your constitution. At that time, you just have to change the way your magic force and martial force circulate, and let both forces fuse in your body according to the Tai Chi pattern.”

Shui Ruoshan thought for a while and decided to tell Yin Suye about the method just in case.
There’s only one chance to reshape his constitution, once you missed it, it’s gone forever.

“Tai Chi?”

Yin Suye’s eyebrows slightly raised up, it was obvious that he doesn’t understand what Tai Chi means.

“It’s like this.”

Rather than explaining it in words, Shui Ruoshan felt that using drawing would be faster. So he took out paper and brush, sprawled on the table and drew the pattern seriously. After he finished drawing, he gave the paper to Yin Suye. In Shui Ruoshan’s opinion, for Huang Beichen to be able to smoothly cultivate dual ability, not only he is a descendant from the ‘Fiery Emperor and Yellow Emperor’ (Chinese Earthling), it was also because he merged his forces in a Tai Chi pattern right at the beginning. So he could utilize his powers however he wanted it.


Yin Suye solemnly accepted the picture from Shui Ruoshan and seriously studied it. After he confirmed that he has carved it in his mind, he folded the paper and carefully kept it into his space ring. This is the second time the little guy gave him a present. Very obvious, Yin Suye considered the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus as the first present from Shui Ruoshan. He was feeling pity in his heart previously because he ate the lotus and there’s no way to preserve it. So for this second gift, he will be sure to keep it well.


The corner of Shui Ruoshan’s lips strongly twitched when he saw Yin Suye carefully cared for that paper like a treasure, that ordinary paper that couldn’t be anymore ordinary. Even if he drew the pattern very well, one would be able to remember it with just a glance. Can you not use that attitude like you are handling a treasure towards a blank paper that has lost its effect?

So Yin Suye has never seen a white paper before? Or never seen a white paper before? Or never seen a white paper before?

“Eat breakfast ba.”

Seeing the little guy staring blankly at him like he couldn’t react, Yin Suye pushed the snacks towards Shui Ruoshan. Though he was very happy to see the little guy thinking for his sake, but he(SRS) mustn’t forget about food.


Shui Ruoshan was depressed. How come he is talking about such serious matter with Yin Suye and he(YSY) still remembers about his(SRS) breakfast? Yin Suye, how petty are you towards these small matters ah?

“After eating, I’ll bring you back to the Capital.”

Seeing the little guy still didn’t give any reaction, Yin Suye picked up one snack and stuffed it directly into his(SRS) mouth.


Shui Ruoshan passively chewed the snack. When he found out that it was not as sweet as he thought, he proceed to devour them all. As he chewed, he grumbled about the not-so-gentle way Yin Suye fed him.

But Shui Ruoshan fully agreed to return to the Capital. Previously he disagreed with Yin Suye’s decision to return directly to the Capital because he was afraid Yin Suye’s strength would be too low and would easily suffer bitterness. Now knowing Yin Suye’s true strength, he couldn’t wait to return to the Capital to watch the the soon-to-be-onstage ‘rising winds, scudding clouds’ drama.

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