Way of Transmigration Chapter 73

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero seven three – I am very calm

“The word ‘book’ is only a metaphor, not a real book, understand?”

Shui Ruoshan didn’t expect that Yin Suye would have such a big reaction although he has changed his words to a more understandable explanation. At times like this, he is even more scared to admit that the continent/world (Mowu Dalu) is actually the content of a book! Instantly, Shui Ruoshan felt that there are no other author more bitter than he is. Standing face to face with this big villain Yin Suye, not only he doesn’t dare to admit that he is the God who created this world, he couldn’t even say about the truth of the origin of this world. Really couldn’t be any more bitter!

“En?” Yin Suye remained unmoved. He just silently stared at Shui Ruoshan with his facial paralysis face.

“It means I could see some trajectories of this world and also the fate of some people through the content suddenly obtained in my mind!”

Shui Ruoshan felt that he has already explained very clearly. If Yin Suye doesn’t understand, then he will be at his wit’s end. He can’t say about the dead and living, because at the very least he doesn’t know who he transmigrated into, and also doesn’t know that Yin Suye was actually reborn. This shows that this parallel world is not stationary; accidents happen everywhere. So he used the word ‘some’ in his explanation to show that he is not omnipotent. After all, there are so many people/existence in this continent, it was impossible to write about everything and everyone in his little story. That’s why he need to prepare a place to fall back in case he encountered people/events outside the novel he wrote.

“So you are using the mentality of playing a game to view everything in this world?”

No matter if Shui Ruoshan mentioned whether he regarded this world as a book or not, Yin Suye knew that Shui Ruoshan has never placed this world seriously in his eyes.

“…” He actually couldn’t refute Yin Suye’s words, what to do?

“See, every time you looked very unconcerned, like nothing in this world could enter your eyes!”

Yin Suye felt that he probably will not be able to grasp Shui Ruoshan this person in his hand. For the first time, he found out that the distance between him and Shui Ruoshan was that far away. The negative emotions that he suppressed earlier has resurfaced, a faint red light instantly dyed his pair of eyes bloody red…

“Yin Suye, you musn’t be agitated, you need to stay calm ah!”

Cold sweat suddenly fell down from Shui Ruoshan’s forehead when he saw that Yin Suye looked like he is going to have a Qi deviation. With his current small body, he doesn’t has the power to stop Yin Suye from being invaded by his inner demon ah! The Yin Suye who suffered from Qi deviation has strong destructive power. To describe in one word, it would be ‘Extraordinary’ ah!

“I am very calm!”

But whenever he think that the little guy might not put him(YSY) in the eye at all, his situation begun to go out of control. The red awn in his eyes keep flashing, but couldn’t completely fade away.


If just by looking at Yin Suye sitting there unmovingly with strong pressure, it was quite convincing (that he is very calm). But that is if his eyes were not red in color. Should he(SRS) be glad that it was fortunate that Yin Suye has not completely lost his mind? Else, the first unlucky person must be him(SRS)! However at times like this, he doesn’t know what to say to break the silence between them.

Oh right!

The reason why Yin Suye suddenly became abnormal and almost gotten Qi deviation was because he(YSY) said his(SRS) attitude was unconcerned and didn’t put anyone in his eyes. That means if he could explain that matter properly, he could stop Yin Suye from getting Qi deviation?

“Yin Suye, listen properly! If I don’t put you in my eyes, will I disrupt the trajectory of the world for you?”

After thinking for a moment, rather than using other people as an example, it would be better to use Yin Suye instead. At the very least, he could let Yin Suye know that he didn’t not put him too much in his eyes!1 Plus ever since he transmigrated into this continent, he don’t know much people at all other than Yin Suye! He couldn’t not use Yin Suye as the example ah (because he don’t know anyone else to use as example)! Thinking it this way, Shui Ruoshan felt that Yin Suye’s accusation just now was too heartless! He admits that he(SRS) is quite absent-minded and likes to zone out; plus his reactions were always a beat slower. But where on Earth did he ever acted high and mighty like that Yin Suye said and doesn’t put anything in his eyes ah? He never has any sense of superiority at all when facing Yin Suye; there were feelings of inferiority instead!

This is definitely slander ah!

“What you mean is I’m different for you?”

Although Shui Ruoshan’s tone just now was not too good, Yin Suye’s mood miraculously calmed down. At the very least, he has some position in Shui Ruoshan’s heart.

“Of course!”

The first person he met when he transmigrated was Yin Suye. No matter what, the ‘first’ always has the deepest impression. Plus Yin Suye treated him well after that, so he was willing to help Yin Suye.

“I understand.”

Yin Suye quietly closed his eyes. Although he has a little bit of position in Shui Ruoshan’s heart, this was obviously far from what he really wants in his heart! But he can’t rush it, especially when facing with dense people like Shui Ruoshan. Anxious to seek success will most likely to be counterproductive. ‘Boiling frog with warm water’ is the best way. There was a deep gap between him and Shui Ruoshan. The distance between two worlds was too far that it’s depressing!

Thoughts, ideas, views…
So much difference like between the Sky and Earth. For example, in the continent one would start killing another upon disagreement, while Shui Ruoshan was just an ordinary boy who would be scared by the sight of giant wolves’ dead bodies. This shows that his world is definitely a peaceful one, and obviously had a completely different civilization. It was obviously not an easy task to eliminate the difference between worlds, and even more impossible to do so in such short time so he must be patient. He need to slowly change Shui Ruoshan’s views by accumulation of time and let himself become an irreplaceable existence in his(SRS) heart!

“It’s fine that you figured it out!”

Shui Ruoshan secretly sighed in relief when he could feel the temperature gradually getting warmer in the room. His ‘fur smoothing’2 skill is getting more and more amazing! Practice makes perfect indeed! With Yin Suye cooperating with him, Shui Ruoshan is sure that his ‘fur smoothing’ skill will be fully leveled up soon.


Just as Yin Suye wanted to stand up, his body swayed a bit and he sat back down. The next second, a line of bright red blood trickled out from the corner of his mouth…

“What happened to you?”

Shui Ruoshan who has been paying attention to Yin Suye immediately found out that the situation was not right. He quickly stepped towards Yin Suye without thinking.

“It’s nothing.”

Yin Suye frowned in dissatisfaction towards his current state. He nonchalantly reached out to wipe away the blood from the corner of his mouth. Actually, the balance between the magic and sword force in his body has been unstable when he used magic to kill Huo Ruyan. Both forces have begun fighting in his body. After that, when he found out that the person who has been sneaking at the corner was Shui Ruoshan, he forcibly recalled his full force attack and suffered heavy backlash, causing his body’s condition to worsen. Just now, he was afraid of hurting Shui Ruoshan and forcibly pressed back his signs of getting Qi deviation. All these resulted in the injuries in his body to become worse.

Towards the pain, he has already gotten used to it in his past life. No matter how painful was it, he could endure without changing his expressions. Originally, he thought it would be the same as his past life right now; that the pain will pass after enduring it for a bit. That’s why he didn’t bother with his injuries. But he has forgotten that his current body is not the same body from his past life that has been tempered by various life experiences, and couldn’t bear such big damage at all. That’s why all these physical weaknesses showed up right away.

Even though he has consumed the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus to improve his strength, it didn’t change the fact that his starting point was too low in this lifetime. Plus in these past few years, his body was constantly being used as an experiment tester by those bigwigs and has long been riddled with injuries. Those hidden injuries couldn’t heal in such a short time. His body couldn’t stand his current emotion turbulence at all.

In short, he is still too weak now!

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