Way of Transmigration Chapter 67

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero six seven – Saw it

When Yin Suye told him to go to sleep, Shui Ruoshan became a little alerted. After all, they have just started on a topic not very long ago, and it got ended abruptly without any transition. This is very strange. Moreover, the Yin Suye who suggested to sleep didn’t look like he is going to sleep anytime soon; just focusing on asking him(SRS) to sleep. He(YSY) didn’t ask him to do those daily necessary actions like washing (face/teeth), change clothing (to sleeping wear?), and prepare the bed. Other than that, after Yin Suye told him to sleep, he immediately felt very sleepy and really wanted to close his eyes. No matter how you look at it, it looked totally illogical! He is not really a child, so it’s impossible for him to miss such obvious signs.

The most important thing was he experienced this situation before. He remembered very clearly back when they were in the Fog Forest, it was also during the time they were preparing to sleep. He clearly has a lot of things to say to Yin Suye but right after Yin Suye told him to sleep, he went straight to sleep. Although he didn’t doubt it that time, but when he encountered the same situation again, he knew Yin Suye is definitely hiding something from him.

The first time could be considered a coincidence, but for the second time, even he couldn’t deceive himself that this is also a coincidence. There is one sentence he used to like a lot, and it’s perfect to use it to describe his situation right now.

‘There is no such thing as coincidence in this world, only the inevitable!’1

In order to find out what Yin Suye is hiding from him, Shui Ruoshan decided to follow the flow (and fake sleeping). He guessed that for Yin Suye to be able to make him fall asleep that quickly and not let him notice it, he(YSY) probably used some hypnosis spell. The effect shouldn’t be that strong, so Shui Ruoshan probably could avoid being hypnotized as long as he increases his mental resistance. Just in case, he placed his hand on his leg. If he really couldn’t bear it, he will strongly pinch his leg so that he will stay awake.

When Yin Suye told him to sleep, Shui Ruoshan who has made enough preparations, cooperatively made a very sleepy expression while keeping himself alert in the dark. Not sure if it was because Yin Suye was eager to do his own matter or because Shui Ruoshan was successful in acting sleepy, in short, he has successfully deceived Yin Suye. After Yin Suye left the room, Shui Ruoshan immediately got up from the bed, carried Ruixue with him and secretly followed behind Yin Suye. Shui Ruoshan is very clear that with his small body, it’s impossible for him to catch up with the speed-flying Yin Suye.

But that doesn’t mean he is helpless. He immediately put his past knowledge in use, focusing his spiritual power on his eyes. Instantly his eyes became clairvoyant, ain’t that right?! After confirming Yin Suye’s exact location, Shui Ruoshan slowly follow up. He doesn’t dare to walk too fast, because he would be easily found out that way. Or one could say, with his current physical condition, he can’t walk that fast either.

When Shui Ruoshan finally arrived with much effort and panting, he originally planned to hide in the dark and secretly watch what kind of evil thing Yin Suye is planning to do. But he never expect to see the live broadcast of Yin Suye murdering someone?! Because he was too surprised, Shui Ruoshan unconsciously uttered a sound of exclamation. In the blink of an eye, Yin Suye has discovered his presence. Seeing that Yin Suye has launched an attack straight away at him, Shui Ruoshan couldn’t care much about hiding anymore. He walked out from his hiding place, while announcing his identity.

“Own people, don’t attack ah!2

At this moment, Shui Ruoshan don’t care about what noble what aloof image, he just shouted out loud without any image3. Because he doesn’t want to get mistakenly killed by Yin Suye. That way of dying is too sad! Just that Shui Ruoshan didn’t think his yell would be a bit louder than expected, it echoed in this quiet environment. Feeling that he has just throw away his face, Shui Ruoshan’s cheeks were slightly red and he bowed down his head in embarrassment. In his heart, he tried to deceive himself that the person with such loud voice just now is absolutely not himself!

“Shui Ruoshan?!”

When Yin Suye saw Shui Ruoshan, his actions were all stopped in an instant. After he recalled back his attack, he stood silently in the same place. The bloodthirsty red light has yet to fade away from his eyes. Against the backdrop of the night, it gave off a bewitching charm.

“Yes, it’s me!”

Shui Ruoshan stood in the same place as well, doesn’t dare to move. He felt that he is very bitter, so bitter than he couldn’t be any bitter! Who else other than him, who eagerly went out to tail someone to find their mistake or blackmail material just to be discovered red-handedly on the spot? Is there any more humiliating thing?

Is this what you call ‘dead before the ship even sank’?

“Do you have red eye disease?”

Shui Ruoshan felt that both of them staring at each other in silent was too quiet. The atmosphere was too tensed to the point that he almost couldn’t breath! He felt that he need to do something to break away from this awkward atmosphere between them. For example, find a topic that they can easily talk about? Right! Must steer away from the topic regarding to Yin Suye’s murder to avoid aggravating the other party. It’s best if he could make the other party to forget about the fact that he(SRS) saw the crime scene. Shui Ruoshan who has made his decision, like he has discovered the New World, pointed at Yin Suye’s red eyes and exclaimed. For the sake of his own safety, he once again destroyed his own perfect image ah! Pretending to be crazy or stupid whatnot, one just couldn’t bear to look straight at it ah!


Yin Suye who originally prepared for everything, got choked by Shui Ruoshan’s random question and ended up didn’t know what to say.

“Let me tell you ah, if you are sick, you must see the doctor and don’t pretend to be strong!” Quickly go and treat yourself ba, this way you will forget about the fact that he(SRS) witness the murder.

Although Shui Ruoshan is not very skilled in pretending to be crazy or stupid, but he still could do ‘nagging endlessly’ quite well! He will never think rashly, like to go to question Yin Suye why he killed other people, like an incarnation of some warrior of justice. Compared to the lives of others, he cared more about his own life! Perhaps other people might not know what kind of situation Yin Suye is currently in, but as the author, he is very much aware of how dangerous Yin Suye is.

That’s right. Dangerous, harmful and hazardous! Becoming a demon. This is the most accurate sentence from his novel to describe the current Yin Suye. Because Yin Suye has experienced too much betrayals, he has no hope left for this world. His heart became darker, and he crossed to the dark side. Whenever he lost control of his spiritual power, the negative feelings in his heart would take over and he will transform into a demon; became bloodthirsty, dark, cruel, mad…

That’s why facing the Yin Suye who has turned demonic, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t dare to act rashly!


Yin Suye’s emotions gradually recovered back to normal, and the red light at the bottom of his eyes also dissipated little by little. He seemed to always hear some strange new words from the little guy’s mouth. Looks like this little guy has a lot of secrets in him ah!

“Not doctor, it’s ‘Sacrifice’!”

[Banana : The word here is 祭祀 but it doesn’t make sense to me. It seems that SRS is in deep thoughts when he suddenly blurted out this word. It looked like SRS is saying since YSY has turned demonic, he will need a Sacrifice ritual(exorcism) rather than seeing a doctor :v ]


Shui Ruoshan is deeply regretting his fast mouth. Sacrifice is the equivalent of a doctor’s profession, but the grades are divided according to the parallel world’s grades. Just that is there still enough time if he wanted to change his words now?

Yin Suye didn’t hold onto Shui Ruoshan’s mistakes because right now is not the time to discuss the little guy’s secret. The matter of him killing someone stood right between the little guy and him, it needs to be solved first.

“You saw it?”

Yin Suye stared at the unsettled little guy in front of him, trying his best to make his tone sounds normal. No one noticed that his hands hidden under his sleeves were tightly gripped, his strength was so great that hints of blood trickled out from his palm.


Being asked so seriously and so suddenly by Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan couldn’t help but replied in seriousness as well. But Shui Ruoshan returned to his senses at the next second. Did he just confessed to something big? So he immediately shook his head like a rattle, expressing his eagerness to deny the question; he only lacked the ‘swearing hand gesture’ to complete this whole denial action.

“No, I really didn’t see the scene where you killed Huo Ruyan!”

After he said that, Shui Ruoshan was instantly stunned stupid (by his own words)! This ‘300 silver taels not hidden here’ action of his, is it really alright? It’s all Yin Suye’s fault that his aura is too strong, causing him(SRS) to lose control and said what he shouldn’t have said…
Requesting for a time rewind ah! He won’t jump into the pit next time!

[Banana : This idiom above is referring to a folk tale -> Long time ago, there was a man named Zhang San who buried his money in the ground. Fearing that others would steal it, he left a note there written: “There are no three hundred silver here.” His neighbor Wang Er stole the money and wrote a note: “The next door Wang Er did not steal it.”]


This action of ‘digging a hole and jumping into it’ doesn’t suit his cold aloof image ah! The little person(his inner thoughts) inside Shui Ruoshan was full of tears, doing various pose of beating the ground in regrets…

“It seems that we need to seriously talk about this!”

As he said that, Yin Suye took a step forward and ‘carried’5 the Shui Ruoshan who was still standing on the spot at a loss.


Yes, you didn’t see it wrongly. It was ‘kang'(carried over shoulder) instead of ‘bao'(princess-carry or hugging style).


Being carried by Yin Suye over his shoulder, Shui Ruoshan didn’t struggle because he knew it’s useless no matter how hard he struggles. It would be better to keep quiet, so to increase his brownie points. At the moment, he really doesn’t want to talk to Yin Suye alone at all. Too much pressure alright?!

Thinking back, the few times he wanted to talk (about serious matter) with Yin Suye, Yin Suye didn’t give him face at all and refused to discuss with him. Now that their position has reversed, he doesn’t dare to refuse Yin Suye’s suggestion to talk! Because he afraid Yin Suye might get crazy or mad, he cannot afford the consequences and doesn’t want to bear it either!

However, the moment he thinks about how he might get taken to a cold cell by Yin Suye later, being threatened, being intimidated, being tortured, imprisoned…
He will feel unsettled, nervous, scared…

STOP! Pleading for brain hole not getting any bigger! Especially this kind of dark brain hole, he couldn’t handle it this big! If his hole continues to expand, Shui Ruoshan is certain that he will scared himself to death! But then again, he really shouldn’t have followed Yin Suye out of curiosity. Now the retribution has swiftly arrived. Sure enough, curiosity kills the cat ah! Wrong, it should be ‘curiosity kills the author’! Even though he didn’t hesitate to sacrifice his image just now, he still couldn’t escape this? He really doesn’t want to be murdered ah! Requesting the villain not to be so cold, ruthless and unreasonable ah!

The moment Yin Suye carried Shui Ruoshan over his shoulder, he immediately lifted his foot to leave the place. This place is not suitable to stay any longer. They need to leave as soon as possible. Anything else, he will discuss slowly with the little guy, he has enough time in hand.


Seeing that Yin Suye has decided to leave flamboyantly just like that, Shui Ruoshan became nervous and immediately called out to stop.


Yin Suye’s footsteps slightly paused for a moment.

“Before we leave, you should at least destroy the corpse first!”

Because he was looking to the back from Yin Suye’s head, he could clearly see Huo Ruyan’s body lying bleakly in the corner of the alley. Such an unprofessional way in killing people, is it really alright? One need to know, Huo Ruyan’s role (in the story) is not any random passerby. Her family’s status is quite good, and possessed quite a lot of power in the Capital. That is to say, if Huo Ruyan gets inexplicably killed in such a small place, the Huo family will definitely not let the murderer go unpunished. Then Yin Suye’s situation will become dangerous.

Shui Ruoshan at this moment didn’t realize at all that his direction of thinking has been completely biased towards Yin Suye. The first thing he thought of was not about this important supporting female character Huo Ruyan is dead and how the story later on could proceed, but about Yin Suye killed Huo Ruyan and how big are the troubles that will follow behind.

“It’s alright.”

Yin Suye’s tone instantly became gentler. Although he doesn’t know what the little guy is thinking, but seeing from the current situation, it is much better than the worst outcome he has mentally prepared for. At the very least, the little guy still cares for him! Perhaps he can have a bit more expectations for the little guy?!

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