Way of Transmigration Chapter 66

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero six six – The real him

Back to the other side, Huo Ruyan has lost a big face at the inn. After Yin Suye left, she also prepared to leave this place that caused her to feel embarrassed. But she didn’t expect that Bai Yu will return to stop her again, not letting her to leave. This caused Huo Ruyan who originally had a bad mood to has an ugly expression. In the end, she couldn’t contain her anger anymore and started to fight with Bai Yu without any consideration.

Unfortunately, her strength was much lower than Bai Yu. Not only she lost in the hands of Bai Yu and got seriously injured, Bai Yu even extorted a large sum of money from her. He said it was to compensate the injured people. At that moment, Huo Ruyan was furious and frustrated!

She has never been in such a sorry situation before!

Although Huo Ruyan left the inn covered in dirt, the hatred she had for Shui Ruoshan and Yin Suye deepened even more. The moment she found the opportunity, she will return this hatred a thousand times more back! Right now she is not the opponent of Yin Suye, Huo Ruyan is not so stupid to seek them out now. She cannot take her revenge at all, so she simply pressed down this intention in her heart.

She decided to go to the Fog Forest to look for opportunities to get a breakthrough, so that she could improve her own strength. Only when her strength is high enough that she could do what she wanted to do, making Yin Suye and the damned child regret for offending her!

Huo Ruyan headed towards the Fog Forest as she planned for her future plans. But the more she walked forward, then more she felt something is wrong. She keep having a feeling that someone is staring at her, causing her to feel uncomfortable all over. But looking back, nothing unusual could be found. This caused Huo Ruyan to feel even more afraid to delay her journey on the road, speeding up her steps to reach the Fog Forest as soon as possible. She felt that as long as she entered the forest, and take advantage of the complex maze in the forest, she would be able to get rid of this strange feeling. But she has yet to even reach the forest, as she passed by an isolated alley, she got pressed into the corner of the alley by a force of power behind her.

Huo Ruyan rolled a few times on the ground in a sorry look before she managed to stabilize herself, then she prepared to defend herself. She raised her head and saw a tall and slender figure slowly coming out from the alley.

“Yin… Yin Suye?!” Huo Ruyan opened her eyes wide in disbelief.

The current Yin Suye gave her a very unfamiliar feeling. That pair of strange eyes flashing with a hint of red light has a bewitching and dangerous feel, it was impossible to describe it in words. If Yin Suye who stood under the sun could be described as the ‘Light of the Sun’, representing good qualities of the world, then the current Yin Suye who stood in the darkness seemed to be wielding the Death’s scythe, would be the ‘Child of the Night’ who could take away human’s life at any time. Especially when he looked at you with his half-lidded eyes, you would be able to feel only boundless fear and not amorous feeling of temptation.

Yin Suye silently looked at Huo Ruyan. In that delicate face, there weren’t any expressions on it at all. His gaze was waveless without emotions; no disgust, no anger, no resentment…
This kind of void without emotions caused the entire space to become cold and empty to the extreme.

“Suye gege, why are you here?”

Facing the current Yin Suye, Huo Ruyan instinctively felt afraid. She could feel her soul shivering from being watched by such cold eyes without any emotions. Instantly, danger alarms rang out in her heart….

At this moment, if she still doesn’t understand that Yin Suye didn’t come to her to talk about past old days, then she really wasted her life living. She wanted to run for it, but she found out that Yin Suye has forced her into the corner. If she don’t go past Yin Suye, she couldn’t get out (from the alley) at all. With this, she tried her best to suppress the fear in her heart and lowered her posture; wanted to talk to Yin Suye in order to escape this calamity.

“Come to kill you.”

Yin Suye’s thin lips slightly opened and said this one sentence. His voice was very nice to hear; low and raspy like a fermented fine wine carrying a unique charm. But this tone so flat without any emotions revealed the intention for a human’s life.

“You actually want to kill me?”

Huo Ruyan’s expression instantly became ugly. She originally thought at most Yin Suye will only come to warn her, so that she won’t dare to do anything that is not good for him. But she never expect Yin Suye to be so ruthless to want her life at first thought!


In an instant, an immerse fierce pressure rushed towards Huo Ruyan.

“You really disregard the friendship we used to have, and wanted to push me to my death?”

Under the almost tangible pressure, Huo Ruyan felt that even moving her mouth was extremely difficult. When her lips were slightly opened, she will feel like she swallowed a blade of knife, causing her to be very uncomfortable. A sheen of sweat appeared on her forehead, her plain and neat face no longer as before; her current look was very unsightly. But in order to survive, Huo Ruyan couldn’t care so much anymore.

Actually, there’s one thing that she couldn’t understand until now. What kind of unforgivable thing she ever done to Yin Suye for him to has the intent to kill her?

Yin Suye doesn’t has any intention to continue talking with Huo Ruyan. The corner of his lips turned with an irony curve, then the force of the pressure rose rapidly…

“Is it something I did that caused you to hate me?”

Huo Ruyan just felt like the surrounding air has been completely sucked away, the shadow of dearth instantly fell on her body.

Just like this, Yin Suye condescendingly watched Huo Ruyan’s unsightly look as she tried her best to struggle but unable to break away. At the moment, he is like someone from high above, the absolute god who controls the life and death of human.

“Is it because of that child?”

The color has completely faded from Huo Ruyan’s lips, her legs were shaking uncontrollably. But she still tried her best to think of the reason, trying to change this unfavorable situation.

“No matter what I did wrong, I am willing to change, I just ask for you to let me go!”

At the moment when her life is really endangered, Huo Ruyan felt very regrettable, she shouldn’t has provoked this person. She instantly abandoned all her dignity and bent down, sorrowfully pleading. Because she doesn’t want to die yet!


Yin Suye doesn’t feel soft-hearted towards this matter. After experiencing betrayal multiple times from this woman from his past life, he knew that Huo Ruyan is the kind of shameless and treacherous woman who will certainly take her revenge the moment she found the opportunity. Actually, her trait of ‘taking revenge when opportunity comes’ is kind of similar to him, as expected from the person who grew up together with him. But her means of retaliation were too low. If it was him, he would fight back face-to-face; this is how strong people choose to act. So, he will not give any chance to this woman. Slightly lifting his hand up, the water element in the air instantly gathered on his palm and immediately turned into ice…

Seeing the gleaming ice arrows in Yin Suye’s hand, Huo Ruyan has no time to feel strange on why Yin Suye as a warrior could use magic. She only know Yin Suye wants to kill her!

Yin Suye doesn’t care much about Huo Ruyan’s struggles; it is just an ant! He slightly waved forward, the ice arrows were like an arrow on a bow, shot towards Huo Ruyan…

Seeing that the ice arrows are flying towards her, Huo Ruyan mustered up her courage and wanted to resist. But she found her body as stiff as a rock, she couldn’t move at all. She can only watch as the ice arrows merciless pierced into her heart…

“… why…. ?”

The ice arrows accurately stabbed into her heart, at that moment a cold breath of air penetrated her whole body. No matter how unwilling and despaired she was, it was useless. She could only feel her life gradually slipping away.

She is going to die!

“Because you deserved it!”

That low-pitched voice was as if it was from a demon from Hell. Ruthless, fearless, uncontrollable, looking down on the world, staying above all living things…

This is the real Yin Suye!

Upon sensing that Huo Ruyan has completely stopped her breathing, Yin Suye flapped his sleeves. He turned away and left directly without even looking at that body in the dirty alley. No intention to ‘destroy the corpse and wipe away evidence’ at all.

He need to return now.

Dealing with Huo Ruyan took longer time than he expected, he need to return as soon as possible. Leaving Shui Ruoshan alone in the inn, he keep feeling worried about it. Just as Yin Suye leaped away from the scene, he immediately changed his direction in the air and flew towards the other inconspicuous corner of the alley…


Just now, he heard a slight noise coming from that area, so he attacked without any hesitation. That person seemed to be able to escape from his spiritual probe, if not for that person (accidentally) making some noise, he wouldn’t be able to find out at all. But now he found out about this person, this person must be dealt with because there is a possibility that this person has seen his murder process. Although he is not afraid of any troubles, he hated dealing with it.

Just that right before Yin Suye’s attack could hit the other person, that person voluntarily came out from the corner. When Yin Suye saw that person, he stared in disbelief. He immediately recalled back his attack, enduring the pain from the backlash. At the same time, there were some uncertainties and slight fluster in his voice.

“Shui Ruoshan?!”

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