Way of Transmigration Chapter 7

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero zero seven – Winner takes all

The moment when the contract scroll in his hand dissipated, Yin Suye could no longer suppress the sweetness in his throat. A thread of blood spilled out from the corner of his mouth. His seriously injured body seemed to be unable to take one more hit and his straightened body suddenly softened.
If he didn’t have his sword to support himself, he would be sprawled on the ground looking very sad at this moment.

“You are an Incantation Master?!”

Yin Suye’s expression didn’t change a bit even when he was in a weakened state. His originally cold and warmth-less heterochromia1 eyes turned darker when he looked at Shui Ruoshan. But no one noticed that he had a weird puzzled look in his eyes.


The contract scroll disappeared, which means the contract between the two of them was a success.

Right now, Shui Ruoshan wasn’t very scared of Yin Suye anymore, but then he was not happy either. He could only feel his whole body turning extremely weak. Shui Ruoshan directly sat down on the ground without any concern of his image and started gasping.

The aftermath of using Incantation was really big. Right now if he tried to use his brain (to think), he will get a terrible headache. He clearly had just used his spiritual power to write a-ever-so simple character, and yet his spiritual power felt like he had just finished a grand battle. That just showed that his spiritual power was not strong.

Fortunately, his reflects were quick. Just before the contract started binding, he used Incantation to reverse the position of his and Yin Suye’s blood drop; making himself the master while Yin Suye became the servant in this contract. Writing Chinese characters was too easy for modern (Chinese) people after all. So he was able to make his plan successful by catching Yin Suye by surprise.

“This is self-defense!”

Although he now has a huge advantage and absolute control over Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t want the matter of the contract to stifle the relationship between the two of them. That was why he went ahead and explained his action.

Yin Suye : “Well, winner takes all.”

Yin Suye lowered down his gaze, no one could see what kind of look in his eyes now.

Shui Ruoshan : “I really have no malice against you!”

Shui Ruoshan really felt helpless when he saw Yin Suye’s increasing hostility towards him.

Yin Suye had just suffered a betrayal, so it was normal for him to be hostile to him(SRS) when he suddenly appeared. Moreover, Yin Suye suddenly became a servant, the feeling of rejection in his heart will certainly become more serious; Shui Ruoshan could understand all these. But you couldn’t blame him(SRS) for how the things have developed so far. Obviously Yin Suye was seeking for death himself, and wanted to scheme against him(SRS). Shui Ruoshan only passively defended himself, he was an absolutely an innocent existence!


The cold humph sounded like sarcasm and ridicule, showing that Yin Suye doesn’t believe anything that Shui Ruoshan had said.

Looking at the Yin Suye who had his head lowered down and ignoring him, Shui Ruoshan helplessly conceded.

“Although we have signed the master-servant contract, but I can promise you this; I will not bind you with the power of the contract nor command you to do anything for me, alright now?”

There were only two of them here and they might need to spend a long time together in this cave too; they don’t have to make their relationship even worst.

As for how much this person could hold a grudge, be petty or ‘must revenge all injustice towards himself’, he as the author was the clearest. Therefore, even if he now has an absolute advantage, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t dare to offend Yin Suye that easily.

One should know, apart from the protagonist, the BOSS Yin Suye has the most invincible existence in [The Strongest King in History]. In other words, except the protagonist, no one in this world could actually harm him.

Apart from that, Shui Ruoshan admits that he is a young man who advocates peace and the ‘5G’2.
Even if Yin Suye mistreated him, he himself was not ready to mistreat others. And so, he followed the principle of ‘Forgive and forget’3 and concisely took a step back (from the disagreement).

Raw Word Count : 1143


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