Way of Transmigration Chapter 74

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero seven four – I am very happy

“Blood has flowed out, how could that be nothing?!”

Shui Ruoshan was very dissatisfied with Yin Suye’s stubbornly enduring attitude. If it was not serious, how could Yin Suye vomit blood right in front of him? Heard of ‘Facts speak louder than words’1 ah?! This kind of lie where even a 3 years old won’t be deceived, really could give any assurance to other people?

So Yin Suye, could you please give a little more trustable reason? Else it would definitely be counterproductive!

“Then you tell me, when did you injured your hand?”

Shui Ruoshan didn’t bother with Yin Suye’s explanation at all, and didn’t gave him the opportunity to refute either. He took a step forward and started inspecting Yin Suye’s body from top to bottom. When he got to Yin Suye’s hands, he straightforwardly grabbed his big hand; discovering that not only there were scars, there were bloodstains over scabbed injuries…

That means Yin Suye has been hurt for some time now. Shui Ruoshan has enough evidence right now and Yin Suye should has nothing left to say. He felt that it was necessary for him to take this opportunity to educate him(YSY) to pay attention to his own body.

“Xiao Yeye, have you heard of an old saying called ‘the crying child gets to eat candy’2 ah?”


It was rare for Shui Ruoshan to has so much confidence in front of Yin Suye, acting proud and arrogant is not stressful at all. Teaching and educating other people is definitely a good future! Especially now when he is educating that anti-human, anti-community, anti-world villain, and this villain still doesn’t dare to refute back. One couldn’t describe how awesome it felt! But he doesn’t dare to gloat for long because Shui Ruoshan hasn’t forget that Yin Suye is currently injured. So he immediately checked his space for healing items for Yin Suye.


Watching the little guy feeling anxious on his(YSY) behalf, Yin Suye’s emotions gradually calmed down. He liked how the little guy only has him(YSY) currently in his sight and mind. Only at this moment that Yin Suye could feel that the little guy really belonged solely to him(YSY) alone! If getting injured could let the little guy keep focusing with all his heart on him(YSY), even if the injury is 10 times more serious, 100 times, 1000 times… he felt that he would be willing either way! Actually, this kind of injury was really not worth mentioning for Yin Suye. There’s no need to fuss about it at all. One need to know, the injuries he suffered from his past life were way more serious than this one. And he managed to silently endure it by himself, what more his current situation?

“That is to say you are injured now, so don’t stubbornly endure it by yourself. You can totally find someone to tell about your pain. Occasionally showing your weaker side could let you receive more care and concern!”

Shui Ruoshan felt that the reason why Yin Suye fell from betrayal in the end is greatly related to his ‘stubbornly want to save face and rather suffer’ attitude. To put it bluntly, Yin Suye is that kind of person who won’t ask anyone for help no matter what kind of difficulties he encountered, and will silently solve/endure it. And when he did something good for other people, he won’t take the initiative to tell them about it so they are completely unaware that he has helped them. He put up a facial paralysis face and displayed a powerful and cruel side of him in front of other people. Over the time, the others will think that he is invincible. It have never cross their mind that he will also feel pain, feel sad, feel bad…

In a positive way, Shui Ruoshan would call it ‘strong-willed’. But negatively saying, then it should be ‘mensao’3! Before this, even he himself was misled by Yin Suye’s strength and thought that nothing could ever stump him. But until that moment when Yin Suye vomited blood in front of him, he realized that Yin Suye is also a normal human!

In order to avoid Yin Suye repeating the same mistake again, he must educate Yin Suye properly. Instantly, he felt a great (imaginary) pressure on his shoulders, alright?! If he managed to educate the villain properly, doesn’t that means he(SRS) has indirectly become the savior of the world?! En, only such high-level career is worthy of his transmigration.

“Are you worried about me?”

Watching the little guy keep ransacking stuffs from the space ring and busying around for his(YSY) sake, the red light at the bottom of his eyes has faded completely without a trace. Although the little guy’s tone at the moment was not nice, and he(SRS) keep spacing out, but he could clearly sense the feeling of concern and care from him(SRS). This caused his previously dark mood to suddenly become a few points brighter.

“That’s right!”

Shui Ruoshan replied straightforwardly as he didn’t think that there’s anything wrong with it; his hands searching non-stop. Finally, his hard work paid off when he found a bottle of medicinal pill called ‘Healing pills’ from the space ring. Seeing such a simple and easy-to-understand name, Shui Ruoshan felt the need to give his foresight 32 praises. Fortunately he didn’t has any brain-holes when he wrote this part of the novel, like giving some seemingly elegant names but actually complex names that can’t be remembered at all. Else, he will definitely be stunned speechless now (as in don’t know what medicine is what).

“I am very happy.”

Yin Suye’s eyes were slightly curved up, it was obvious that his current mood was very good. At the very least, he now knows that the little guy treated him differently from other people. He is now a step closer to his goal; the goal to get the little guy completely tied up to him!

“I have never seen someone injured but still could look so happy!”

Shui Ruoshan really don’t understand what Yin Suye is thinking right now. Already injured, it’s fine if he(YSY) could stop frowning. Now he even revealed a happy expression, where did such wonderful reaction came from? But Shui Ruoshan didn’t find out why his mood was so good, he just want Yin Suye’s injuries to heal as soon as possible.

He didn’t use incantation to heal Yin Suye this time. Other than his lack of ability, the reason why he didn’t use incantation was because he remembers seeing healing medicines in the stone room4 back in the Fog Forest so he could take those out to use. As he thought of that, Shui Ruoshan pour the pill out from the bottle for Yin Suye. But he tilted too much and dispensed 3 pills all at once. Shui Ruoshan looked at the small opening of the bottle and then at Yin Suye. Next, he stuffed all 3 pills towards Yin Suye’s mouth. Yin Suye cooperatively opened his mouth. After he ate all 3 pills, Shui Ruoshan nodded in satisfaction. At the same time, Shui Ruoshan gleefully thinks that the pills are used for healing purpose anyway. Eating more should be better than less, and he doesn’t have to force the pills back into the bottle plus it will speed up Yin Suye’s recovery. Killing two birds with one stone indeed!

It was impossible for Shui Ruoshan to see the effect of the medicines from Yin Suye’s paralysis face. So he decided to give up meaninglessly staring at his face after waiting for some time. He knew he can’t win against people with facial paralysis like Yin Suye! After a moment of thought, he gestured to Yin Suye to sit on the chair and not to move. Then he went to get a roll of bandages, some powdered medicines and a wet towel from the room. Next, he grabbed Yin Suye’s big hand and started to wipe away the bloodstains with a wet towel. Though he already given the Healing Pill to Yin Suye, he still sees some shallow marks on his(YSY) hand; it were not completely healed. After that, he sprinkled some of the powdered medicine on the wound before bandaging it. He believed that the wound will definitely heal faster with treatment on the outside as well as inside! After he is finished with the dressing, Shui Ruoshan had a feeling that something is missing.

Oh dang! Butterfly knot ah! A bandage without butterfly knot is like instant noodle without seasoning packet ah! Instantly, Shui Ruoshan started to tie a butterfly knot on Yin Suye’s big hand…

“Seems like the wound on your hand looked a bit strange?” He doesn’t dare to tell it to Yin Suye’s face that his wound looked like a bite mark.

“Got scratched.” Yin Suye truthfully answered when he saw the confusion in the little guy’s eyes.

“Are you born in the year of Dog?”

Hearing Yin Suye’s reply, Shui Ruoshan felt that the wound started to look like some animals have scratched him with its claw. This small wound really could make people associate it with various kind of things! And it’s the type that ‘the more you think about it, the more you will misunderstood’!


Yin Suye has already gotten used to Shui Ruoshan randomly spouting strange keywords. What he couldn’t get used to was the super striking butterfly knot on the bandage on both of his hands. Whenever he looked at the crooked butterfly knot, Yin Suye would wonder if the little guy did it on purpose.

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